Thursday, 25 July 2013


Rhys sat at the edge of the bed, She felt a lot better now. They had given her some teas that settled all that dizziness.
Her life had taken on a whole new direction. She was thrown into her family that she had walked away from along time ago. And to add to the mix Jaden was back into her life with full force.
Now she was pregnant--with twins! She looked down at her stomach to her feet. Where did she go wrong? One minute she was a ruthless hunter and the next she was getting married off and thrown into a life of whatever Simon had planned.
She took a deep breath and as she was about to lift herself off the bed a gentle knock came to the door. She looked at the door. Rhys knew it wasn't Jaden; he would have just walked right in.
"Come in?"
The door opened slowly and Josh poked his head in. He smiled shyly at her. It reminded her of what he was like when she first met him. This wasn't at all the person that was back at her house conducting a search for her.
"Hey are you doing?"
She patted a spot beside her on the bed. "Come sit with me for a while."
Josh quickly shut the door behind himself as if he didn't want anyone to know that he was there.
"I was worried about you. I'm glad to see you are up now. You feel okay?"
Rhys could tell by the look in his eyes that he was genuinely concerned and that touched her. "Yes, Josh I'm fine. Those teas really helped."
Josh nodded happy to hear it. "I guess now that you're feeling better we will be leaving to go to New Orleans soon."
Rhys nodded. "Yes, Jaden told me that we could leave tomorrow if all the arrangements are finalized."
Josh looked down at his hands and rubbed then together. "I'll be glad when we are back at New Orleans."
"Is that where all your friends are?"
"Yeah, and I like the city, better than here."
Rhys looked at him. "What do you mean, did something happen?"
He looked away not wanting to meet Rhys eyes. "Nothing important."
"I think it was important. Want to tell me about it?"
He looked over at her a bit sceptical.
"What? You don't think I'm a good listener?"
He smirked. "I don't know. When I see you get mad I don't see much patience there for listening."
Rhys put her hand on her hips and was about to blast him when she stopped. "Okay you got a point but there is another side to me, believe it or not. I can stand still long enough to listen. Try me and you'll see."
"Well, I had someone special in my life."
Rhys eyes went wide. She had never seen him bring home anyone. Of course with Simon maybe she understood why.
"I didn't know you had someone special in your life."
"Not anymore."
"If this it too difficult to talk about that is fine...
"No it's just that I had asked her to come with me and she said no. It really took me back. I would follow her anywhere and I thought she would do the same thing for me. I was so wrong."
Rhys swallowed hard. "Yeah I know what that is like. Life has a way of throwing things at you."
"Oh I didn't mean to make you think about Kellan. But things did work out for the better didn't it?"
Rhys didn't know how to respond to that. Rhys was about to open her mouth when the door burst open. Garrett came in like an angry bear.
He looked at Josh. "I was looking for you all over. Bonding with your big sister is over. You'll be able to spend as much time with her as you like in New Orleans. Right now you have work to do."
Josh got up and sighed. Garrett narrowed his gaze at him. "Don't give me attitude. I'm not in the mood."
Josh quickly left.
"What the hell is wrong with you?"
Garrett sucked in air. "Today has not been a good day alright? You just stay here and for god sake don't decide go on any little adventures."
Rhys got up and was ready to stomp over to him and tell him off and maybe even throw him through a window. When she stood and started towards him she lost her balance.
Garrett swooped in and caught her. "Well I guess we don't have to worry about you taking off. You wouldn't get out of this room."
Rhys cursed under her breath. "What is going on?"
Garrett looked down at her. "We've had an attack. We don't know how this happened. Someone knows that you are carrying twin diamond were cats."
"What are you saying?"
"I'm saying little sister that you are in great danger. There are those out there in the hybrid world and the were cat world that see this as something they would not like to celebrate. Instead they would like to eradicate this as they see it as a problem."
"How are I and the twins a problem?"
Garrett gritted his teeth. "You don't get it do you? I thought you were a hunter and would understand the situation. You are carrying two pure blooded diamond were cats. That's a lot of power. That scares some of them. So much so that they will try and kill you."
Rhys stared at him. "This attack today, they were after me then?"
Garrett nodded. "Yes but we fought them off before they could get inside this house."
"They were that close?"
"I'm afraid so. It appears little sister we have a traitor among us."

