Thursday, 27 June 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 29 Last Time

With all her strength Rhys shoved Jaden away. Rhys took deep breaths to gain control of herself.
What the hell am I doing? I have to get away from here...and him.
"What is it sweetheart? I thought we had reconnected."
Rhys was shaking her head and backing up almost ready to shift and leap out the window. The room felt suffocating and small all of a sudden.
"I need air." Rhys bolted out of the room almost knocking Max over. She never said a word to him, just kept going.
When she got outside she filled her lungs with fresh air. Her hands were shaking. As she looked back for Jaden or Max her mind was all ready wrapping around the shift.
Without any more thought she shifted and leaped into the air taking off as fast as her four legs would carry her. She could feel the adrenaline pumping through her as she was picking up more speed and leaving the house far in the distance.
Rhys knew she would have to shift back soon before someone saw her in her cat form and panicked. She leaped behind a dumpster behind a restaurant. She quickly shifted back and walked out in her human form.
She sniffed the air but all she could smell was garbage and rotting food. There was no wolf scent or cat scent. Moving quickly she got away down the street. Rhys kept looking behind her and looking at every car that went by that might be them looking for her.
Rhys thought her chest was going to explode soon if she didn't get back to a safe haven. She realised Simon would not be happy and would do something drastic to get her back. She could only imagine what he would do to her.
She shuddered and took off in a run. Rhys veered off down a street that led to her old neighbourhood. She thought about going to where Ali's pack were but that might be dangerous. What Simon had said about Garrett taking over made her very nervous. She decided to go back to her house. She didn't know if it would be guarded or not but she had to take a chance.
The smell of wolf hit her in the face. She stopped and looked around her waiting for a wolf to leap out at her. She was ready to shift if she had to but nothing happened. She continued on and the wolf scent stayed with her.
Rhys knew someone was following her. The question was who did these wolves belong to, Ali's pack or Garrett's.
She decided to take a detour to see if that would flush them out. As she turned down a small bay the scent of wolf was over powering. Rhys looked all around her but they weren't showing.
Finally she stopped and yelled, "show yourself and stop being a coward."
All that happened was the breeze stirring up and blowing her hair around her face.
Get a hold of yourself Rhys. You're getting an overactive imagination. They aren't here.
She took a deep breath and threw her chin up into the air and took off down the bay and cut through a yard to the street that she lived on.
Her house was in her sight. She slowed down as she got close to see if there was any activity. The wolf scent hit her again.
There was movement ahead.
Rhys saw two wolves circle around her house.
Damn they're here. Now what?
She decided to get a little closer to see if she could recognise the wolves.
Rhys didn't have to wait long when a large wolf came out from behind her house.
She knew the wolf.
It was Thor.
A smaller wolf came up near him. She didn't know that wolf and yet there was something about him.
She watched them hang out for awhile. What are they doing? Did they get word that I left?
Rhys knew she couldn't stand there any longer or she would get caught. She remembered a large tree behind her house that she used to hide in her cat form. With one leap she was out of site and in the bushes of her neighbour's lilac bushes heading for the large tree. Through the large lilac bushes she could see wolves everywhere. It was like they had invaded her place.
It made her angry. This was her sanctuary and now it was invaded by wolves. How she would like to boot them all out. When she got close to the tree she leaped and shifted in mid air and landed on the trees largest limb on all fours and padded  in silence up to the old limb that was obscured with thick leaves. No one would see her and with her diamond were cat magic she could hide her scent.
With her keen eyes and ears that could pick up voices she listened for what was going on around her house. Thor and the young wolf were now in the back yard. She kept her eyes on then watching every move they made.
Then suddenly they both shifted. Her ears perked. The young wolf was Josh.
This is what Simon had sent him to do? Watch over my house and these wolves that included Thor? Did Garrett take over Ali's pack? I think he did.
She crouched down further hiding completely in the heavy foliage of the tree. Rhys could still see what was going on. It looked like Josh was giving Thor instructions. She somehow had to get to Thor and find out what the hell was going on.
There was no other plan but to wait this out and if these wolves cleared out so she could grab time with Thor.
As she watched Josh, he appeared to be so much older and confident in what he was doing. He seemed like he was almost not the same person she had gotten to know. A funny feeling went through her.
The way he treated her made her wonder if this was all an act and he was no better than Garrett or Simon.  She quickly put it out of her mind.
She continued to watch the men when she seen them both turn. She looked in the direction they were looking. There was someone coming toward them. She knew those glasses. It was Max.

