Thursday, 2 May 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 21-Cozy Places

The air was stagnating and Rhys throat was so dry it felt like gritty sand. Water was the only thing on her mind.
Rhys tried to move but it seemed every part of her body was a stiff twig. The room felt small and claustrophobic. She never liked small places.
The sound of a door opened and this flood of light blinded her making her eyes shut tight.
"How's our little kitten?"
If Rhys could spit at him she would have. His wolf scent was strong right now.  Why was his scent so damn strong?"
"I brought you some water and a sandwich. I do want to show you that I'm not a total monster."
Her eyes narrowed. "You are below a monster. You're scum."
He chuckled. "Is that any way to treat your host? I don't have to give you food and water."
Garrett shook the water bottle making her moan.
He smiled at her. "You want this?"
Her eyes closed in resignation.
"Let me help you up."
"Watch it, I'm so stiff, what did you do to me?"
His silver eyes glimmered. "Let's just say I knew I would have to take precautions with you."
Rhys reached over and took the water bottle out of his hand. He didn't object, just grinned.
She cracked it open and threw it back letting the water run down her parched throat.
Garrett watched her.
With water running down her chin she looked him square in the eyes.
"Why did you kidnap me?"
Rhys watched him lean back in his chair with a smug look on his face.
"Because I can and I did."
"That doesn't answer my questions smart ass. If you wanted my power why didn't you just take it when I met you in the park?"
"It's all in the timing love. I'm a careful planner kitten."
"Is that how you took control over your pack-careful planning?"
"Something like that.'
Garrett threw the sandwich on the bed. "Eat. We move within the hour."
"Where are we going?"
"He winked at her as he rose out of his chair. "Some place cozy."
She wanted to demand more answers from him but the door shut in her face leaving her in the dim lit room.
Rhys took the sandwich out of its wrapper and sniffed it. If there was anything funny in it she would be able to smell it but there was nothing.
Tuna. She smirked. Smart ass.
There was a small window in the room with blinds down. Rhys pried them apart to see out. All she could see where men moving about. It looked like they were loading a van.
She used her keen cat eyes to see farther to see if she recognized anything. There were too many buildings in the way and nothing looked familiar.
The door knob giggled.
She flew to the bed. Rhys kept her eyes on the door ready for anything.
Not realizing it but she was holding her breath. She let out a breath just when the door flung open.
"Okay kitten, we're leaving. Let's go." He held out his hand.
She got up on her own and went out the door. There were two other wolves there waiting for them.
They looked at her briefly before averting their eyes to Garrett. Rhys got the sense that they didn't challenge Garrett. There was a fear in them of him that Rhys thought was interesting.
Garrett came up behind her and pushed her towards the door. The other two followed behind.
The bright light made Rhys squint. She was guessing it was late afternoon; she looked around for more wolves. There was no sign of Ali's pack.
A wolf opened a door to a black SUV. The windows were darkened.
Garrett stood to the side, "after you kitten."
Through his sunglasses Rhys could still see the bright silver in his eyes. He had the most unusual wolf eyes.
Rhys climbed in and the smell of leather mixed with wolf made her nose twitch. She cleared her throat as he slid in beside her.
The driver pulled away and now they were heading toward the main highway.
"Are you going to tell me now where we are going?"
She could see him look over at her out the corner of his eyes. He grinned.
"I'll leave it as a surprise. You do like surprises, don't you?"
She sneered at him, "I hate them."
He chuckled . "That's too bad because I have such a lovely surprise waiting for you."
"I can hardly wait," she mumbled.
The SUV pulled up into a long driveway. Rhys arched her neck to see through to the front to see where they're going."
"Relax kitten, we're almost there."
She sat back in  her seat as far away from him as she could get.
He smirked.
When they came to a stop, a pit in the bottom of her stomach formed. Her instinct told her that something was very wrong here. This was the place that she was either going to die in or worse--be tortured for their amusement.
Someone opened the door letting in light from the outside.  She could see pavement and a bit of the house. It had a stone front. There was a large planter filled with red begonias, one of her favorite flowers.
Garrett smiled at her, "time for your surprise."
He got out and held out his hand. "If you want to make me happy, you better take my hand."
Rhys grabbed his hand with a force and he helped her out of the SUV. "I like that kitten. It shows me you can take what you want."
Rhys didn't look into his eyes, instead she looked straight ahead.
The man who opened the door looked more like a mobster. He was dressed in a black suit that was obviously expensive. His clean manicured fingernails gave the impression he didn't do any dirty work.
When she passed him, she could see his grey eyes through his sunglasses follow her.
They entered into a large foyer. It was nice and cool and it smelled tropical. On a table was a large orchid plant. Large sprays of white orchids dripped over the  mahogany table.
Dark oak walls and a high ceiling that took her eyes up an oak staircase towered over them. A crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling and the natural light from the large windows glinted off of it.
"Nice place, huh?"
"Not bad. I would say a little fancy for you."
Garrett laughed. "Oh you know how to sting me kitten. I like you more and more."
She laughed back at him in her best sarcastic tone. "Wait till I get warmed up, then see how much I can sting you."
He laughed again, "Kitten, you amaze me. I think now you deserve that little surprise I was talking about.
Her skin felt a cold shiver slither across it making her stomach tight.
Garrett came up behind her and placed his hand on the small of her back and gently guided her to some double oak doors.
The man in the expensive suit opened the doors.
"This is what I would call a little incentive gift for you. I hope you like it and act accordingly."
Rhys couldn't imagine.
When she looked into the room all the air was sucked out of her. She couldn't breathe.
"Like your surprise?"
She clasped her hand over her mouth. Oh god what have I done--Kellan.

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