Thursday, 16 May 2013

DIAMONDS -Part 23 Rivalry Siblings

Rhys threw Garrett across the room into another bookshelf sending a tidal wave of books on top of him.
He tossed the books on top of him to the side grinning.
"I guess it's too early to call you sis then." He chuckled as he moved his way out of the books.
"You will never call me sis as you are nothing but a liar." She rushed over to Kellan who was still slumped in the chair.

"What have you done to him? Let him go and I will stay."
"That's quite noble of you dear but I need him for insurance purposes."
Rhys wrapped her arms around Kellan and sneered at him. "What are you talking about-insurance purposes? You know I will do anything for him so what's the problem?"
The problem my dear is that we don't trust one another-yet. So I have to hold some leverage over you to make sure I get what I want." He sighed. "There is such a bigger picture to all of this than what you know."
"Why don't you enlighten me then and let me see this big picture that you're talking about?"
"In due time my dear, in due time. Right now we have to move Kellan to a more comfortable place and get yourself settled in your new room."
The door opened and in came back the wolf.
"Max, why don't you take her to her bedroom? She can get cleaned up. We're going to have a special dinner celebrations tonight."
A couple of members from the pack came in and stood in front of Rhys and Kellan.
They glanced over at Garrett who was talking quietly to Max. Garrett stopped and smiled. "Rhys dear, these two are going to take Kellan to his room. You have to let them do their job."
"Let him go," she pleaded. She knew it sounded desperate but she had to do something.
"Rhys," he said in a condescending tone. "Move away and let them take him to his room."
She had no choice but still reluctantly let her arms fall away.
The two young members lifted Kellan up and were out the door in less than a minute. She watched them disappear out the door.
Max was looking at her.
"Be nice now and follow Max to your room. I have some stuff to take care of."
She never looked at Garrett. Max had taken his sunglasses off. Rhys could clearly see his eyes. They were different. Silver eyes with a hint of blue shone back at her like cat eyes glowing at night.
"Are you a hybrid too?"
Max grinned as Garrett came up and slapped him on the shoulder. "He certainly is my dear and you will meet more."
"You're all lying. It's impossible that you exist so this is just some of your black magic."
Garrett smiled as if he expected it from her. "I know that this is all too much information right now but you will see in time. Just keep an open mind."
He held up his hand to stop her from saying anything more.
Max was waiting by the door for her and Garrett was waiting for her to leave with him.
Rhys moved her feet in Max's direction. She knew she couldn't bargain with him now. Maybe later at this special dinner he was talking about. She had to play her cards right. He was up to something and she had to find out what is was.
She walked past Max without glancing up at him. He was by her side in an instant leading her up the stairs.
She could smell his strong wolf smell but then another scent came lightly drifting past her--were cat.
She sniffed again and she was right. Was there a were cat near by? Rhys tried to reach out but she couldn't pick up nothing.
Max cleared his throat. They were now standing in front of the door to her bedroom. He opened it for her and gestured for her to go in.
Rhys cautiously entered the room.
He leaned in to get the door  to shut it but before he shut it he smiled and said. "That was me you were picking up."
The door closed leaving Rhys with her mouth open.

She looked around the room. Rhys went over to the bed and touched what she knew to be a handmade quilt. Rhys let her fingers run across the fabric and onto the antique oak night  stand.
Rhys walked over to an oval mirror that was above a matching dresser to the nightstand. She peered at herself. Stress showed up around her eyes making her look tired.
She ran her fingers through her hair combing out the tangles. That's when she noticed the walk in closet. There were clothes in it.
In one swift movement she was now standing in it. It was full of women's clothes.
"What the hell?" She thought. She ran her hand through the clothes. They still had their price tags on them. These were expensive clothes. Did he plan this all along?"
She took a deep breath. Rhys was going to make it her business to get answers out of Garrett tonight at his dinner celebration. This was a much bigger deal than  first anticipated.
She wondered if Thor and Ali knew about this now since she didn't do her deeds like he had asked or maybe that was still to come.
Rhys tapped her fingers against a shelf that held bags. She eyed one and picked it up--gauche. Garrett had expensive taste and where did he get the money for all of this? This was an expensive place.

