Thursday, 29 August 2013


Rhys held Josh tight. He was drugged. "How the hell did you get him without Simon not knowing?"
Thor grinned and silver eyes sparked. "Simon trusted me and so did your little brother."
"They will kill you and all the pack for this."
"That's what you think. Simon has many enemies especially here."
Rhys couldn't understand that. Why would he come us here if he had so many enemies here?
She narrowed her eyes at Thor. "This doesn't make any sense. Why would he bring his entire family here if there were numerous enemies here to harm us?"
Thor smacked his lips. "That is Simon's style. He lets his enemies know that he won't run from them. He makes it known that he is the boss and has all the power. He enforces it in his own way." Thor sighed as he looked around the room. "It has worked for him too but now he's run out of such luck. The other players are tired of him and want to take him down. I'm more than willing to help since he took over our pack."
Rhys shook her head. "I have no desire to be apart of taking down Simon. I only want to be a way from him living my own life independently."
Thor chuckled. "Yeah, that was going well for you wasn't it?"
"It was until...
"Until what? You met Kellan?"
She glared at him biting her lip.
Thor threw up his hands. "Hey, I'm not going to judge. I've made mistakes when it's came to the affairs of the heart."
Her hands were in tight knots now. She wanted to scream at him but instead she just stuffed her frustration aside.
Josh started to stir. Rhys was right at his side running her fingers through his hair. "Are you alright?"
He blinked at her and a small smile formed on his lips. "At least you are okay."
"Yes, I'm fine but right now I'm concerned about you."
"Oh come on, " said Thor. "We didn't beat him to a pulp. He was drugged, that's it."
"Shut up Thor." Rhys turned her attention back to Josh. "Let me help you up."
He sat up and his eyes settled on Thor. "What the hell did you do? Where is everybody else?"
"Don't worry little pup, you're safe with your sister. There has been a change in plans. Your sister can fill you in. Right now I have business to tend to and don't forget to ring for service when you're ready to eat. You can even eat in the dining room if you wish."
"Is Garrett here then?"
Thor shook his head and left them. Josh turned to Rhys. "What the hell happened?"
Rhys smiled at him. "Why don't we eat while I tell you?"


A servant came and escorted them to a small private dining area. Of course outside the doors where guards.
"I can't believe they did this. This is going to start a war. I have to warn them."
Rhys eyes grew wide. "You don't think that they don't know already little brother. War was declared the moment I was kidnapped and you stolen from under Simon's nose. I bet there has been more bloodshed in the last few hours than you've ever seen in your short lifetime."
"Yeah, you're right but what are we going to do?"
"What are we going to do you ask? I will tell you. Nothing."
"Why? We have to get out of here."
Rhys shook her head. "We're not going anywhere. From what Thor said Simon has enemies here who would love to take revenge on him and what better way than to kill off a couple of his offspring? No, we stay here where the place is guarded."
"So we just sit here and wait?"
"No, we will take note of everything in this house and learn as much as we can to help our situation. The more we know about our hostesses the better we are off. We have free roam of this house so we will use that to our advantage."
"There will be camera's everywhere monitoring you. They will know when you go snooping."
Rhys bit her lip. She hadn't quite thought that part completely through but in the past she had gotten around things like that. She would just have to take note of where the main cameras were situated.
"I'll tend to that Josh, don't worry. Was this the house that you stayed at when you lived here?'
"No it was another one. Father just bought this one last year."
"I see. Well, we will find out all the little secrets we can."
"Good luck to that." Josh chuckled and then almost choked when a young girl walked in.
Rhys shot a look to the young girl. It was the one from the plane. She looked from Rhys to Josh. Rhys knew right away by the look on her face that she and Josh knew each other. She opened her mouth but nothing would come out.
"What are you doing here," asked Josh.  Rhys watched Josh's face. It was  a hurt look and she was all too familiar with what that was all about.
The young girl's face was red and if she could have evaporated right there she would have.
Finally she very quickly said, "I didn't know that you were going to be here. I thought...
"That it would just be me," finished Rhys. "I thought that too but apparently not. Josh will be here as well. I take it that you both know one another." She looked at Josh when she said it.
Josh quickly averted his eyes down.
"Yeah we did." His voice went really low. Rhys looked at the young girl out the corner of her eye. She knew the girl wanted to come running up to Josh at this very moment but she couldn't. Rhys could guess why.
"I was suppose to ask you if you needed anything." She cleared her throat and cast her eyes down.
Rhys smiled at her. "No dear, we are fine. Thank you."
At that she bolted out of the room.
Rhys threw Josh a look that made him roll his eyes. "I don't want to talk about it."
"Is that who you were talking about before?"
He couldn't look her in the eye. "I see, so it is."
"I could see the longing in her eyes. She wanted to come running up to you so bad."
His eyes looked up then. "But she didn't."
"No, something was holding her back. I think there is something there."
"What do you mean?"
"I think I have found a way of getting information without having to worry about security cameras."
Josh frowned.
"Don't worry, I'm not going to use her in that way. I'll just try and see what is holding her back or who is telling her what to do."
Josh leaned over the table and looked at the door where the guards were standing then at Rhys. "You think someone is controlling her?"
"I don't think it, I know it."