Thursday, 18 July 2013

DIAMONDS-Part32-Reality Time

Rhys moaned as she rolled over. The sun through the window shone in her eyes making her squint. She turned away from it and tried to shut the world out. Taking a deep breath to steady herself she laid there quiet on the bed. Jaden wasn't in the room but she could feel him. Every once in a while she could feel his fingers on her skin. How did he do that?
Then she remembered what he said it was like to be mated. You could literally feel each other and be practically in each others head.
Rhys sat up and tried to gather her wits but damn it she felt like she had been hit by a truck. With effort she swung her legs over the bed and stood up. This wave of dizziness sent her back down on the bed.
What the hell?
She sat on the edge of the bed letting herself find focus once again. When she stood this time it wasn't so bad but she felt different. She was about to curse this mating thing. If she could get rid of it, she would do so as soon as possible. She couldn't live like this.
The stairs looked far as she looked down on them. Garrett came out of the kitchen and took notice of her.
In an instant he was beside her. "Are you alright? Do you want Jaden?" When she looked over at him, his face was serious and concerned.
"I want downstairs."
Garrett helped her down and even though she felt silly, she was glad to have his help because she was sure that she would end up face down at the bottom of the stairs.
By the time she got into the kitchen the world once again was swimming. Before she go to the chair her legs gave out and Garrett caught her lifting her up.
"I should take you back up stairs."
Max came into the room and stopped short. "What's wrong?"
"She just about passed out."
"I see, let's get her back upstairs and into bed."
Rhys glared at Max. "But I don't...
Max waved his hand in the air silencing her. "Up stairs you go. We have to keep you safe and protected right now."
"What do you mean? I'm not a piece of property you idiot. Let me go."
Garrett looked at her with a plea in his eyes that almost looked like vulnerability. They took her back to her room and she was glad to be set down.
Garrett met her eyes," I will have a tray sent up for you and later a bath drawn for you after you've  rested.
Before she could ask what was wrong with him he was gone. It was like it was some important mission he went on.
Rhys looked up at Max who was busy texting. "Don't let me interrupt your day. You can go."
Max smirked. "You're not interrupting my day; you just made it more interesting that's all."
She narrowed her gaze at him. "What the hell are you talking about and why is Garrett acting so strange? His usual smart ass attitude seems to be missing."
Max chuckled, "oh, it was there this morning I assure you. You have to rest and now we might be delayed in our travels for a day, maybe two. "
"Really? Why? Is the house suddenly not up to expectations?"
Max grinned and came closer to her and sat down at a nearby chair. "Oh the house is ready, we can move in right now."
"Then what is the hold up?"
"The hold up is you."
Rhys scoffed, "I'm holding you up? Well, don't let me stop you from all leaving. You can all leave right now. Go." She smiled sweetly at him.
Max shook his head. "I don't think you would want that. You would miss Jaden in five minutes and in your state we have to be very careful right now."
Rhys frowned at him. "I thought Garrett was acting strange but you are just as bad. You want to tell me what this is all about?"
"I'm surprised that you don't know. You feel different don't you?"
"Yeah, I feel like I've been hit by a truck. You know why Doctor Max?"
"In fact I do, us hybrids can sense it the moment it happens."
"What happens?" Then it hit her. Another wave of dizziness took her breath away. Max was beside her. The door opened with a servant coming in with a tray. "Sit it over here, please." Max pointed to the table right beside her bed.
"You need to eat something and drink. That will help. I'll help you sit up." But when he tried she fell like a rag doll. Rhys could see his silver eyes narrow. Let me lay you back down. His hand rested on her belly. "What are you doing?"
Max sighed, "well, that explains that."
"Explains what? Tell me what you're talking about."
Garrett came into the room. "How is she? You need to eat and drink something."
"We tried that but she took another dizzy spell. I know why she is so dizzy now. I should have known."
Garrett looked at him and his eyebrows slowly rose, "really?"
Max chuckled, "yes it's true."
"Wait till father finds out."
Rhys stared at them both. "Hello, remember me? Would you like to tell me what is going on?"
Jaden came into the room looking at everyone. I just went out to attend to business. I thought Rhys that you would still be asleep."
She folded her arms in front of her. "No, I invited them in for a slumber party. Nice of you to join us."
Jaden's face went white. He looked  at Max and Garrett. "You hybrid boys want to tell me what I think you're gong to tell me?"
Max got up. "Here take the chair and sit beside Rhys. She is going to need your support right now."
In a blink Jaden was sitting in the chair holding Rhys hand. She noticed his white face was now flushed. What the hell was going on?
