Thursday, 27 June 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 29 Last Time

With all her strength Rhys shoved Jaden away. Rhys took deep breaths to gain control of herself.
What the hell am I doing? I have to get away from here...and him.
"What is it sweetheart? I thought we had reconnected."
Rhys was shaking her head and backing up almost ready to shift and leap out the window. The room felt suffocating and small all of a sudden.
"I need air." Rhys bolted out of the room almost knocking Max over. She never said a word to him, just kept going.
When she got outside she filled her lungs with fresh air. Her hands were shaking. As she looked back for Jaden or Max her mind was all ready wrapping around the shift.
Without any more thought she shifted and leaped into the air taking off as fast as her four legs would carry her. She could feel the adrenaline pumping through her as she was picking up more speed and leaving the house far in the distance.
Rhys knew she would have to shift back soon before someone saw her in her cat form and panicked. She leaped behind a dumpster behind a restaurant. She quickly shifted back and walked out in her human form.
She sniffed the air but all she could smell was garbage and rotting food. There was no wolf scent or cat scent. Moving quickly she got away down the street. Rhys kept looking behind her and looking at every car that went by that might be them looking for her.
Rhys thought her chest was going to explode soon if she didn't get back to a safe haven. She realised Simon would not be happy and would do something drastic to get her back. She could only imagine what he would do to her.
She shuddered and took off in a run. Rhys veered off down a street that led to her old neighbourhood. She thought about going to where Ali's pack were but that might be dangerous. What Simon had said about Garrett taking over made her very nervous. She decided to go back to her house. She didn't know if it would be guarded or not but she had to take a chance.
The smell of wolf hit her in the face. She stopped and looked around her waiting for a wolf to leap out at her. She was ready to shift if she had to but nothing happened. She continued on and the wolf scent stayed with her.
Rhys knew someone was following her. The question was who did these wolves belong to, Ali's pack or Garrett's.
She decided to take a detour to see if that would flush them out. As she turned down a small bay the scent of wolf was over powering. Rhys looked all around her but they weren't showing.
Finally she stopped and yelled, "show yourself and stop being a coward."
All that happened was the breeze stirring up and blowing her hair around her face.
Get a hold of yourself Rhys. You're getting an overactive imagination. They aren't here.
She took a deep breath and threw her chin up into the air and took off down the bay and cut through a yard to the street that she lived on.
Her house was in her sight. She slowed down as she got close to see if there was any activity. The wolf scent hit her again.
There was movement ahead.
Rhys saw two wolves circle around her house.
Damn they're here. Now what?
She decided to get a little closer to see if she could recognise the wolves.
Rhys didn't have to wait long when a large wolf came out from behind her house.
She knew the wolf.
It was Thor.
A smaller wolf came up near him. She didn't know that wolf and yet there was something about him.
She watched them hang out for awhile. What are they doing? Did they get word that I left?
Rhys knew she couldn't stand there any longer or she would get caught. She remembered a large tree behind her house that she used to hide in her cat form. With one leap she was out of site and in the bushes of her neighbour's lilac bushes heading for the large tree. Through the large lilac bushes she could see wolves everywhere. It was like they had invaded her place.
It made her angry. This was her sanctuary and now it was invaded by wolves. How she would like to boot them all out. When she got close to the tree she leaped and shifted in mid air and landed on the trees largest limb on all fours and padded  in silence up to the old limb that was obscured with thick leaves. No one would see her and with her diamond were cat magic she could hide her scent.
With her keen eyes and ears that could pick up voices she listened for what was going on around her house. Thor and the young wolf were now in the back yard. She kept her eyes on then watching every move they made.
Then suddenly they both shifted. Her ears perked. The young wolf was Josh.
This is what Simon had sent him to do? Watch over my house and these wolves that included Thor? Did Garrett take over Ali's pack? I think he did.
She crouched down further hiding completely in the heavy foliage of the tree. Rhys could still see what was going on. It looked like Josh was giving Thor instructions. She somehow had to get to Thor and find out what the hell was going on.
There was no other plan but to wait this out and if these wolves cleared out so she could grab time with Thor.
As she watched Josh, he appeared to be so much older and confident in what he was doing. He seemed like he was almost not the same person she had gotten to know. A funny feeling went through her.
The way he treated her made her wonder if this was all an act and he was no better than Garrett or Simon.  She quickly put it out of her mind.
She continued to watch the men when she seen them both turn. She looked in the direction they were looking. There was someone coming toward them. She knew those glasses. It was Max.

He was talking to both of them but she couldn't hear anything. No doubt she thought that he had the ability to shield his conversations from spies
All she could do was watch for a reaction from Josh and Thor. Thor seemed unfazed but Josh started waving his hands as if what Max was telling him got him all excited and she knew why. He was telling him about her taking off probably.
Josh looked her way as if he sensed something. Rhys backed up hidden from sight. It made her feel uneasy. Then she heard him.
"How could you just let her go? Why didn't you and Jaden grab her? Now she is out there confused."
She inched a bit closer to watch.
"It's okay Josh, she will come back. He doesn't remember her anymore. She will go back to Jaden and everything will be fine."
"Where is  he now?"
Rhys knew who he was.
But before Max could answer someone else came and joined them. Jaden.
Rhys backed up rustling up the leaves in the tree.
That caught their attention.
Rhys froze.
All four men were looking in her direction now.
They started to walk towards the tree. She had to hide so she climbed higher to a even thicker part of the tree. They wouldn't see her now. She just had to stay completely quiet.
Now all four of them were right under her looking up into the tree.
"I don't see anything," said Josh. Jaden came up behind him and peered up and it felt like they could see each other.
She didn't move a muscle.
She kept waiting for him to say something but he didn't. Maybe it was just her imagination that she thought he saw her.
Someone joined Thor. Her heart stopped. It was Kellan. He looked so good she thought.
Josh slapped Thor on the back and looked at Max. "There is nothing here, let's go back to the house and see what we can figure out to find her."
That left Jaden and Kellan.
She watched Jaden as Kellan sauntered up to him. "Did you think your cat was up there?"
"Josh thought maybe but there wasn't anything."
Jaden smiled at Kellan. She wondered if Jaden knew who Kellan was.
"I understand that you have just recovered from a head trauma. How are you now?"
Kellan smiled. "I'm as good as new."
That made Rhys chest twinge.
"Good to hear," Jaden chuckled.
Kellan took a look up the tree. She could see his silver blue eyes. They made her heart ache. It was all she could do to stop from dropping down and shifting.
But he wouldn't know who she was.
It hurt.
Kellan looked over at Jaden. "It sounds like your gal is a real handful."
Jaden chuckled again. "You could say that."
"Is she worth it then?"
Jaden came up beside him. "Yeah she is and I intend to find her and marry her right away. She got away on me once and I won't let her go this time." Jaden rested his had on Kellan's shoulder.
"Have you found a wolf mate yet?"
Kellan shook his head.
"You should my friend. It completes you."
Kellan nodded. "Maybe soon, I hope."
They both started to walk away but before Jaden left he looked up at her and winked.
Rhys almost fell. He did see her.

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