Thursday, 30 May 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 25 Family

"I told you not to tell her." Garrett swiftly went around the desk and had one of the maids come in to clean up the mess.
"She had to know. I'm not going to lie to her about him."
Before Garrett could say anything Rhys leaped up off the couch. She so badly wanted to shift and rip them to pieces but she held herself back.
"I'm very glad that you told me--Simon." She watched her father look down at the floor. Hearing her say his name came across as disappointing she knew--she could feel it from him. Rhys smiled to herself. I will never call you father.
"You will let him go if you want any dealings with me or I will raise the roof."
Garrett grinned. "That's my sister."
She glared at him. "I'm not your sister and never will be. I'm as much a prisoner as Kellan. If you're going to kill him then you might as well kill me as well."
Garrett smirked but Simon shot him a look. Garrett cleared his throat and walked back around the desk.
"I will not be killing you my dear. I did not bring you here for that and this insane attraction to Kellan has to stop. I brought my family together to lead this family into a leadership not to destroy it."
She crossed her arms. "Then let him go." She didn't care that she sounded like a stubborn child. She was holding her ground.
Simon just shook his head.
She shook her back and marched out.  Garrett started to go to stop her but Simon held him back. "Let her go, for now."
When she got out of the study she let out a shaky breath. Rhys had to jump into action and she knew it the minute she arrived here that she had to make a plan and fast.
There was one good thing she had picked up over the years that came in handy--pick pocketing.
As she went up stairs she held out Josh's phone. She dialed Thor.
"Who is this, is this that little wolf boy?" She sneered at the phone.
"No, it's me, get over here and rescue Kellan. Garrett and Simon have us here at a house. I'll try and look out the window for a street address."
"What happened to you and how the hell am I going to get near? Garrett and his unruly pack will be on guard everywhere."
"I will help you. Bring some others with you. Kellan is unconscious right now and they are going to kill him. They're leaving here in two days."
"Okay, I'm on the way kit but you better be there to help."
"I will help, don't worry." She heard him snort. "Don't worry."
"Don't worry about what?" Rhys reeled around. Josh was standing there grinning.
"Can I have my phone back?"
She held the phone tightly for a minute. "How much did you hear?"
"What did you hear? Are you going to tell them?"
Josh came up closer. "I like you and Kellan. You treated me good."
"I won't go to them, alright? I don't want Kellan dead either."
She smiled coyly, "you're not trapping me are you?"
He laughed. "I'm no good at trapping, okay? I really do want to help Kellan. I like him."
The way he said that last line, convinced her that he was on her side.
"Good." She tossed him his phone. "Don't leave it lying around."
"I'll remember that--when you're around."
She laughed and nodded. "Come, we have a job to do."
Josh followed her to her room. She looked out the window. "I have to give Thor instructions as to how to get here. Text him the directions would you Josh and tell him we will meet him out back. You'll have to take us to where Kellan is."
Josh started texting. "He's got it."
Rhys nodded. "Is there guards at Kellan"s door?"
"There was but since the door is locked, I don't think there is right now."
"Then we have to act fast before there is again."
Josh looked back at the door that was open into the room as if maybe he thought someone was eavesdropping.
"How are going to get in, it's locked."
She looked at him.
"Oh yeah, if you cans steal my phone I guess you can break in too, huh?"
"You're catching on, I never met a lock that I couldn't break into."