"Okay, it seems everyone in the room knows what is going on with me but me. So Max tell the world what it is and maybe I can eat something."
After she said that she smelled the warm crescent. She licked her lips and bent over and grabbed the bun. When she bit into it she almost forgot about them and the answers she was looking for.
Jaden cozied up beside her on the bed and wrapped his arm around her while she ate her crescent.
Max stood by Garrett. He rested his hand on Garrett's shoulder. "Well, we won't keep this happy couple in suspense any longer. It appears last night when the two of you mated you performed a wonderful deed. You are going to be parents--of twins."
Rhys almost spit out her crescent. "What are you talking about Max? How can you tell I'm pregnant?"
Garrett smiled. "We hybrids have a strong sense of a female when she is carrying a baby. We can even feel it when the child is conceived. Both Max and I knew last night when it happened. Max though was the one to know it was twins. That was a pleasant surprise. He has a slight stronger sense than me. Father does know about it but not the news of the twins yet. He's busy making travel arrangements to the house."
Rhys was in shock. Now she had to face reality. She had mated with Jaden and now they were having twins. There was no going back now. She had more than herself to think about now.
She had to forget about Kellan.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 31-Facing Truths

Rhys was losing it. Too much had happened and that event that she just experienced was the craziest thing she could have done.
Now she was all but consumed in their world. She felt like she didn't know herself anymore. Her family was to blame.
Rhys gritted her teeth. This was why she stayed solo. If Garrett hadn't intruded in her life she would still be with Kellan.
She sighed. How long would that have lasted? He wanted you dead, remember silly?
Everything was messed up and Rhys had to figure out a solution to this before things got really out of hand.
She flopped on the bed. As she laid there she heard the bedroom door unlock. She peeked over at the door waiting to see who was going to come through.
It was Jaden and he looked extremely happy by the smile pasted on his face.
He quickly entered in like she might toss him over to the side and make a break for it. Before she knew it Jaden was laying beside her on her on the bed kissing her temple.
"Good morning love, I couldn't wait to see you this morning."
Rhys took a deep breath. "We are moving too fast. Yesterday was a ...
"Yesterday was wonderful kitten. It was the reconnection that we needed. We are not going fast; in fact we are not going fast enough."
Rhys sat up and looked down at him. "You always liked things in the fast lane, especially relationships."
"That's not true. We know each other all too well. You know we're both complicated creatures. That's what makes us so special. We're a natural fit."
Rhys got out of bed and walked over to the window. Jaden jumped off and joined her.
She chuckled, "do you think I'm going to escape out the window again?"
"Not a chance, your father has watchdogs at every corner of this property. But now that I'm here, I will see to it that you will no longer take any more trips out there."
He pulled her towards him so they faced each other.
"It's time that you faced the truth, you belong to this family and we can protect you from those who want to kill you. You've been hunted for a while including Kellan. He really wants the Diamond were cat dead."
Rhys flinched. "You don't have to rub it in, okay?"
Jaden sighed, "I'm not trying to rub it in. I just want you to face the truth about his and his kind. That whole pack did not have your best interest at heart. They would have you killed when you least expected it. Their true colors always come out."
"Maybe, but some of them were different."
Jaden kissed her temple and cheek pulling her in nose to nose. "None of them are different, we are the only ones that matter." He kissed her sending his tongue deep inside her. She reacted and kissed him back.
Rhys allowed herself to be led back to the bed. Jaden's fingers found her skin and soon had her top off. She raked her nails through his hair pulling him in closer.
Her mind was screaming at her to stop but she couldn't. She made herself open her eyes and focus on Jaden. She had to see who was holding her and making love to her.
It wasn't Kellan her wolf. He was out there and he didn't know who she was. Rhys wondered if he would one day.
The door made a clicking noise. Jaden stopped but still held her hand.
The door opened and Garrett came sauntering in. "Well, I see you two couldn't wait to get back together again."
Rhys sneered at him but he paid her no attention. His focus was on Jaden. "We got word back from New Orleans and the house is ready for us all."
He glanced over at his sister who was putting her top back on. "You can have him all to yourself when we get back to the house. Father is keeping everybody locked in the compound for a while."
Her eyes flashed at him, "what do you mean, locked in the compound?"
"It means little sister that while we get settled in father wants us all to be safe."
"So that is his way of keeping us all safe by keeping us prisoner?"