He was talking to both of them but she couldn't hear anything. No doubt she thought that he had the ability to shield his conversations from spies
All she could do was watch for a reaction from Josh and Thor. Thor seemed unfazed but Josh started waving his hands as if what Max was telling him got him all excited and she knew why. He was telling him about her taking off probably.
Josh looked her way as if he sensed something. Rhys backed up hidden from sight. It made her feel uneasy. Then she heard him.
"How could you just let her go? Why didn't you and Jaden grab her? Now she is out there confused."
She inched a bit closer to watch.
"It's okay Josh, she will come back. He doesn't remember her anymore. She will go back to Jaden and everything will be fine."
"Where is  he now?"
Rhys knew who he was.
But before Max could answer someone else came and joined them. Jaden.
Rhys backed up rustling up the leaves in the tree.
That caught their attention.
Rhys froze.
All four men were looking in her direction now.
They started to walk towards the tree. She had to hide so she climbed higher to a even thicker part of the tree. They wouldn't see her now. She just had to stay completely quiet.
Now all four of them were right under her looking up into the tree.
"I don't see anything," said Josh. Jaden came up behind him and peered up and it felt like they could see each other.
She didn't move a muscle.
She kept waiting for him to say something but he didn't. Maybe it was just her imagination that she thought he saw her.
Someone joined Thor. Her heart stopped. It was Kellan. He looked so good she thought.
Josh slapped Thor on the back and looked at Max. "There is nothing here, let's go back to the house and see what we can figure out to find her."
That left Jaden and Kellan.
She watched Jaden as Kellan sauntered up to him. "Did you think your cat was up there?"
"Josh thought maybe but there wasn't anything."
Jaden smiled at Kellan. She wondered if Jaden knew who Kellan was.
"I understand that you have just recovered from a head trauma. How are you now?"
Kellan smiled. "I'm as good as new."
That made Rhys chest twinge.
"Good to hear," Jaden chuckled.
Kellan took a look up the tree. She could see his silver blue eyes. They made her heart ache. It was all she could do to stop from dropping down and shifting.
But he wouldn't know who she was.
It hurt.
Kellan looked over at Jaden. "It sounds like your gal is a real handful."
Jaden chuckled again. "You could say that."
"Is she worth it then?"
Jaden came up beside him. "Yeah she is and I intend to find her and marry her right away. She got away on me once and I won't let her go this time." Jaden rested his had on Kellan's shoulder.
"Have you found a wolf mate yet?"
Kellan shook his head.
"You should my friend. It completes you."
Kellan nodded. "Maybe soon, I hope."
They both started to walk away but before Jaden left he looked up at her and winked.
Rhys almost fell. He did see her.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 28- Lover's Reunion

He held out his hand to her.
Rhys couldn't take her eyes off his dark green eyes. They always made her shiver and quiver in places that only he could manage to do. Strong tanned hands that were capable of great strength patently waited for her to set her hand in his.
Jaden smiled when her hand touched his. His grasp was firm as she swung her leg back in.
He didn't let go of her hand.
Rhys wanted to pull away but the vibe that travelled up her arm kept her hand in his.
"I can't believe that we are standing together alone after all this time."
Rhys felt her insides do a flop and her skin felt a tingle. "I can't either," she said.
His smile felt like being held in his arms and apart of her wanted to go into his arms.
She had to fight it. That's what everybody would want.
Strength that she found finally took her hand away from his. There was a slight protest but he let go of her hand.
"We have much to talk about and your father has told me the news. I think it is wonderful that you will be back in New Orleans."
Rhys cleared her throat not knowing what to say to him. Fortunately Garrett came into the room and saved her from having to think of something to say.
"I heard you were here." Rhys watched Garrett stride in straight toward Jared and shake hands with him. Jared stood a good four inches taller than Garrett. She couldn't help but notice that these two were most powerful. One a hybrid and the other like her--a Diamond were cat.
They both glanced over at her. Garrett grinned, "I bet you were surprised."
Rhys sucked in air.
"I think I did surprise her alright. But I don't think for the reason you are thinking. She had one leg swung over the window ready to leap out."
Garrett tilted his head at her. "Really?"
Rhys looked away. Both of them chuckled.
"Well, at least you caught her before she leaped out. You will have fun trying to keep up to her antics."
It sounded like to Rhys that Garrett was warning Jaden that he would have his hands full.
"I can handle her."
Rhys glared at him even though both men were now ignoring her. It was like she disappeared into the walls or something. She was going to say something but caught herself. Why do I want to talk to these two? I need to get to Kellan and find out what has happened. She looked out the open window and then at them. They were still not giving her any attention.
When will they leave?
Finally Garrett marched up to her. "Why don't you come down with us? Unless you want to try and make another escape?"
She gritted her teeth. Oh how she would like to throw him out the window and not just once--over and over.
She shrugged. Rhys  could feel those green eyes studying her trying to get inside her head to see what was going on. She shut her mind down. She did remember how good he was at reading people's vibes. Jaden was usually right.
Garrett went ahead and Jaden waited for her  to come up beside him.
Rhys made sure their arms didn't touch. She didn't want to rekindle any kind of bond to him.
As they went down the stairs Jaden leaned over to her. Rhys instantly put distance between them. Jaden pulled back. Whatever he was going to say thought Rhys, he decided not to.
Rhys took a deep breath as her last foot touched the floor.
Simon met them all. "Jaden, I see you have found Rhys. I hope your little reunion went well?"
Rhys knew what he was looking for. He wanted to hear her falling into his arms and throwing herself at him--just like she did when she was younger.
Garrett chuckled. "Jaden caught her trying to escape out the window. But she came in for Jaden."
She narrowed her gaze at Garrett who just ignored her.
"That is nice to hear. I'm glad that she wanted to be with Jaden."
Rhys so badly wanted to correct them but she couldn't. Jaden was being quiet as if he was waiting for her to say something about him being there.
"Let's all go and have a celebration and then dinner together. Josh will be back shortly and we will be all together then."
Rhys wondered where Josh had gone. It sounded like Simon had sent him on a mission.
Simon slapped Jaden on the shoulder. "I'm so glad you made it here so that you can accompany Rhys back to New Orleans."
Rhys felt an odd vibe go through her.