Josh's eyes went wide. "I'm impressed. You'll have to teach me."
"I'll gladly teach you as soon as we are out of here."
"They won't let me go or you for that matter. They will hunt us down and they will kill Kellan in front of you."
"They won't."
Josh laughed. "You don't know who you are up against. They're ruthless."
"I know who I'm going up against. I've fought the like of them before. They all have a weak spot."
Josh took a deep breath. His phone buzzed. "They're outside."
"Let's go. Take me down a back entrance so they won't see us."
Josh led the way and as they turned the corner they just about ran into Max.
"Whoa Josh, you just about took me out. Where are you in a hurry to?"
"We're just going out to get some fresh air, that's all."
Max looked back at Rhys. "Taking your sister with you?"
"Yeah, I am."
Rhys stayed quiet. His blue silver eyes shimmered at her making her flinch. She wrapped her arms around herself to still herself.
"Well, don't let me stop you but don't stay out too long. Your father will be expecting you back in for another family meeting."
Rhys felt his eyes brush against her. She shivered.
He walked past her watching her the whole time.
Rhys shook the feeling he gave her off. "Let's go. Thor will be waiting."
When they got out Rhys caught their scent. The bushes shook and out came a couple of young wolves, but no sign of Thor.
She wanted to call out but didn't know if she should or not. The two young wolves circled around her as if sniffing her for threat.
"Get away from me," she snarled at them.
That's when Thor came out of the shadows. "I guess you're not trapping me?"
Rhys breathed a sigh of relief. "You made it. Let's go and get Kellan out."
Thor shrugged. Josh led the way and they very quickly made it to where Kellan was being kept without being seen.
"Here's his room."
Rhys went up to the door and sized up the lock on the door. When she tried it, to her surprise, it opened. A sudden panic came over her. Why wasn't the door locked?
She was almost afraid to look inside.
She took a deep breath and opened the door. Kellan was there. Rhys was relieved but something about this was all wrong. She threw a glance at Josh and his phone.
He just looked at her confused. She knew then that he hadn't alerted them. "Quick, let's grab him and get out of here."
Josh and Thor picked Kellan up and Thor  threw him over his shoulder and started his way out. Rhys and Josh were right behind him. Rhys kept looking back waiting for something to happen.
They made it outside right to the car that was waiting. The young wolves had shifted and were in the car. One was in the driver's seat.
Noises from behind them, startled them. "Get inside Thor and go, now!"
Thor threw himself inside the car and as soon as his feet were off the pavement the car took off. Rhys was relieved. The noise behind them got louder. Someone was coming.
Max appeared.
Josh and Rhys stared at him. "What are you two doing out here on the street? You should be inside the yard." He sighed. "Your father will have to explain to the two of you, your boundaries."
Josh looked at Rhys. She just nodded and kept quiet. They had rescued Kellan and that was all that mattered at this very moment.
"Come on let's take you two back in." He waited for then and as Rhys passed Max he grinned. She instantly looked up at him.
"What's so funny?"
"You're father knows you all too well and he was right."
"What do you mean by that?"
He smirked, "that you would stop at nothing to rescue your wolf."
She stopped and so did he.
"What do you mean?"
"Oh come on dear, we made it easy for you. Garrett unlocked the door and your father told the guards to watch the whole thing."
Her breath left her. "I don't understand why he let me do it then. He said he was going to kill him because he knew too much."
Max shrugged his shoulders. "Your father messed with his mind. He won't remember much of anything." He smiled at her.
"In fact dear, he won't even remember you."