Jaden laughed. "We'll be prisoner together. I promise to make it fun for you."
Garrett chuckled. "I'm sure you will. She will love it."
Rhys was fuming. She held herself back from throwing him out the window.
"I also want you to know that we are leaving a half day earlier."
Jaden nodded. "I wish we were leaving now. I can't wait to get back to New Orleans. I have so much to show you Rhys love."
She felt her face flush. The thoughts of those hot sultry nights brought back too many memories.
Garrett smiled at her. "I will leave you two to discuss your plans when you get back." He grinned at Jaden. "Or you can go back to what you were doing."
Rhys threw him a look. Garrett just threw up his hands laughing as he walked out the door securely locking it behind him.
Jaden took her hand. "I know your brother can be an asshole but he really just wants you to be happy and he knows that is with me, your real mate."
She raised an eyebrow at him, "you're sure that I'm your real mate?"
"Positive and you will know that when we get back to our home."
Rhys shrugged. "You might be surprised you know, you could be wrong."
Jaden's eyes were electric. "I'm never wrong kitten and you will be the one to admit that you were the wrong one.
Rhys smirked, "arrogant bastard."
Jaden squeezed her hand grinning with mischief. "Let this arrogant bastard show you just how wrong you are."
He slipped his fingers under her t-shirt and puled it over her head. With quick fingers he unhooked her bra letting it drop to the floor.
He bent down and kissed and teased each nipple. Rhys hissed at him but he paid no attention as he continued on down to tug at her jeans. She couldn't believe it but she was helping him to get out of her jeans.
Now she stood there in nothing but a pair of silk red lace panties. He purred as he took all of her in.
"This is what it's all about Rhys, just you and I alone being who we are. Let's mate for real this time." Jaden slipped his fingers under her lace pantie and found her wetness. "You're ready for me love. Let it happen. Bond with me and let me mark you as mine."
Rhys eyes were half closed as she could feel nothing but his fingers probing to the most sensuous part of her. All she could think was having him inside filling her. She pushed herself up against him driving him further inside her.
He pulled her panties off and she obligingly stepped out of them.
Jaden picked her up and set her down on the bed. He was now towering over her. In a very short amount of time he was naked and her legs were wrapped around him holding him tight.
They both growled and Rhys dug her nails into his back.
Rhys could feel herself getting lost in him. It was happening all over again.
Jaden went deep inside her making her dig her nails deeper in his back. With each urgent thrust she matched him. This was it.
Jaden bit into her leaving his cat scent on her skin. Every cat and wolf would know that she was marked.
As he drove deeper catching both their breaths she buried her face into his neck. Jaden hissed when he released his seed. Rhys shuddered up against him as he held her tight. It was one sensation after another for both of them.
The mating was so intense that Rhys thought she was going to blank out.
Jaden's full weight was on top of her as he tried to regain his own breath.
He lifted himself up on his elbows. "Now who was wrong?"
She smirked. "Okay, you win this round but we'll see about the next time."
He moved is hips around creating another sensation through her.
"Stop that, that is so...
She shook her head.
"Yeah that's what it's like to be mated love. The intensity between us now will be sensitive for a while but we will be able to practically read each other's mind now. It will be wonderful!"
Jaden donned the biggest smile. He was in utter heaven. Rhys could feel it run through her like a rushing river. It was like nothing she had ever felt before.
This was what is felt like to be mated.
What the hell have I just done?

Thursday, 4 July 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 30-Returning Passions

The weight of his pads bent the limb and creaked. A steady low growl from within him got louder as he got closer to her.
He was ready to pounce.
Rhys backed up and kept backing up till she came to the end of the limb she was hiding on. It started to bend under her weight. She looked down. It would be a bumpy fall.
Before she could shift her weight on the tree limb, it broke and down she went. Her paws swiped out into the air and finally grabbing onto another limb. Now she was hanging on dangling by one paw that wasn't going to hold her for very long.
Jaden looked down at her and growled. He leaped down to a limb that was not far from her. He paced back and forth while she hung there.
With all her strength she pulled herself up onto the limb that was above him. When she got  there she ran for it leaping from one limb to another making her way to the back where she knew one of the limbs reached over into the neighbour's yard.
He was right behind her.
She could see the tree limb and was about to leap to the other side when a shadow crossed over top of her and dropped in front of her. It was Jaden.
Rhys backed up ready to take another route but he blocked her at every angle. She hissed and spit at him. Jaden returned the same treatment.
