Thursday, 11 July 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 31-Facing Truths

Rhys was losing it. Too much had happened and that event that she just experienced was the craziest thing she could have done.
Now she was all but consumed in their world. She felt like she didn't know herself anymore. Her family was to blame.
Rhys gritted her teeth. This was why she stayed solo. If Garrett hadn't intruded in her life she would still be with Kellan.
She sighed. How long would that have lasted? He wanted you dead, remember silly?
Everything was messed up and Rhys had to figure out a solution to this before things got really out of hand.
She flopped on the bed. As she laid there she heard the bedroom door unlock. She peeked over at the door waiting to see who was going to come through.
It was Jaden and he looked extremely happy by the smile pasted on his face.
He quickly entered in like she might toss him over to the side and make a break for it. Before she knew it Jaden was laying beside her on her on the bed kissing her temple.
"Good morning love, I couldn't wait to see you this morning."
Rhys took a deep breath. "We are moving too fast. Yesterday was a ...
"Yesterday was wonderful kitten. It was the reconnection that we needed. We are not going fast; in fact we are not going fast enough."
Rhys sat up and looked down at him. "You always liked things in the fast lane, especially relationships."
"That's not true. We know each other all too well. You know we're both complicated creatures. That's what makes us so special. We're a natural fit."
Rhys got out of bed and walked over to the window. Jaden jumped off and joined her.
She chuckled, "do you think I'm going to escape out the window again?"
"Not a chance, your father has watchdogs at every corner of this property. But now that I'm here, I will see to it that you will no longer take any more trips out there."
He pulled her towards him so they faced each other.
"It's time that you faced the truth, you belong to this family and we can protect you from those who want to kill you. You've been hunted for a while including Kellan. He really wants the Diamond were cat dead."
Rhys flinched. "You don't have to rub it in, okay?"
Jaden sighed, "I'm not trying to rub it in. I just want you to face the truth about his and his kind. That whole pack did not have your best interest at heart. They would have you killed when you least expected it. Their true colors always come out."
"Maybe, but some of them were different."
Jaden kissed her temple and cheek pulling her in nose to nose. "None of them are different, we are the only ones that matter." He kissed her sending his tongue deep inside her. She reacted and kissed him back.
Rhys allowed herself to be led back to the bed. Jaden's fingers found her skin and soon had her top off. She raked her nails through his hair pulling him in closer.
Her mind was screaming at her to stop but she couldn't. She made herself open her eyes and focus on Jaden. She had to see who was holding her and making love to her.
It wasn't Kellan her wolf. He was out there and he didn't know who she was. Rhys wondered if he would one day.
The door made a clicking noise. Jaden stopped but still held her hand.
The door opened and Garrett came sauntering in. "Well, I see you two couldn't wait to get back together again."
Rhys sneered at him but he paid her no attention. His focus was on Jaden. "We got word back from New Orleans and the house is ready for us all."
He glanced over at his sister who was putting her top back on. "You can have him all to yourself when we get back to the house. Father is keeping everybody locked in the compound for a while."
Her eyes flashed at him, "what do you mean, locked in the compound?"
"It means little sister that while we get settled in father wants us all to be safe."
"So that is his way of keeping us all safe by keeping us prisoner?"
Jaden laughed. "We'll be prisoner together. I promise to make it fun for you."
Garrett chuckled. "I'm sure you will. She will love it."
Rhys was fuming. She held herself back from throwing him out the window.
"I also want you to know that we are leaving a half day earlier."
Jaden nodded. "I wish we were leaving now. I can't wait to get back to New Orleans. I have so much to show you Rhys love."
She felt her face flush. The thoughts of those hot sultry nights brought back too many memories.
Garrett smiled at her. "I will leave you two to discuss your plans when you get back." He grinned at Jaden. "Or you can go back to what you were doing."
Rhys threw him a look. Garrett just threw up his hands laughing as he walked out the door securely locking it behind him.
Jaden took her hand. "I know your brother can be an asshole but he really just wants you to be happy and he knows that is with me, your real mate."
She raised an eyebrow at him, "you're sure that I'm your real mate?"
"Positive and you will know that when we get back to our home."
Rhys shrugged. "You might be surprised you know, you could be wrong."
Jaden's eyes were electric. "I'm never wrong kitten and you will be the one to admit that you were the wrong one.
Rhys smirked, "arrogant bastard."
Jaden squeezed her hand grinning with mischief. "Let this arrogant bastard show you just how wrong you are."
He slipped his fingers under her t-shirt and puled it over her head. With quick fingers he unhooked her bra letting it drop to the floor.
He bent down and kissed and teased each nipple. Rhys hissed at him but he paid no attention as he continued on down to tug at her jeans. She couldn't believe it but she was helping him to get out of her jeans.
Now she stood there in nothing but a pair of silk red lace panties. He purred as he took all of her in.
"This is what it's all about Rhys, just you and I alone being who we are. Let's mate for real this time." Jaden slipped his fingers under her lace pantie and found her wetness. "You're ready for me love. Let it happen. Bond with me and let me mark you as mine."
Rhys eyes were half closed as she could feel nothing but his fingers probing to the most sensuous part of her. All she could think was having him inside filling her. She pushed herself up against him driving him further inside her.
He pulled her panties off and she obligingly stepped out of them.
Jaden picked her up and set her down on the bed. He was now towering over her. In a very short amount of time he was naked and her legs were wrapped around him holding him tight.
They both growled and Rhys dug her nails into his back.
Rhys could feel herself getting lost in him. It was happening all over again.
Jaden went deep inside her making her dig her nails deeper in his back. With each urgent thrust she matched him. This was it.
Jaden bit into her leaving his cat scent on her skin. Every cat and wolf would know that she was marked.
As he drove deeper catching both their breaths she buried her face into his neck. Jaden hissed when he released his seed. Rhys shuddered up against him as he held her tight. It was one sensation after another for both of them.
The mating was so intense that Rhys thought she was going to blank out.
Jaden's full weight was on top of her as he tried to regain his own breath.
He lifted himself up on his elbows. "Now who was wrong?"
She smirked. "Okay, you win this round but we'll see about the next time."
He moved is hips around creating another sensation through her.
"Stop that, that is so...
She shook her head.
"Yeah that's what it's like to be mated love. The intensity between us now will be sensitive for a while but we will be able to practically read each other's mind now. It will be wonderful!"
Jaden donned the biggest smile. He was in utter heaven. Rhys could feel it run through her like a rushing river. It was like nothing she had ever felt before.
This was what is felt like to be mated.
What the hell have I just done?

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