Thursday, 23 May 2013


Simon McBain walked into the room and right up to Rhys and kissed her softly on the cheek.
"My lovely daughter, it's so wonderful to see you after all this time. I can't believe that you are standing in front of me."
The smell of old spice and expensive cigar smoke surrounded her. She took a step back from him. She couldn't even look at him in the eye.
Rhys knew this man who called himself her father was a cheat, a liar and a scum of the earth.
He tried to get her to look at him. Finally with his fingers under her chin he brought her eyes in contact with him. "There was those beautiful dark eyes I remember."
Garrett came up to him, "Why don't we sit down and celebrate our reunion?"
Rhys glanced at Garrett with an underlying loathe that only made him smile. He pulled his father away from Rhys and presented him at the head of the table.
Josh gently took Rhys arm and led her to the table and pulled out a chair that was near Simon. Josh sat next to her.
Rhys couldn't take her eyes off the man now. He was as handsome as ever. Only a few grey hairs in his dark curly hair showed. Seeing Garrett next to him, she couldn't help but see the resemblance. Josh was different she noted. He must have followed his mother like she did. She didn't look anything like him which to her was a blessing.
The servants came in with trays of food. Rhys watched them serve the food on the plates and placed them in front of them.
Steaming Cornish hens stuffed with wild rice was centered on each plate. String beans and small potatoes surrounded the Cornish hens. The smell of butter with seasonings of salt, pepper and a hint of rosemary filled Rhys nostrils. Her stomach growled.
"Make sure you eat well my dear. You look like you haven't been taking care of yourself lately."
"I'm fine," she said as she stabbed her fork into the Cornish hen.
"Just as defiant as your mother, I see." He chuckled.
Rhys gritted her teeth as she tore into the Cornish hen.
Josh leaned in toward her. "You're supposed to eat it not torture it." Rhys looked at Josh out the corner of her eye. She could tell he was trying to make her comfortable. Rhys wanted to be mad at him but somehow she couldn't.
"You're right, Josh. I should eat it instead."
She didn't look over at Garrett but she could see that Simon and him were pleased with Josh and her self's interaction. She thought to herself that they better not use Josh to get to her because she wouldn't fall for it. She would let them know too.
Simon took a deep breath pulling Rhys attention towards him. She watched him as his silver eyes settled on her. "I have much to discuss with you Rhys. I wanted all my family by my side as I take on this new journey."
Rhys wanted to spit at him. She could only imagine that this journey he spoke of was just another scam. She always remembered her mother telling her stories of his scams. He always had about a dozen of them going at once.
"I am going to be a very strong leader in this new hybrid group. We will rule over all the others because we are superior. With my family by my side there will be nothing that can stop us."
Rhys was fuming inside but if she started to argue with him he might punish Kellan to teach her a lesson. She knew how he did things. That's why Kellan was here.

He smiled at her. "I know that you are not happy as to how you ended up here and that your wolf boyfriend had to be brought into this. It wasn't my choice but it was the only way to get you here.
She stared at him with a glare that made him look away.
"Look darling; I know you are not pleased but...
"Let him go, he did nothing."
"I can't do that dear, he knows too much."
"What? He knows nothing. You are the one who dragged him here not me. It's your fault that he knows you are here."
She didn't mean to sound vindictive as that would only hurt her cause but it was out already.
Garrett chuckled. "I told you she was a spit fire. She likes to do things her way."
Simon grinned. "She does? Maybe she has taken after me then?" They both shared a laugh.
Rhys wanted to throw the china at them and demand that they let Kellan go but instead she knew she had to play this game of theirs out to her advantage. How she was going to do this, she didn't know.
Chocolate mousse was served for desert. Rhys wasn't interested in it. She shoved it to the side.
"You don't like it my dear?"
"I've had enough."
Simon set his fork to the side, "Are you saying that you are full or are we talking about something else?"
Rhys knew what he meant and she wanted to tell him that he was right but that might not get her anywhere.
She smiled at him. "I am full and can't possibly take another bite."
He nodded and she wasn't sure if he believed her or not but didn't challenge her.
Rhys was much relieved that he didn't push her.
After the meal and the dishes were cleared away Simon looked over at Garrett, "Why don't we all have drinks in the study while I tell Rhys our plans?"
"That sounds wonderful father."
Rhys narrowed her gaze at Garrett. He was a suck up she could tell. He was out to please his father. She glanced at Josh who was playing some game on his phone. She hoped that he wasn't like Garrett. It would be such a waste if he was, she thought to herself.
Simon and Garrett got up and both looked over at her as if waiting for her to jump up.
She threw her chin up at Garrett. She slowly got up and Josh followed. Josh, she noticed seemed to be sticking by her side. Rhys wondered if he was her watchdog.
Well she thought, better him than Garrett.
She followed them into the study. Josh set his phone down on the coffee table in front of him. Rhys sat next to him.
A thought had come to her. If she could get hold of  Josh's phone she could get a message to Thor. She would have to think of a way to get the phone away from him for even a few seconds.
Simon poured the drinks and Garrett handed them out. Josh didn't get one. Instead Garrett handed him a cola. Rhys could see that he would have preferred it been a beer. She smiled to herself. Maybe she and Josh were more alike than what she thought.