The next thing she knew Simon led Garrett out of the room shutting the door behind them. Jaden didn't follow them. He stayed in the room with her.
Her whole body went stiff as she watched him come a little closer to her.
"We are finally alone. You don't know how much I've missed you. I've thought about you constantly and when your father contacted me, I was over the moon. To be back with you is an answered prayer."
Rhys swallowed hard as her chest was taking on a lively beat. She still didn't know what to say to him. She wondered how much Simon had told him. Did he know about Kellan?
She stepped back a bit but was careful to make it look like she wasn't trying to put a distance between them on purpose. Rhys knew that Jaden was an important piece in Simon's game for control. She had to play this out carefully.
"New Orleans has missed you as well. The smells of the gardenias and roses are the same. The shops you loved are still there and there's more to see that I can't wait to show you."
All Rhys could do was stare at him with her mouth open and not say anything. She was sure that anything that came out of her mouth now would be nonsense.
Instead she took a deep breath in an attempt to say something that would not make him angry. "Look Jaden, I know this is an awkward time for us and as you know there has been a lot happen from the time we separated."
You're sounding like an idiot Rhys, shut up all ready! It just kept coming out.
"You see...
Without warning Jaden swept her up in his arms and kissed her deeply.
It was as if they were back in New Orleans. She could smell the roses and gardenias of a hot summer's night. His kiss tasted of spiced wine and memories of silk satin sheets slipping away from her naked body letting those green eyes of his take all of her in. Her body fell into his wanting to bring back the memory to life. She wanted to smell and taste him all over again.

"You see Garrett," Simon said in an almost whisper as they both observed the couple from the door that he slightly opened. "Jaden coming here was the best thing. I think a late summer wedding will be nice, don't you?"

Thursday, 13 June 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 27 Leaving

