Thursday, 9 May 2013

DIAMONDS-PART 22-Hidden Secret

In a fit of anger Rhys threw Garrett out of the room smashing him against the wall. He slid down the wall laughing.
"Wow, you are a kick ass bitchy little kitty." He continued to laugh as he got up on his feet.
Rhys noticed the well dressed wolf never moved a muscle. In fact he was grinning as if the whole thing was amusing. That infuriated her.
She marched up to him. "Did you find that funny?"
The wolf's expression didn't change.
"What wolf pup, did he cut your tongue out?"
That got a reaction out of him. He smiled.
She wanted to claw off his smile. A chuckle behind her pulled her eyes toward Garrett who was now standing beside Kellan.
She flew over to Kellan and pushed Garrett away. "You stay away from him," she hissed.
He held up his hands in the air in mock surrender, "Whatever you say kitty."
He nodded to the other wolf. He left the room shutting the doors behind him. Rhys narrowed her gaze at Garrett.
"What kind of game are you playing?"
Garrett sighed. "I only play games that I win kitty." He held up his finger. "Just to let you know--I play for keeps. So...I think you should listen carefully."
Rhys stood up throwing her chin at him in defiance. "I think you should know that I don't play by others rules, especially a wolf's."
Garrett snickered. "I see that. Kellan doesn't know who you really are so I know deception is one of your games. I'm impressed actually. You have fooled a whole pack of wolves."
Rhys tightened her fists. "I have no choice but to keep my identity a secret."
His eyebrows rose. "I know because they want to kill you, especially your lover here. He wants nothing more than to kill the Diamond were cat." He laughed. "To think that he is sleeping with his enemy is just too funny. I'd love to tell him the truth.
She sneered at him. "He would never believe you."
He nodded. "You don't have to tell me that, I know he would not take my word for it but he would believe someone else."
He grinned as her as if she should already know the answer. "You."
She shifted uncomfortably. I have to get out of here. He knows way too much.
"Okay", she said. "What do you want form me?"
"You mean what do you have to do to save Kellan?"
Suddenly she thought of something. "What did you do with Josh?"
His eyes widened a bit. "The one you took in?"
"Yes, what did you do with him?" Rhys was getting a sick feeling that he killed him or worse skinned him. She suddenly had a horrible image of a skinned wolf lying in pain somewhere.
She gritted her teeth. "What did you do with him?"
"Why are you so interested in him? Did you take on two wolf lovers?" He chuckled. "You do have a real wolf fetish kitty."
The look on his face turned her stomach. "Answer me damn it, where is Josh?"
He titled his head at her. "I think I have found some more leverage in my game. I won't tell you till you have done your little deeds for me."
"What damn deeds?"
"Hey," he pointed his fingers at her. "No need to get nasty with me. Remember I'm the one with the advantage here, not you."
Her body went stiff. It took everything in her not to shift and start tearing into him. She smiled sweetly at him, "Sorry, I didn't mean it. What deeds would you like done?"
"You don't have to pull that act either kitty. I suggest you just listen and then be on your way. The clock is ticking."
Rhys crossed her arms tightly. "Fine, don't waste my time, spit it out."
He grinned, "That's better. I like your bite kitty. This is your deeds. Number one, you will go find Thor and deliver a message for me."
"What message?"
"I want you to tell him that I have secured the territory that Ali used to have."
Rhys eyes widened. "When did you do that?"
Garrett shook his head. "Never mind that, just tell him. And tell him if he wants to survive along with the rest of the pack, they have to join me."
Rhys smirked. "Thor and Ali will not go for that. They will fight you."
"Not when you tell them the second message."
Rhys held up her hands. "And the second message is?"
"Tell him that I have the power of the Diamond were cat and they will comply."
She just about choked. "But you don't have the power from me--yet."
The way he smiled made Rhys flinch. There was a missing piece of information here, she felt it.
"What aren't you telling me? What power are you talking about?"
"That's all you need to know for now kitty. You run along now and do your first round of deeds."
"First rounds," she spit at him. "What the hell else do you want?"
"You're such an impatient little kitty, aren't you? I will have to teach you patience." His voice went low and sultry, "I have lots of ideas on how to teach my kitty."
The hair on her neck and arms stood up. "I will not bow to you," she said through gritted teeth. "You can rot in hell first."
"Oh you will bow to me kitty because if you don't, you will get to witness your first skinning. I don't think Kellan will like that."
"You would never ...
"How do you know I haven't already? Should I show you Josh?"
She flew at him sending them both against the wall in the study sending books and art crashing to the floor. She was about to shift when he grabbed her behind the neck.
Rhys pulled his hand away. "Where did you learn that?"
"I told you that I had the power of the Diamond were cat, didn't I?"
Her chest was heaving up and down keeping in rhythm with her pounding hear. "Did you steal power from another diamond were cat?"
He sat himself up moving books and debris away from him. He grinned at her.
"Let's just say, there is more than you out there."
"There are only a few of us left. I'm the only one here in this country."
Rhys watched his silver eyes shimmer in a way that made her back up. There was something about him that was different.
"What are you?"
"You sense it don't you?" He leaned in very close to her. His silver eyes bored into hers. "Let me tell you a secret kitty. "I'm a hybrid. I'm half wolf and half diamond were cat."
"How's that possible?"
My mother was a werewolf and my father is a diamond were cat."
Rhys sniffed. "The infant wouldn't live. That's a lie."
"Oh no it's not kitty. I survived because of my father's powers."
Rhys heart was racing and her breath was short. "Who is your father?"
He smiled, "Simon McBain. Ring a bell?"
Rhys just about choked, "that's my father."

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