"This is sherry," said Garrett. He grinned at her as she took the tiny crystal glass. She so badly wanted to throw him against a wall again and wipe that grin off of his face.
"Well," said Simon. "This is a day I have looked forward to in a long time and now it's here. I have all my family here, together. Let's toast to that."
Rhys looked down at the sherry. It was a dark red like the colour of a Bing cherry.
She did not want to toast to anything with him.
Josh was looking at her. She met his gaze and knew that everyone was waiting for her to take a sip and join then in their toast.
Rhys decided to take a sip for Josh. She brought the tiny crystal glass to her lips and let the sherry touch her tongue. The sharp taste of tart cherry and sugar tingled in her mouth.
"Wonderful Rhys, and now I have something very important to tell you."
Rhys looked up. Garrett and Simon were looking at her.
"I am going to in two days take my family and that includes you Rhys to New Orleans to live as one big happy family in the home I bought for us all."
Rhys stared at him. "What? You want me to come live with you?" She couldn't fathom the notion.
Another thought came to her. "Is Kellan supposed to come with us?"
Garrett looked over at Simon. Josh cleared his throat.
"I'm afraid dear we can't take him with us."
"Then what will you do to him?"
Simon sighed, "We will have to kill him."
The crystal glass of sherry dropped to the floor smashing.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

DIAMONDS -Part 23 Rivalry Siblings

Rhys threw Garrett across the room into another bookshelf sending a tidal wave of books on top of him.
He tossed the books on top of him to the side grinning.
"I guess it's too early to call you sis then." He chuckled as he moved his way out of the books.
"You will never call me sis as you are nothing but a liar." She rushed over to Kellan who was still slumped in the chair.

"What have you done to him? Let him go and I will stay."
"That's quite noble of you dear but I need him for insurance purposes."
Rhys wrapped her arms around Kellan and sneered at him. "What are you talking about-insurance purposes? You know I will do anything for him so what's the problem?"
The problem my dear is that we don't trust one another-yet. So I have to hold some leverage over you to make sure I get what I want." He sighed. "There is such a bigger picture to all of this than what you know."
"Why don't you enlighten me then and let me see this big picture that you're talking about?"
"In due time my dear, in due time. Right now we have to move Kellan to a more comfortable place and get yourself settled in your new room."
The door opened and in came back the wolf.
"Max, why don't you take her to her bedroom? She can get cleaned up. We're going to have a special dinner celebrations tonight."
A couple of members from the pack came in and stood in front of Rhys and Kellan.
They glanced over at Garrett who was talking quietly to Max. Garrett stopped and smiled. "Rhys dear, these two are going to take Kellan to his room. You have to let them do their job."
"Let him go," she pleaded. She knew it sounded desperate but she had to do something.
"Rhys," he said in a condescending tone. "Move away and let them take him to his room."
She had no choice but still reluctantly let her arms fall away.
The two young members lifted Kellan up and were out the door in less than a minute. She watched them disappear out the door.
Max was looking at her.
"Be nice now and follow Max to your room. I have some stuff to take care of."
She never looked at Garrett. Max had taken his sunglasses off. Rhys could clearly see his eyes. They were different. Silver eyes with a hint of blue shone back at her like cat eyes glowing at night.
"Are you a hybrid too?"
Max grinned as Garrett came up and slapped him on the shoulder. "He certainly is my dear and you will meet more."
"You're all lying. It's impossible that you exist so this is just some of your black magic."
Garrett smiled as if he expected it from her. "I know that this is all too much information right now but you will see in time. Just keep an open mind."
He held up his hand to stop her from saying anything more.
Max was waiting by the door for her and Garrett was waiting for her to leave with him.
Rhys moved her feet in Max's direction. She knew she couldn't bargain with him now. Maybe later at this special dinner he was talking about. She had to play her cards right. He was up to something and she had to find out what is was.
She walked past Max without glancing up at him. He was by her side in an instant leading her up the stairs.
She could smell his strong wolf smell but then another scent came lightly drifting past her--were cat.
She sniffed again and she was right. Was there a were cat near by? Rhys tried to reach out but she couldn't pick up nothing.
Max cleared his throat. They were now standing in front of the door to her bedroom. He opened it for her and gestured for her to go in.
Rhys cautiously entered the room.
He leaned in to get the door  to shut it but before he shut it he smiled and said. "That was me you were picking up."
The door closed leaving Rhys with her mouth open.

