Thursday, 13 June 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 27 Leaving

Rhys stared out her bedroom window wondering how this all happened and so damned fast. She was about to leave Kellan behind. Did she really want to do that?
Simon, the bastard had arranged a husband for her. Even though he didn't say it, it was what he meant. He was going to match her up with who he thought would make the best advantage in his power hungry game.
She closed her eyes. I hope you are all right my darling. If I could just see and touch you one more time, then I could leave here.
Rhys took a deep breath and could smell his wolf scent. She let his scent float over her skin sending a tingle through her body that settled into her most sensitive spots. His silver blue eyes shimmered as he looked down at her and grinned.
She could feel the back of his fingers brush against her cheek followed by the soft touch of his lips. His kiss was the start of a lit fuse. Kellan set his trail of fire down her neck to her bare shoulder. His tongue flicked and tasted her skin.
A gentle growl came from him indicating that she belonged to only him. She pushed her body against him and his arms wrapped around her gripping her tight against his hard body.
She could hear a gasp escape from her as he slid his hands up under her shirt. She couldn't wait for their skin to touch and set off a fire storm.
Rhys was  dizzy and ready to fall into bed with Kellan with her legs and arms wrapped tightly around him.
She could feel the tug of her jeans come down as his hand slid between her legs finding her wetness. Kellan dropped and flicked his tongue and teased her driving her body into a frenzy.
"Take me...
The voice shattered her dream and she whirled around to face Garrett. She could feel the heat in her face burn.
"You were some other place sis. I hope you were thinking of Jaden and what it's going to be like to be reunited with your former love again."
She just glared at him. "What the hell do you want?"
He chuckled, "I just want to make sure you are not going to try and pull something over us. I know you can pull tricks out of thin air."
"You think you know me, don't you? Well, let me tell you, you know nothing."
He casted his eyes down to the floor but he was grinning. He sighed, "I know you better than you know yourself but I won't argue the point." He looked up at her still grinning. "I know better."
She shook her head and turned back to the window.
Garrett sauntered up to her and stood right beside her. He was a mere breath from touching her. It took all her strength not to throw him out the window.
"Are you planning an escape?"
She chuckled. "You would like nothing more than to try and stop me, wouldn't you? I think I know you pretty well."
He shuffled his feet and moved slightly away from her. Rhys let out a quiet breath of relief.
"Okay, you got me. I like to be one up one you but only because you and I are so alike."
Her hand immediately went to strike him but he caught her hand mid way and held on tight to her wrist making her flinch.
Their eyes locked.
Through gritted teeth Rhys said, "We are nothing alike and never will be. I am only half sister to you by that monster you call  father."
His eyes narrowed. He gave her wrist a slight twist. She hissed.
"Feel the pain? That would be nothing compared to what I can do to your wolf."
She snarled at him and kicked him in the crotch dropping him to the floor. She kicked him in the gut for good measure.
Rhys stood over him with her boot over his throat. He smiled up at her.
"I thought you were going to try, Garrett."
Rhys didn't look up as Simon came into the room. She didn't remove her boot either.
"Let your brother up dear. If anybody is going to kick his ass, it will be me."
Their eyes met. Simon's silver eyes settled on her waiting for her to step away.
She shrugged as she stepped away and walked from them both. Rhys went back to the window. It was the only escape she had at the moment.
She could hear Simon grab Garrett and haul him up roughly. "Go do something useful."
"Whatever you say," he scoffed.
"I'm sorry, Garrett can be very aggressive and annoying."
"You don't say."
Simon chuckled. "Yeah, well I do hope the two of you will come to some terms that will make life easy for you since you will be living under the same roof. We'll be leaving in the morning."
She whipped her head around to face him. "I thought we were going to two days."
Simon shoved his one hand into his pocket. Rhys wondered what was in that pocket that his fingers were touching.
"Change of plans, my dear. Since Garrett took leadership of the wolf pack here, it's time to move on and get on with the next phase."
"What do you mean Garrett took leadership of the wolf pack here? Are you talking about Ali's pack?
Simon was about to open his mouth when Max came into the room. "We have business to discuss Simon and it can't wait."
"Okay, I'll be right there." Max didn't leave the room and it was obvious to Rhys that he wasn't going to leave without Simon by his side.
"Look, I have to go but get yourself rested. You have a big day tomorrow."
Rhys watched both men leave the room.
All she could think of to do was pace. Her urge to shift was strong. She wanted to leap out of the window and make her way to Kellan and find out what the hell has taken place.
Panic and fear mixed together as she wondered if Kellan was alive. Did Garrett want to rub in what he had done? She should have crushed his throat when she had the chance she thought.
Anger started to build inside her and she was ready to kill Garrett the first chance she got. He would pay for what he did.
Of course she wasn't sure what he had down yet but she would find out.
Rhys went to the window and tried to open it. It wasn't locked. Another trick?  I don't care.
She got one leg through when a voice stopped her.
"I wouldn't go out there; it's a nasty drop sweetheart."
She felt like she just had the air kicked out of her.
Jaden McMillan sauntered in grinning.

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