Finally she sat there panting and shifted. He did the same.
She sat there and leaned back up against the tree. They didn't say anything to each other for awhile.
"You're quite the handful, aren't you? When are you going to stop running?"
She threw up her chin at him. "How much did Simon tell you?"
Jaden smiled. "You mean about your wolf boy?"
Rhys chest jerked. "What did he tell you?"
Enough is all you need to know. Kellan will be with another wolf soon."
Rhys sat up.  "What do you mean by that?"
"That means his need for a mate and proper mate will be met, like it should be."
"Simon is playing matchmaker for a wolf?"
Jaden didn't answer. Instead he came and sat right in front of her. They were hidden in a shroud of green. He ran the back of his fingers down her arm. She pulled her arm away.
"Why do you fight this? Is it because of him? Do I have to win you back?"
Rhys swallowed hard. "I don't want to be won back, just let go."
Jaden shook his head. "Your father will never let you go now that he has found you and I have plans for you and I. You will come around soon."
"How do you know?"
"Because I know how you really feel and when we kissed and you pressed your body up against me, you wanted me as bad as I wanted you. Admit it love."
She could feel the heat in her face rise with the anger and shame at what she had let happen. She would not forgive herself.
"You and I cannot go back to where we were. It's different now."
Jaden smiled. "I don't think so. We stepped right back in place where we use to be and it felt right and you know it.You're just being stubborn."
She sneered at him. "Say and think what you want, I'm leaving to undo this mess that you all have created."
She shifted and headed for the limb that would take her out of her own yard.
When she leaped and hit the ground in the neighbour's she bolted down the back alley that led to a bunch of trees and shrubs that she could hide in. There was a creek that wasn't far. If she could go from one back of house to another she would make the creek and that would take her to Ali's camp.
She had to find out what had happened. Ali would tell her.
Rhys could smell the creek now. But then she picked up another scent.
It was him--Jaden.
She picked up her speed and was almost at the creeks edge when she hit the ground hard. Claws and teeth were dug into her back. She tried to roll but he was pushing down too hard. She finally collapsed. In her mind she could hear Jaden.
Shift now or I'll take you now and claim you as mine in our cat state.
She shifted and so did he. Jaden however did not get off of her. He remained and still pushed down on her.
"Stop it, you're crushing me."
Jaden finally rolled off. Rhys lifted herself up and brushed away the dirt and moss from herself.
"Why did you follow me?"

Because you wanted me to." Before she could tell him otherwise, his hand was over her mouth.
"Listen to me for once. You and I are the same and we should be together and for more reasons that because we're both were cats. We have a connection like no other. You ran away because you didn't know how to deal with us. I'm here to help you with that so we can be together." He let his hand fall.
Rhys chest was pounding. All she could see was his mess of dark curls that framed his unshaven  face. His dark eyes were masked by his hair.
She didn't know why she did but she reached up and cleared away his hair out of his eyes, then let the back of her fingers fall down the line of his face resting on his lips. She found herself leaning closer and closer. Her lips brushed up against his, just getting enough taste of him to send her into a tailspin.
Her lips crushed up against his and he returned with an equal hunger.
They fell down to the ground rolling in each others arms. His hands slipped up under the t-shirt to her bare skin. She clawed at his and soon they were both topless.
"I want you so bad, my little kitten."
"Take me and show me what I don't know."
"I will my love and then you will see what we have."
He pulled off her jeans and looked down at her with half opened eyes. "We belong to each other."
Before he came down on top of her he removed his own jeans. Her eyes widened at his hardness.
He grinned, "you like what you see love? I will soon be inside you filling you with my seed and then you will be marked as mine. Are you ready?"
She moaned as he came down on her. He spread her legs apart and rubbed her with his fingers slipping inside and going deep. She gasped.
"You're more than ready for me my kitten."
Jaden positioned himself above her and they locked eyes as he slid deep inside her making her arch her back pushing herself into his body.
He let out a growl that made her still. He started off slow making her feel every bit of him and letting her savour the moment.
When Rhys was pulling at his hair and begging for him to release he started to pick up a fast pace that made her hang onto him tightly.
He screamed her name as she felt his warmth fill her. Rhys own body shuddered underneath him leaving her breathless.
They shared a deep kiss.
He was still deep inside her as he looked down into her eyes. "You see now what we have love? This is only the beginning for us. Wait till we are married and you are carrying our child."
Rhys eyes flew wide open.