She looked around the room. Rhys went over to the bed and touched what she knew to be a handmade quilt. Rhys let her fingers run across the fabric and onto the antique oak night  stand.
Rhys walked over to an oval mirror that was above a matching dresser to the nightstand. She peered at herself. Stress showed up around her eyes making her look tired.
She ran her fingers through her hair combing out the tangles. That's when she noticed the walk in closet. There were clothes in it.
In one swift movement she was now standing in it. It was full of women's clothes.
"What the hell?" She thought. She ran her hand through the clothes. They still had their price tags on them. These were expensive clothes. Did he plan this all along?"
She took a deep breath. Rhys was going to make it her business to get answers out of Garrett tonight at his dinner celebration. This was a much bigger deal than  first anticipated.
She wondered if Thor and Ali knew about this now since she didn't do her deeds like he had asked or maybe that was still to come.
Rhys tapped her fingers against a shelf that held bags. She eyed one and picked it up--gauche. Garrett had expensive taste and where did he get the money for all of this? This was an expensive place.

Someone was backing him. Then it dawned on her. She wondered if Garrett's move into town was more than just a takeover of Ali's pack. She had heard of such packs that were compared to mobs. They were vicious.
Well if this was true, she would have to come up with her own plan. She walked out of the door and entered into the en suite. A nice spa like setting was before her. There were even towels laid out for her at the whirlpool tub. What startled her even more was there was even a bottle of her favourite red wine waiting for her to open.
This was creepy thought Rhys. It was like he knew everything about her. How long had he been stalking her?
Rhys turned on the tub gritting her teeth. If she had to she would throw him against every wall in his pretty house to get the answers she was after.

By the time her bath was done she didn't know whether she was relaxed or so worked up that she was tied in knots.
Rhys picked out an outfit out of the closet-a dress. On the dresser there was even makeup and brushes. The more she looked at all this stuff it started to make her skin crawl. How dare he intrude on her like this!
A gentle knock turned her around. Rhys marched to the door and flung it open expecting to see Garrett on the other side but it was Max.
In a soft voice he said, "I have come to escort you down to dinner if you are ready." His silvery blue eyes observed her.
She didn't know if he liked what she had chosen to wear or not but she didn't care.
She wasn't out to impress him.
"I'm ready."
He nodded and stepped aside waiting for her to join him.
She stepped out beside him and he offered her his arm. She carefully slipped her arm through his. She decided to play nice for the moment and keep things with these wolves calm--for Kellan's sake.
He escorted her to a large dining room. The table was set with the finest china and crystal. An elegant table cloth set off the china and crystal. A huge bouquet of roses and lilies adorned the table. Her nose twitched. Garrett will be with you shortly. Why don't you let me pour you a glass of red wine while you wait?"
Rhys just shrugged as he found herself a seat. Max being the ever so gracious host poured her a glass of wine in a crystal goblet and set it beside her.
"Thank you," she said as he smiled back at her. He seemed pleased that she was cooperating.
She looked around the room for clues as to what Garrett was all about. By the furniture he had a love of antiques anyway.
Just as she took a sip of her wine, in came Garrett. He had changed into a suit and looked quite handsome. He was smiling at her looking quite pleased.
"I see you have made yourself at home. That is wonderful. I hope you look upon here as a home.
"Let's not get too excited," she said.
Garrett chuckled. "Yes, well, let's hope the guest of honor tonight will change your mind."
"Who might that be?"
"Oh it will be a surprise. But for now let's give you a little surprise that I know you will like."
He waved his hand at someone who was standing just outside the doorway.
Josh came in and smiled sheepishly at her.
Rhys jumped up. "Are you okay Josh? Did he hurt you?"
Josh shook his head. "I'm fine, thanks."
Josh was being shyer with her than he was before. She sighed thinking it was probably Garrett who was making him feel this way. "Why don't you let him go? He doesn't need to be apart of all this. He's innocent."
Josh shifted uncomfortably as Garrett came up beside him. "Why don't you get yourself a drink and you can sit beside her. Rhys will like that."
Rhys looked at them both. Something didn't add up. They way they were interacting towards each other was different.
A few servants came in with trays of appetizers that they set down on the table.
Rhys took another sip of her wine. She felt like she was going to need a few glasses of wine to figure this all out.
Max came into the room and spoke to both Garrett and Josh. Rhys couldn't hear anything he said as much as she strained her ears. Watching Max gave her the impression that he had some hidden talent in the department of keeping prying ears out of his conversation.
"Good," said Garrett. "Let's get our evening started. Show our guest in then."
Max exited the room and was back right away with their special guest of honor.
Rhys almost dropped her wine glass but Josh was right there to take her glass away. It was like they knew that would happen and that was why Josh was beside her.
"Hello darling. How's my daughter?"