Rhys stared out her bedroom window wondering how this all happened and so damned fast. She was about to leave Kellan behind. Did she really want to do that?
Simon, the bastard had arranged a husband for her. Even though he didn't say it, it was what he meant. He was going to match her up with who he thought would make the best advantage in his power hungry game.
She closed her eyes. I hope you are all right my darling. If I could just see and touch you one more time, then I could leave here.
Rhys took a deep breath and could smell his wolf scent. She let his scent float over her skin sending a tingle through her body that settled into her most sensitive spots. His silver blue eyes shimmered as he looked down at her and grinned.
She could feel the back of his fingers brush against her cheek followed by the soft touch of his lips. His kiss was the start of a lit fuse. Kellan set his trail of fire down her neck to her bare shoulder. His tongue flicked and tasted her skin.
A gentle growl came from him indicating that she belonged to only him. She pushed her body against him and his arms wrapped around her gripping her tight against his hard body.
She could hear a gasp escape from her as he slid his hands up under her shirt. She couldn't wait for their skin to touch and set off a fire storm.
Rhys was  dizzy and ready to fall into bed with Kellan with her legs and arms wrapped tightly around him.
She could feel the tug of her jeans come down as his hand slid between her legs finding her wetness. Kellan dropped and flicked his tongue and teased her driving her body into a frenzy.
"Take me...
The voice shattered her dream and she whirled around to face Garrett. She could feel the heat in her face burn.
"You were some other place sis. I hope you were thinking of Jaden and what it's going to be like to be reunited with your former love again."
She just glared at him. "What the hell do you want?"
He chuckled, "I just want to make sure you are not going to try and pull something over us. I know you can pull tricks out of thin air."
"You think you know me, don't you? Well, let me tell you, you know nothing."
He casted his eyes down to the floor but he was grinning. He sighed, "I know you better than you know yourself but I won't argue the point." He looked up at her still grinning. "I know better."
She shook her head and turned back to the window.
Garrett sauntered up to her and stood right beside her. He was a mere breath from touching her. It took all her strength not to throw him out the window.
"Are you planning an escape?"
She chuckled. "You would like nothing more than to try and stop me, wouldn't you? I think I know you pretty well."
He shuffled his feet and moved slightly away from her. Rhys let out a quiet breath of relief.
"Okay, you got me. I like to be one up one you but only because you and I are so alike."
Her hand immediately went to strike him but he caught her hand mid way and held on tight to her wrist making her flinch.
Their eyes locked.
Through gritted teeth Rhys said, "We are nothing alike and never will be. I am only half sister to you by that monster you call  father."
His eyes narrowed. He gave her wrist a slight twist. She hissed.
"Feel the pain? That would be nothing compared to what I can do to your wolf."
She snarled at him and kicked him in the crotch dropping him to the floor. She kicked him in the gut for good measure.
Rhys stood over him with her boot over his throat. He smiled up at her.
"I thought you were going to try, Garrett."
Rhys didn't look up as Simon came into the room. She didn't remove her boot either.
"Let your brother up dear. If anybody is going to kick his ass, it will be me."
Their eyes met. Simon's silver eyes settled on her waiting for her to step away.
She shrugged as she stepped away and walked from them both. Rhys went back to the window. It was the only escape she had at the moment.
She could hear Simon grab Garrett and haul him up roughly. "Go do something useful."
"Whatever you say," he scoffed.
"I'm sorry, Garrett can be very aggressive and annoying."
"You don't say."
Simon chuckled. "Yeah, well I do hope the two of you will come to some terms that will make life easy for you since you will be living under the same roof. We'll be leaving in the morning."
She whipped her head around to face him. "I thought we were going to two days."
Simon shoved his one hand into his pocket. Rhys wondered what was in that pocket that his fingers were touching.
"Change of plans, my dear. Since Garrett took leadership of the wolf pack here, it's time to move on and get on with the next phase."
"What do you mean Garrett took leadership of the wolf pack here? Are you talking about Ali's pack?
Simon was about to open his mouth when Max came into the room. "We have business to discuss Simon and it can't wait."
"Okay, I'll be right there." Max didn't leave the room and it was obvious to Rhys that he wasn't going to leave without Simon by his side.
"Look, I have to go but get yourself rested. You have a big day tomorrow."
Rhys watched both men leave the room.
All she could think of to do was pace. Her urge to shift was strong. She wanted to leap out of the window and make her way to Kellan and find out what the hell has taken place.
Panic and fear mixed together as she wondered if Kellan was alive. Did Garrett want to rub in what he had done? She should have crushed his throat when she had the chance she thought.
Anger started to build inside her and she was ready to kill Garrett the first chance she got. He would pay for what he did.
Of course she wasn't sure what he had down yet but she would find out.
Rhys went to the window and tried to open it. It wasn't locked. Another trick?  I don't care.
She got one leg through when a voice stopped her.
"I wouldn't go out there; it's a nasty drop sweetheart."
She felt like she just had the air kicked out of her.
Jaden McMillan sauntered in grinning.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 26-Resolutions

Rhys sat on the edge of her bed in the bedroom that was now hers. She kept hearing Max's words--In fact, he won't even remember you.
Those words kept echoing in her head. A gentle knock on the door shook the words out of head and drew her attention to her visitor.
It was Josh.
He half smiled at her. Rhys sighed. In all this sanity she had found someone who actually seemed trustworthy and to boot was a little brother that she never knew she had.
"Come in."
Josh came inside the door and stopped as if he needed more invite to get any closer.
Rhys smiled at him and patted a spot next to her. "Come, sit beside me."
Josh casually strolled up and sat down. He looked thoughtfully over at her. "I'm sorry for the way things turned out."
"It turned out the way it should Josh. We rescued Kellan and that was the main thing. It's best he doesn't remember me. That will keep him safe."
She knew by the look on Josh's face that she left him confused but that was better too she thought. The less Josh knew of his new found sister, the better.
Josh stared down at his feet and rubbed his hands together for a moment while they sat in silence.
"Well, I guess you and I should go." He grinned. "I was sent up here to get you."
"What, you didn't come and see me because you were concerned about me?" She laughed.
"I was concerned," he shot back at her. With a mischief grin he said. "Be thankful that I insisted on coming to get you or you would be fighting with Garrett right now."
"Hmm, that sounds intriguing. I haven't thrown him up against a wall lately."
"You'll get plenty of chance to do that when he moves us all."
Rhys noticed right away that he didn't call him "father".
"Yeah right, well what does he want anyway?"
"Family meeting is all I was told. That could men anything."