Someone was backing him. Then it dawned on her. She wondered if Garrett's move into town was more than just a takeover of Ali's pack. She had heard of such packs that were compared to mobs. They were vicious.
Well if this was true, she would have to come up with her own plan. She walked out of the door and entered into the en suite. A nice spa like setting was before her. There were even towels laid out for her at the whirlpool tub. What startled her even more was there was even a bottle of her favourite red wine waiting for her to open.
This was creepy thought Rhys. It was like he knew everything about her. How long had he been stalking her?
Rhys turned on the tub gritting her teeth. If she had to she would throw him against every wall in his pretty house to get the answers she was after.

By the time her bath was done she didn't know whether she was relaxed or so worked up that she was tied in knots.
Rhys picked out an outfit out of the closet-a dress. On the dresser there was even makeup and brushes. The more she looked at all this stuff it started to make her skin crawl. How dare he intrude on her like this!
A gentle knock turned her around. Rhys marched to the door and flung it open expecting to see Garrett on the other side but it was Max.
In a soft voice he said, "I have come to escort you down to dinner if you are ready." His silvery blue eyes observed her.
She didn't know if he liked what she had chosen to wear or not but she didn't care.
She wasn't out to impress him.
"I'm ready."
He nodded and stepped aside waiting for her to join him.
She stepped out beside him and he offered her his arm. She carefully slipped her arm through his. She decided to play nice for the moment and keep things with these wolves calm--for Kellan's sake.
He escorted her to a large dining room. The table was set with the finest china and crystal. An elegant table cloth set off the china and crystal. A huge bouquet of roses and lilies adorned the table. Her nose twitched. Garrett will be with you shortly. Why don't you let me pour you a glass of red wine while you wait?"
Rhys just shrugged as he found herself a seat. Max being the ever so gracious host poured her a glass of wine in a crystal goblet and set it beside her.
"Thank you," she said as he smiled back at her. He seemed pleased that she was cooperating.
She looked around the room for clues as to what Garrett was all about. By the furniture he had a love of antiques anyway.
Just as she took a sip of her wine, in came Garrett. He had changed into a suit and looked quite handsome. He was smiling at her looking quite pleased.
"I see you have made yourself at home. That is wonderful. I hope you look upon here as a home.
"Let's not get too excited," she said.
Garrett chuckled. "Yes, well, let's hope the guest of honor tonight will change your mind."
"Who might that be?"
"Oh it will be a surprise. But for now let's give you a little surprise that I know you will like."
He waved his hand at someone who was standing just outside the doorway.
Josh came in and smiled sheepishly at her.
Rhys jumped up. "Are you okay Josh? Did he hurt you?"
Josh shook his head. "I'm fine, thanks."
Josh was being shyer with her than he was before. She sighed thinking it was probably Garrett who was making him feel this way. "Why don't you let him go? He doesn't need to be apart of all this. He's innocent."
Josh shifted uncomfortably as Garrett came up beside him. "Why don't you get yourself a drink and you can sit beside her. Rhys will like that."
Rhys looked at them both. Something didn't add up. They way they were interacting towards each other was different.
A few servants came in with trays of appetizers that they set down on the table.
Rhys took another sip of her wine. She felt like she was going to need a few glasses of wine to figure this all out.
Max came into the room and spoke to both Garrett and Josh. Rhys couldn't hear anything he said as much as she strained her ears. Watching Max gave her the impression that he had some hidden talent in the department of keeping prying ears out of his conversation.
"Good," said Garrett. "Let's get our evening started. Show our guest in then."
Max exited the room and was back right away with their special guest of honor.
Rhys almost dropped her wine glass but Josh was right there to take her glass away. It was like they knew that would happen and that was why Josh was beside her.
"Hello darling. How's my daughter?"

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