Thursday, 9 May 2013

DIAMONDS-PART 22-Hidden Secret

In a fit of anger Rhys threw Garrett out of the room smashing him against the wall. He slid down the wall laughing.
"Wow, you are a kick ass bitchy little kitty." He continued to laugh as he got up on his feet.
Rhys noticed the well dressed wolf never moved a muscle. In fact he was grinning as if the whole thing was amusing. That infuriated her.
She marched up to him. "Did you find that funny?"
The wolf's expression didn't change.
"What wolf pup, did he cut your tongue out?"
That got a reaction out of him. He smiled.
She wanted to claw off his smile. A chuckle behind her pulled her eyes toward Garrett who was now standing beside Kellan.
She flew over to Kellan and pushed Garrett away. "You stay away from him," she hissed.
He held up his hands in the air in mock surrender, "Whatever you say kitty."
He nodded to the other wolf. He left the room shutting the doors behind him. Rhys narrowed her gaze at Garrett.
"What kind of game are you playing?"
Garrett sighed. "I only play games that I win kitty." He held up his finger. "Just to let you know--I play for keeps. So...I think you should listen carefully."
Rhys stood up throwing her chin at him in defiance. "I think you should know that I don't play by others rules, especially a wolf's."
Garrett snickered. "I see that. Kellan doesn't know who you really are so I know deception is one of your games. I'm impressed actually. You have fooled a whole pack of wolves."
Rhys tightened her fists. "I have no choice but to keep my identity a secret."
His eyebrows rose. "I know because they want to kill you, especially your lover here. He wants nothing more than to kill the Diamond were cat." He laughed. "To think that he is sleeping with his enemy is just too funny. I'd love to tell him the truth.
She sneered at him. "He would never believe you."
He nodded. "You don't have to tell me that, I know he would not take my word for it but he would believe someone else."
He grinned as her as if she should already know the answer. "You."
She shifted uncomfortably. I have to get out of here. He knows way too much.
"Okay", she said. "What do you want form me?"
"You mean what do you have to do to save Kellan?"
Suddenly she thought of something. "What did you do with Josh?"
His eyes widened a bit. "The one you took in?"
"Yes, what did you do with him?" Rhys was getting a sick feeling that he killed him or worse skinned him. She suddenly had a horrible image of a skinned wolf lying in pain somewhere.
She gritted her teeth. "What did you do with him?"
"Why are you so interested in him? Did you take on two wolf lovers?" He chuckled. "You do have a real wolf fetish kitty."
The look on his face turned her stomach. "Answer me damn it, where is Josh?"
He titled his head at her. "I think I have found some more leverage in my game. I won't tell you till you have done your little deeds for me."
"What damn deeds?"
"Hey," he pointed his fingers at her. "No need to get nasty with me. Remember I'm the one with the advantage here, not you."
Her body went stiff. It took everything in her not to shift and start tearing into him. She smiled sweetly at him, "Sorry, I didn't mean it. What deeds would you like done?"
"You don't have to pull that act either kitty. I suggest you just listen and then be on your way. The clock is ticking."
Rhys crossed her arms tightly. "Fine, don't waste my time, spit it out."
He grinned, "That's better. I like your bite kitty. This is your deeds. Number one, you will go find Thor and deliver a message for me."
"What message?"
"I want you to tell him that I have secured the territory that Ali used to have."
Rhys eyes widened. "When did you do that?"
Garrett shook his head. "Never mind that, just tell him. And tell him if he wants to survive along with the rest of the pack, they have to join me."
Rhys smirked. "Thor and Ali will not go for that. They will fight you."
"Not when you tell them the second message."
Rhys held up her hands. "And the second message is?"
"Tell him that I have the power of the Diamond were cat and they will comply."
She just about choked. "But you don't have the power from me--yet."
The way he smiled made Rhys flinch. There was a missing piece of information here, she felt it.
"What aren't you telling me? What power are you talking about?"
"That's all you need to know for now kitty. You run along now and do your first round of deeds."
"First rounds," she spit at him. "What the hell else do you want?"
"You're such an impatient little kitty, aren't you? I will have to teach you patience." His voice went low and sultry, "I have lots of ideas on how to teach my kitty."
The hair on her neck and arms stood up. "I will not bow to you," she said through gritted teeth. "You can rot in hell first."
"Oh you will bow to me kitty because if you don't, you will get to witness your first skinning. I don't think Kellan will like that."
"You would never ...
"How do you know I haven't already? Should I show you Josh?"
She flew at him sending them both against the wall in the study sending books and art crashing to the floor. She was about to shift when he grabbed her behind the neck.
Rhys pulled his hand away. "Where did you learn that?"
"I told you that I had the power of the Diamond were cat, didn't I?"
Her chest was heaving up and down keeping in rhythm with her pounding hear. "Did you steal power from another diamond were cat?"
He sat himself up moving books and debris away from him. He grinned at her.
"Let's just say, there is more than you out there."
"There are only a few of us left. I'm the only one here in this country."
Rhys watched his silver eyes shimmer in a way that made her back up. There was something about him that was different.
"What are you?"
"You sense it don't you?" He leaned in very close to her. His silver eyes bored into hers. "Let me tell you a secret kitty. "I'm a hybrid. I'm half wolf and half diamond were cat."
"How's that possible?"
My mother was a werewolf and my father is a diamond were cat."
Rhys sniffed. "The infant wouldn't live. That's a lie."
"Oh no it's not kitty. I survived because of my father's powers."
Rhys heart was racing and her breath was short. "Who is your father?"
He smiled, "Simon McBain. Ring a bell?"
Rhys just about choked, "that's my father."