Garrett, Max and Simon were sharing small talk when Josh and Rhys entered the room. Each one of  them stopped and shared glances at Josh and then settled on her. Max smiled warmly, Garrett's grin was more of smug look and Simon smiled proudly like a winner.
"Come my children and join us. We have lots to talk about and plan."
Rhys held back her sharp tongue that wanted to lash out at them. They all stood there victorious. They had indeed showed her what they were capable of. They took her wolf from her.
She sat herself down on a chair that was a good distance from them. Simon noticed but didn't insist on her sitting any closer. He was giving her space.
Garrett just ignored her and Max tried to keep the mood  light in the room.
"As I have told you we will be leaving this house to go to New Orleans where I have bought a new home. You will be safe there and I will have my family in one place."
Rhys listened to his words but nothing registered. What am I going to do--go with them? Or do I stay and fight? They would kill me in a heartbeat if I was that difficult. I can't put Josh in danger. If they can use Kellan for leverage against me, they will use Josh as well.
"You are deep in thought my dear. Do you want to talk about it?"
Rhys startled out of her thoughts. She looked up at Simon and then around the room. They were alone.
"Where is everyone?"
"I sent them away. They have things to do."
Simon pulled up a chair and sat opposite her at a far enough distance that he knew would make her comfortable.
"I wanted us to have a chance to speak in private. I know this whole thing doesn't sit well with you. I know you don't trust me and Garrett and that is fine. In time we will earn your trust."
Rhys just  about choked on that lie. She would never trust them and he knew it.
"What happened with Kellan is for the best. I spared his life for you, you know and I wanted to show that I can have compassion."
Rhys tilted her head slightly. "Is that what you call --compassion?"
"I could have been ruthless and killed him in front of you but I didn't. You would have hated me even more than you do now and that is not that I want."
He leaned forward resting his elbows on his lap. "I know your mother poisoned you against me and she had every right. I was not a good father to you and husband to your mother. I was young and foolish and had lots to learn."
Rhys pushed her back up against her chair. This speech sounded all too rehearsed and she didn't want any more of it.
She held up her hand silencing him.
"You have only one agenda and that is to gain power. I don't want any part of it. Why don't you just take Garrett and Max with you and leave Josh and me out of it.?"
He smiled. "It makes me happy that you have bonded with your little brother."
"He's innocent and has a chance if he gets away--from you."
Rhys looked for a reaction but there was none. It was as if  it was what he expected from her anyway.
Simon sat up straight in his chair. "I knew when I brought you here you  would be the one that would give me a challenge."
She threw up her chin at him trying to hold back the tears. She felt defeated and all he and to do was look at her in a certain way or use the tone of voice he just used.
"You will come with us to New Orleans and settle into your new home and become a part of this family. If you don't I could go back on my word."
She raised an eyebrow, "your word?"
"Yes, if you insist on pushing me I will drag Kellan back and tell him who you are. Then you can watch those eyes that he looked at you with love, turn to hate. I knew he wanted to kill the Diamond were cat and I of course knew that was you. Even though he doesn't know you, it won't make your betrayal any less painful."
The stab in her heart felt deep. She couldn't watch his eyes go dark with hatred at her. It would be worse than dying.
Rhys stood up. "Fine, have it your way. I will go to New Orleans with you but don't expect me to ever love you."
Simon smiled. "I'll take it. And to help you get over Kellan I have a surprise for you in New Orleans."
Rhys crossed her arms. "What surprise?"
"I have arranged for you to meet someone. I'm hoping he will become your future husband."
Rhys mouth just about dropped. "Husband? she choked. What are you talking about?"
"You will see, don't be mad. Just give him a chance."
"Can I have a name?"
"Jaden McMillan."
A shudder went through her. She knew who he was. Jaden McMillan was a powerful were cat and he was like her--a Diamond Were cat.
He was also a former lover and their relationship didn't end well.