Thursday, 4 July 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 30-Returning Passions

The weight of his pads bent the limb and creaked. A steady low growl from within him got louder as he got closer to her.
He was ready to pounce.
Rhys backed up and kept backing up till she came to the end of the limb she was hiding on. It started to bend under her weight. She looked down. It would be a bumpy fall.
Before she could shift her weight on the tree limb, it broke and down she went. Her paws swiped out into the air and finally grabbing onto another limb. Now she was hanging on dangling by one paw that wasn't going to hold her for very long.
Jaden looked down at her and growled. He leaped down to a limb that was not far from her. He paced back and forth while she hung there.
With all her strength she pulled herself up onto the limb that was above him. When she got  there she ran for it leaping from one limb to another making her way to the back where she knew one of the limbs reached over into the neighbour's yard.
He was right behind her.
She could see the tree limb and was about to leap to the other side when a shadow crossed over top of her and dropped in front of her. It was Jaden.
Rhys backed up ready to take another route but he blocked her at every angle. She hissed and spit at him. Jaden returned the same treatment.
Finally she sat there panting and shifted. He did the same.
She sat there and leaned back up against the tree. They didn't say anything to each other for awhile.
"You're quite the handful, aren't you? When are you going to stop running?"
She threw up her chin at him. "How much did Simon tell you?"
Jaden smiled. "You mean about your wolf boy?"
Rhys chest jerked. "What did he tell you?"
Enough is all you need to know. Kellan will be with another wolf soon."
Rhys sat up.  "What do you mean by that?"
"That means his need for a mate and proper mate will be met, like it should be."
"Simon is playing matchmaker for a wolf?"
Jaden didn't answer. Instead he came and sat right in front of her. They were hidden in a shroud of green. He ran the back of his fingers down her arm. She pulled her arm away.
"Why do you fight this? Is it because of him? Do I have to win you back?"
Rhys swallowed hard. "I don't want to be won back, just let go."
Jaden shook his head. "Your father will never let you go now that he has found you and I have plans for you and I. You will come around soon."
"How do you know?"
"Because I know how you really feel and when we kissed and you pressed your body up against me, you wanted me as bad as I wanted you. Admit it love."
She could feel the heat in her face rise with the anger and shame at what she had let happen. She would not forgive herself.
"You and I cannot go back to where we were. It's different now."
Jaden smiled. "I don't think so. We stepped right back in place where we use to be and it felt right and you know it.You're just being stubborn."
She sneered at him. "Say and think what you want, I'm leaving to undo this mess that you all have created."
She shifted and headed for the limb that would take her out of her own yard.
When she leaped and hit the ground in the neighbour's she bolted down the back alley that led to a bunch of trees and shrubs that she could hide in. There was a creek that wasn't far. If she could go from one back of house to another she would make the creek and that would take her to Ali's camp.
She had to find out what had happened. Ali would tell her.
Rhys could smell the creek now. But then she picked up another scent.
It was him--Jaden.
She picked up her speed and was almost at the creeks edge when she hit the ground hard. Claws and teeth were dug into her back. She tried to roll but he was pushing down too hard. She finally collapsed. In her mind she could hear Jaden.
Shift now or I'll take you now and claim you as mine in our cat state.
She shifted and so did he. Jaden however did not get off of her. He remained and still pushed down on her.
"Stop it, you're crushing me."
Jaden finally rolled off. Rhys lifted herself up and brushed away the dirt and moss from herself.
"Why did you follow me?"

Because you wanted me to." Before she could tell him otherwise, his hand was over her mouth.
"Listen to me for once. You and I are the same and we should be together and for more reasons that because we're both were cats. We have a connection like no other. You ran away because you didn't know how to deal with us. I'm here to help you with that so we can be together." He let his hand fall.
Rhys chest was pounding. All she could see was his mess of dark curls that framed his unshaven  face. His dark eyes were masked by his hair.
She didn't know why she did but she reached up and cleared away his hair out of his eyes, then let the back of her fingers fall down the line of his face resting on his lips. She found herself leaning closer and closer. Her lips brushed up against his, just getting enough taste of him to send her into a tailspin.
Her lips crushed up against his and he returned with an equal hunger.
They fell down to the ground rolling in each others arms. His hands slipped up under the t-shirt to her bare skin. She clawed at his and soon they were both topless.
"I want you so bad, my little kitten."
"Take me and show me what I don't know."
"I will my love and then you will see what we have."
He pulled off her jeans and looked down at her with half opened eyes. "We belong to each other."
Before he came down on top of her he removed his own jeans. Her eyes widened at his hardness.
He grinned, "you like what you see love? I will soon be inside you filling you with my seed and then you will be marked as mine. Are you ready?"
She moaned as he came down on her. He spread her legs apart and rubbed her with his fingers slipping inside and going deep. She gasped.
"You're more than ready for me my kitten."
Jaden positioned himself above her and they locked eyes as he slid deep inside her making her arch her back pushing herself into his body.
He let out a growl that made her still. He started off slow making her feel every bit of him and letting her savour the moment.
When Rhys was pulling at his hair and begging for him to release he started to pick up a fast pace that made her hang onto him tightly.
He screamed her name as she felt his warmth fill her. Rhys own body shuddered underneath him leaving her breathless.
They shared a deep kiss.
He was still deep inside her as he looked down into her eyes. "You see now what we have love? This is only the beginning for us. Wait till we are married and you are carrying our child."
Rhys eyes flew wide open.

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