Thursday, 2 May 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 21-Cozy Places

The air was stagnating and Rhys throat was so dry it felt like gritty sand. Water was the only thing on her mind.
Rhys tried to move but it seemed every part of her body was a stiff twig. The room felt small and claustrophobic. She never liked small places.
The sound of a door opened and this flood of light blinded her making her eyes shut tight.
"How's our little kitten?"
If Rhys could spit at him she would have. His wolf scent was strong right now.  Why was his scent so damn strong?"
"I brought you some water and a sandwich. I do want to show you that I'm not a total monster."
Her eyes narrowed. "You are below a monster. You're scum."
He chuckled. "Is that any way to treat your host? I don't have to give you food and water."
Garrett shook the water bottle making her moan.
He smiled at her. "You want this?"
Her eyes closed in resignation.
"Let me help you up."
"Watch it, I'm so stiff, what did you do to me?"
His silver eyes glimmered. "Let's just say I knew I would have to take precautions with you."
Rhys reached over and took the water bottle out of his hand. He didn't object, just grinned.
She cracked it open and threw it back letting the water run down her parched throat.
Garrett watched her.
With water running down her chin she looked him square in the eyes.
"Why did you kidnap me?"
Rhys watched him lean back in his chair with a smug look on his face.
"Because I can and I did."
"That doesn't answer my questions smart ass. If you wanted my power why didn't you just take it when I met you in the park?"
"It's all in the timing love. I'm a careful planner kitten."
"Is that how you took control over your pack-careful planning?"
"Something like that.'
Garrett threw the sandwich on the bed. "Eat. We move within the hour."
"Where are we going?"
"He winked at her as he rose out of his chair. "Some place cozy."
She wanted to demand more answers from him but the door shut in her face leaving her in the dim lit room.
Rhys took the sandwich out of its wrapper and sniffed it. If there was anything funny in it she would be able to smell it but there was nothing.
Tuna. She smirked. Smart ass.
There was a small window in the room with blinds down. Rhys pried them apart to see out. All she could see where men moving about. It looked like they were loading a van.
She used her keen cat eyes to see farther to see if she recognized anything. There were too many buildings in the way and nothing looked familiar.
The door knob giggled.
She flew to the bed. Rhys kept her eyes on the door ready for anything.
Not realizing it but she was holding her breath. She let out a breath just when the door flung open.
"Okay kitten, we're leaving. Let's go." He held out his hand.
She got up on her own and went out the door. There were two other wolves there waiting for them.
They looked at her briefly before averting their eyes to Garrett. Rhys got the sense that they didn't challenge Garrett. There was a fear in them of him that Rhys thought was interesting.
Garrett came up behind her and pushed her towards the door. The other two followed behind.
The bright light made Rhys squint. She was guessing it was late afternoon; she looked around for more wolves. There was no sign of Ali's pack.
A wolf opened a door to a black SUV. The windows were darkened.
