Thursday, 18 July 2013

DIAMONDS-Part32-Reality Time

Rhys moaned as she rolled over. The sun through the window shone in her eyes making her squint. She turned away from it and tried to shut the world out. Taking a deep breath to steady herself she laid there quiet on the bed. Jaden wasn't in the room but she could feel him. Every once in a while she could feel his fingers on her skin. How did he do that?
Then she remembered what he said it was like to be mated. You could literally feel each other and be practically in each others head.
Rhys sat up and tried to gather her wits but damn it she felt like she had been hit by a truck. With effort she swung her legs over the bed and stood up. This wave of dizziness sent her back down on the bed.
What the hell?
She sat on the edge of the bed letting herself find focus once again. When she stood this time it wasn't so bad but she felt different. She was about to curse this mating thing. If she could get rid of it, she would do so as soon as possible. She couldn't live like this.
The stairs looked far as she looked down on them. Garrett came out of the kitchen and took notice of her.
In an instant he was beside her. "Are you alright? Do you want Jaden?" When she looked over at him, his face was serious and concerned.
"I want downstairs."
Garrett helped her down and even though she felt silly, she was glad to have his help because she was sure that she would end up face down at the bottom of the stairs.
By the time she got into the kitchen the world once again was swimming. Before she go to the chair her legs gave out and Garrett caught her lifting her up.
"I should take you back up stairs."
Max came into the room and stopped short. "What's wrong?"
"She just about passed out."
"I see, let's get her back upstairs and into bed."
Rhys glared at Max. "But I don't...
Max waved his hand in the air silencing her. "Up stairs you go. We have to keep you safe and protected right now."
"What do you mean? I'm not a piece of property you idiot. Let me go."
Garrett looked at her with a plea in his eyes that almost looked like vulnerability. They took her back to her room and she was glad to be set down.
Garrett met her eyes," I will have a tray sent up for you and later a bath drawn for you after you've  rested.
Before she could ask what was wrong with him he was gone. It was like it was some important mission he went on.
Rhys looked up at Max who was busy texting. "Don't let me interrupt your day. You can go."
Max smirked. "You're not interrupting my day; you just made it more interesting that's all."
She narrowed her gaze at him. "What the hell are you talking about and why is Garrett acting so strange? His usual smart ass attitude seems to be missing."
Max chuckled, "oh, it was there this morning I assure you. You have to rest and now we might be delayed in our travels for a day, maybe two. "
"Really? Why? Is the house suddenly not up to expectations?"
Max grinned and came closer to her and sat down at a nearby chair. "Oh the house is ready, we can move in right now."
"Then what is the hold up?"
"The hold up is you."
Rhys scoffed, "I'm holding you up? Well, don't let me stop you from all leaving. You can all leave right now. Go." She smiled sweetly at him.
Max shook his head. "I don't think you would want that. You would miss Jaden in five minutes and in your state we have to be very careful right now."
Rhys frowned at him. "I thought Garrett was acting strange but you are just as bad. You want to tell me what this is all about?"
"I'm surprised that you don't know. You feel different don't you?"
"Yeah, I feel like I've been hit by a truck. You know why Doctor Max?"
"In fact I do, us hybrids can sense it the moment it happens."
"What happens?" Then it hit her. Another wave of dizziness took her breath away. Max was beside her. The door opened with a servant coming in with a tray. "Sit it over here, please." Max pointed to the table right beside her bed.
"You need to eat something and drink. That will help. I'll help you sit up." But when he tried she fell like a rag doll. Rhys could see his silver eyes narrow. Let me lay you back down. His hand rested on her belly. "What are you doing?"
Max sighed, "well, that explains that."
"Explains what? Tell me what you're talking about."
Garrett came into the room. "How is she? You need to eat and drink something."
"We tried that but she took another dizzy spell. I know why she is so dizzy now. I should have known."
Garrett looked at him and his eyebrows slowly rose, "really?"
Max chuckled, "yes it's true."
"Wait till father finds out."
Rhys stared at them both. "Hello, remember me? Would you like to tell me what is going on?"
Jaden came into the room looking at everyone. I just went out to attend to business. I thought Rhys that you would still be asleep."
She folded her arms in front of her. "No, I invited them in for a slumber party. Nice of you to join us."
Jaden's face went white. He looked  at Max and Garrett. "You hybrid boys want to tell me what I think you're gong to tell me?"
Max got up. "Here take the chair and sit beside Rhys. She is going to need your support right now."
In a blink Jaden was sitting in the chair holding Rhys hand. She noticed his white face was now flushed. What the hell was going on?
"Okay, it seems everyone in the room knows what is going on with me but me. So Max tell the world what it is and maybe I can eat something."
After she said that she smelled the warm crescent. She licked her lips and bent over and grabbed the bun. When she bit into it she almost forgot about them and the answers she was looking for.
Jaden cozied up beside her on the bed and wrapped his arm around her while she ate her crescent.
Max stood by Garrett. He rested his hand on Garrett's shoulder. "Well, we won't keep this happy couple in suspense any longer. It appears last night when the two of you mated you performed a wonderful deed. You are going to be parents--of twins."
Rhys almost spit out her crescent. "What are you talking about Max? How can you tell I'm pregnant?"
Garrett smiled. "We hybrids have a strong sense of a female when she is carrying a baby. We can even feel it when the child is conceived. Both Max and I knew last night when it happened. Max though was the one to know it was twins. That was a pleasant surprise. He has a slight stronger sense than me. Father does know about it but not the news of the twins yet. He's busy making travel arrangements to the house."
Rhys was in shock. Now she had to face reality. She had mated with Jaden and now they were having twins. There was no going back now. She had more than herself to think about now.
She had to forget about Kellan.

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