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Rhys stared out the window. The whole event from seeing Jaden fall to the ground to being escorted onto the plane. Finding Kellan and then have him actually sit down in front of her and want to talk to her.
She remembered the word she said so clearly to him-no. A lie it was. She would have to live with it now. This was a bigger operation that had gone down than what she had thought. Thor and the pack pulled off quite a coo.
Every time she glanced at the bedroom door she expected Ali walk through with a smug look on her face. Maybe she was the fool all along and the pack used her. That would include Kellan.
What was she to so?
She was now in New Orleans trapped in Simon's house. Rhys wondered how Thor got the house. The staff answered to him. She tried to catch all their scents. Some were so faint. There were always stories of half human and half werewolves who couldn't change but had other powers that others did not. They were called gifted wolf.
This was certainly a strange situation for her to be in. All she could do was speculate what was going down and now she was pregnant with twin diamond were cats! Rhys shook her head. What a hell of time for this to happen. She couldn't shift and she narrowed her eyes at the door. The bugger knew it too.
Rhys closed her eyes and tried to calm herself but that was shattered when a knock came to the door followed by it opening.
Her eyes shot to the door holding her breath for Ali. Kellan popped in. "I hope you are comfortable. If there is anything you would like, just use that phone. You will get the kitchen."
Rhys studied his eyes. It was like they were looking at someone past her. She felt invisible in the room.
A woman came in behind him and his face lit up. A small slim build with long dark hair that was in a pony tail draped over her shoulder on the right side. Her eyes were a sharp grey blue that looked like grey ice on the sidewalk. Coldness hung between them. Did she know?
"This is Angie, she is apart of the pack here."
His statement was simple and plain. She said nothing to Rhys and Rhys offered nothing back. She couldn't look anymore so she turned to the window. She tried to block out his scent that had silently wrapped around her. She wondered if he even knew that he had done that.
Angie said something in a low voice to Kellan. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Kellan nod. Kellan came toward to but stopped half way as if something stopped him.
"We'll be going now. Remember to use the phone."
He stood and stared for a moment waiting for her to say or do something. Rhys just shifted uncomfortable. Kellan nodded quickly as if her physical movement was an acceptable answer.
Both of them quickly left leaving her alone. She glanced over at the phone. So I get to play hotel? She chuckled to herself.
Even though she saw very little of the place it still looked like it would have anything that a fancy hotel would have-perhaps more. That would be Simon's style.
She took a deep breath and went over to the large bed and sat down. This whole thing was draining. Rhys ran her hand over the soft fabric of the comforter. She pulled it back and crawled in letting her head rest on the large pillow. It was heaven.
Her eyes closed.
She just started to concentrate on keeping her body calm for her twins when her nose twitched. She popped one eyes close. Rhys short up. "What the hell are you doing here?"
"Now is that anyway to treat your hostess?"
"You're a kidnapper and murder maybe, but you're sure as hell no hostess."
He shrugged. "Oh well, I try. In any case I have company that has come to see you."
"Did you bring Jaden here?"
He scoffed. "Not that loser. "Some with a bit more clout in your life. Come and see."
Rhys followed him and down the stairs they went. She could see some men and another one in the middle. The men were supporting the one in the middle.
She swallowed hard. She knew who it was now.
Thor smiled at her. "I thought you might like to have your little brother here with you."

Thursday, 15 August 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 36-The Leaving Part