Garrett stood to the side, "after you kitten."
Through his sunglasses Rhys could still see the bright silver in his eyes. He had the most unusual wolf eyes.
Rhys climbed in and the smell of leather mixed with wolf made her nose twitch. She cleared her throat as he slid in beside her.
The driver pulled away and now they were heading toward the main highway.
"Are you going to tell me now where we are going?"
She could see him look over at her out the corner of his eyes. He grinned.
"I'll leave it as a surprise. You do like surprises, don't you?"
She sneered at him, "I hate them."
He chuckled . "That's too bad because I have such a lovely surprise waiting for you."
"I can hardly wait," she mumbled.
The SUV pulled up into a long driveway. Rhys arched her neck to see through to the front to see where they're going."
"Relax kitten, we're almost there."
She sat back in  her seat as far away from him as she could get.
He smirked.
When they came to a stop, a pit in the bottom of her stomach formed. Her instinct told her that something was very wrong here. This was the place that she was either going to die in or worse--be tortured for their amusement.
Someone opened the door letting in light from the outside.  She could see pavement and a bit of the house. It had a stone front. There was a large planter filled with red begonias, one of her favorite flowers.
Garrett smiled at her, "time for your surprise."
He got out and held out his hand. "If you want to make me happy, you better take my hand."
Rhys grabbed his hand with a force and he helped her out of the SUV. "I like that kitten. It shows me you can take what you want."
Rhys didn't look into his eyes, instead she looked straight ahead.
The man who opened the door looked more like a mobster. He was dressed in a black suit that was obviously expensive. His clean manicured fingernails gave the impression he didn't do any dirty work.
When she passed him, she could see his grey eyes through his sunglasses follow her.
They entered into a large foyer. It was nice and cool and it smelled tropical. On a table was a large orchid plant. Large sprays of white orchids dripped over the  mahogany table.
Dark oak walls and a high ceiling that took her eyes up an oak staircase towered over them. A crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling and the natural light from the large windows glinted off of it.
"Nice place, huh?"
"Not bad. I would say a little fancy for you."
Garrett laughed. "Oh you know how to sting me kitten. I like you more and more."
She laughed back at him in her best sarcastic tone. "Wait till I get warmed up, then see how much I can sting you."
He laughed again, "Kitten, you amaze me. I think now you deserve that little surprise I was talking about.
Her skin felt a cold shiver slither across it making her stomach tight.
Garrett came up behind her and placed his hand on the small of her back and gently guided her to some double oak doors.
The man in the expensive suit opened the doors.
"This is what I would call a little incentive gift for you. I hope you like it and act accordingly."
Rhys couldn't imagine.
When she looked into the room all the air was sucked out of her. She couldn't breathe.
"Like your surprise?"
She clasped her hand over her mouth. Oh god what have I done--Kellan.