Thursday, 30 May 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 25 Family

"I told you not to tell her." Garrett swiftly went around the desk and had one of the maids come in to clean up the mess.
"She had to know. I'm not going to lie to her about him."
Before Garrett could say anything Rhys leaped up off the couch. She so badly wanted to shift and rip them to pieces but she held herself back.
"I'm very glad that you told me--Simon." She watched her father look down at the floor. Hearing her say his name came across as disappointing she knew--she could feel it from him. Rhys smiled to herself. I will never call you father.
"You will let him go if you want any dealings with me or I will raise the roof."
Garrett grinned. "That's my sister."
She glared at him. "I'm not your sister and never will be. I'm as much a prisoner as Kellan. If you're going to kill him then you might as well kill me as well."
Garrett smirked but Simon shot him a look. Garrett cleared his throat and walked back around the desk.
"I will not be killing you my dear. I did not bring you here for that and this insane attraction to Kellan has to stop. I brought my family together to lead this family into a leadership not to destroy it."
She crossed her arms. "Then let him go." She didn't care that she sounded like a stubborn child. She was holding her ground.
Simon just shook his head.
She shook her back and marched out.  Garrett started to go to stop her but Simon held him back. "Let her go, for now."
When she got out of the study she let out a shaky breath. Rhys had to jump into action and she knew it the minute she arrived here that she had to make a plan and fast.
There was one good thing she had picked up over the years that came in handy--pick pocketing.
As she went up stairs she held out Josh's phone. She dialed Thor.
"Who is this, is this that little wolf boy?" She sneered at the phone.
"No, it's me, get over here and rescue Kellan. Garrett and Simon have us here at a house. I'll try and look out the window for a street address."
"What happened to you and how the hell am I going to get near? Garrett and his unruly pack will be on guard everywhere."
"I will help you. Bring some others with you. Kellan is unconscious right now and they are going to kill him. They're leaving here in two days."
"Okay, I'm on the way kit but you better be there to help."
"I will help, don't worry." She heard him snort. "Don't worry."
"Don't worry about what?" Rhys reeled around. Josh was standing there grinning.
"Can I have my phone back?"
She held the phone tightly for a minute. "How much did you hear?"
"What did you hear? Are you going to tell them?"
Josh came up closer. "I like you and Kellan. You treated me good."
"I won't go to them, alright? I don't want Kellan dead either."
She smiled coyly, "you're not trapping me are you?"
He laughed. "I'm no good at trapping, okay? I really do want to help Kellan. I like him."
The way he said that last line, convinced her that he was on her side.
"Good." She tossed him his phone. "Don't leave it lying around."
"I'll remember that--when you're around."
She laughed and nodded. "Come, we have a job to do."
Josh followed her to her room. She looked out the window. "I have to give Thor instructions as to how to get here. Text him the directions would you Josh and tell him we will meet him out back. You'll have to take us to where Kellan is."
Josh started texting. "He's got it."
Rhys nodded. "Is there guards at Kellan"s door?"
"There was but since the door is locked, I don't think there is right now."
"Then we have to act fast before there is again."
Josh looked back at the door that was open into the room as if maybe he thought someone was eavesdropping.
"How are going to get in, it's locked."
She looked at him.
"Oh yeah, if you cans steal my phone I guess you can break in too, huh?"
"You're catching on, I never met a lock that I couldn't break into."
Josh's eyes went wide. "I'm impressed. You'll have to teach me."
"I'll gladly teach you as soon as we are out of here."
"They won't let me go or you for that matter. They will hunt us down and they will kill Kellan in front of you."
"They won't."
Josh laughed. "You don't know who you are up against. They're ruthless."
"I know who I'm going up against. I've fought the like of them before. They all have a weak spot."
Josh took a deep breath. His phone buzzed. "They're outside."
"Let's go. Take me down a back entrance so they won't see us."
Josh led the way and as they turned the corner they just about ran into Max.
"Whoa Josh, you just about took me out. Where are you in a hurry to?"
"We're just going out to get some fresh air, that's all."
Max looked back at Rhys. "Taking your sister with you?"
"Yeah, I am."
Rhys stayed quiet. His blue silver eyes shimmered at her making her flinch. She wrapped her arms around herself to still herself.
"Well, don't let me stop you but don't stay out too long. Your father will be expecting you back in for another family meeting."
Rhys felt his eyes brush against her. She shivered.
He walked past her watching her the whole time.
Rhys shook the feeling he gave her off. "Let's go. Thor will be waiting."
When they got out Rhys caught their scent. The bushes shook and out came a couple of young wolves, but no sign of Thor.
She wanted to call out but didn't know if she should or not. The two young wolves circled around her as if sniffing her for threat.
"Get away from me," she snarled at them.
That's when Thor came out of the shadows. "I guess you're not trapping me?"
Rhys breathed a sigh of relief. "You made it. Let's go and get Kellan out."
Thor shrugged. Josh led the way and they very quickly made it to where Kellan was being kept without being seen.
"Here's his room."
Rhys went up to the door and sized up the lock on the door. When she tried it, to her surprise, it opened. A sudden panic came over her. Why wasn't the door locked?
She was almost afraid to look inside.
She took a deep breath and opened the door. Kellan was there. Rhys was relieved but something about this was all wrong. She threw a glance at Josh and his phone.
He just looked at her confused. She knew then that he hadn't alerted them. "Quick, let's grab him and get out of here."
Josh and Thor picked Kellan up and Thor  threw him over his shoulder and started his way out. Rhys and Josh were right behind him. Rhys kept looking back waiting for something to happen.
They made it outside right to the car that was waiting. The young wolves had shifted and were in the car. One was in the driver's seat.
Noises from behind them, startled them. "Get inside Thor and go, now!"
Thor threw himself inside the car and as soon as his feet were off the pavement the car took off. Rhys was relieved. The noise behind them got louder. Someone was coming.
Max appeared.
Josh and Rhys stared at him. "What are you two doing out here on the street? You should be inside the yard." He sighed. "Your father will have to explain to the two of you, your boundaries."
Josh looked at Rhys. She just nodded and kept quiet. They had rescued Kellan and that was all that mattered at this very moment.
"Come on let's take you two back in." He waited for then and as Rhys passed Max he grinned. She instantly looked up at him.
"What's so funny?"
"You're father knows you all too well and he was right."
"What do you mean by that?"
He smirked, "that you would stop at nothing to rescue your wolf."
She stopped and so did he.
"What do you mean?"
"Oh come on dear, we made it easy for you. Garrett unlocked the door and your father told the guards to watch the whole thing."
Her breath left her. "I don't understand why he let me do it then. He said he was going to kill him because he knew too much."
Max shrugged his shoulders. "Your father messed with his mind. He won't remember much of anything." He smiled at her.
"In fact dear, he won't even remember you."

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