Thor's hand was firmly placed on the small of Rhys back guiding her into the plane. She  took one look back and could see Jaden laying beside the car with the car door still open.
When she turned and took one step into the plane it hit her.
Kellan was here.
His wolf scent over powered her. How did that happen? She tried to feel Jaden but there was nothing. She quickly wheeled around to look at Jaden but all she saw was the door closing.
Was he dead?
Thor was talking to someone and came back. "We'll sit you over here. We'll be leaving right away as soon as we're given clearance."
Rhys looked at him. "Did you kill Jaden?"
Thor's eyes danced with intrigue. "You can't touch him can you? Well, I must have done more damage to him than I thought." He chuckled.
The instinct to shift was strong but something in her told her she couldn't and it had to do with her being pregnant. She remembered her mother telling her such things but she never paid any attention to it because she never envisioned herself as a mother.
"You're lucky I don't shift and tear you to pieces."
"Just as threatening as your daddy I see."
She slapped him.
"Don't you ever compare me to that man."
Thor grinned. "You and daddy don't get along? Interesting."
He pulled her along and sat her down at a seat by the window. "Make yourself comfortable kitten. The stewardess will come by and see if you would like anything."
Before she could tell him off he was gone and disappeared into the cockpit. Her nose twitched. Kellan's scent was near. She wondered if he was in the cockpit.
She didn't notice the girl in front of her saying her name. Her eyes were glued to the cockpit door. Finally when the girl touched her and she startled.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. I just wanted to know if there was anything you need."
Rhys gave her a small smile. She could smell the wolf in her. She was probably doing what she was told to do by the pack thought Rhys. She just shook her head. "I'm okay thanks."
"I'll be back when we have taken off."
Rhys nodded and the girl left. Rhys perked up her hearing and she could hear faint voices but then the plane started to move a bit. Then the captain announced that seat belts had to be fastened.
The cockpit door opened and out came Thor and Kellan. They came towards her. Rhys held her breath.
They sat down opposite her and fastened their seat belts. Kellan didn't look at her. Thor glanced her way. Rhys quickly looked away. She knew he was interested to see what her response would be to seeing him.
She wasn't going to give him the satisfaction. The plane started to move.
They were now on the runway. Rhys couldn't help wonder when Jaden would be discovered and if it would be too late by the time they found him. A part of her wanted him to be alive but this bond thing was not working right now.
The plane was lifting up into the air. She threw a glance at him. He was looking down but then he looked her way.
 They just stared at each other. Rhys tried to feel him but all she was doing was hitting a brick wall.
He nodded some what politely at her and averted his eyes to the window.
She looked out the window as well.
When they were in the air both men undid their seat belts and got up. She watched them go to the back of the plane and shut the door.
Rhys looked around the plane. It was a nice posh private plane. She wondered how they managed to steel it under Simon's nose. She undid her seat belt and the girl came back.
This time she ordered something to eat and drink. That seemed to make the girl happy and hopefully busy while she went and tried to listen to them. She quietly went to the door and tried to pick up what was going on.
Thor was louder than Kellan. She found out they were still going to New Orleans which was surprising. What were they going to do with there?"
Then she heard the word ransom. They were going to ask for money?
This didn't make sense and just as she was going to push her ear against the door, it opened and she almost fell. Thor caught her.
"Do you think we can't pick up scent like you?"
She stood defiant in front of him. "I have a right to know where you are taking me and what you are going to do to me."
Thor laughed. "Use you to get what we want kitten. I'm surprised you haven't figured that out."
She sneered at him. "I know what you want but it's how you're doing it. Don't you think steeling Simon's plane and kidnapping me is going to send him into a rage. He will kill every member of your pack. There will be hell to be paid for this."
Thor laughed. "I'm counting on it kitten."
She looked over at Kellan but he was expressionless and unreadable. What the hell did Simon do to him? He was a walking shell.
Thor looked over her shoulder. "The stewardess has brought you your tray. You should go back and eat something."
Rhys huffed at him and then turned and went back to her seat. The girl was looking at them all almost frightened. Rhys quickly smiled at her and thanked her easing her nerves.
She threw them a dirty look.
Why the hell did they bring an innocent young wolf girl to serve her when one of them could have done it?
She sat down with her back facing them. She heard the door shut.
She looked out the window and wondered what chaos was happening back home. She wondered if Jaden was alive. What if he wasn't? She had twins to think about and protect.
She had so many questions to ask Thor. How was she going to get straight answers out of him?
The door behind her opened.
In front of  her  Kellan sat and looked straight at her.
"I have to talk to you."

Thursday, 8 August 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 35-Where The Enemies lie

The laptop sat on the table now as she stared at it. Jaden was taking a nap beside her. She was so in tuned to him right now. He was in deep sleep and this was the opportunity to get into the laptop and find out more.
Rhys slipped off the bed and sat down at the small ebony table. She turned on the laptop and the first thing to pop up was box to type in the password.
Damn it, I should have known it. Rhys looked over at Jaden. Then she wondered...
Tell me darling, what is the password? She concentrated and went into his head searching. Jaden stirred and she instantly pulled back. Then he fell back into his sleep. She probed again. This time he instantly shot up in bed as if he had been hit.
Rhys stared at him. Jaden breathed out a sigh of relief . "Darling it's you I could feel. It felt like someone was trying to invade my mind for information."
"Sorry, I was trying to use the laptop."
Jaden's eyes narrowed in on the laptop. He slipped out of bed and came over to her. He stared down at the screen. "I have a better idea. Instead of looking at that why don't you come back to bed and tell me the things you want for the nursery."
A cool vibe went down Rhys spine. Now he didn't want her touching his laptop.
"I would rather show you," she said. Rhys kept herself in tuned inside him. Even though she knew he could feel her Rhys stayed there trying to feel what he was feeling.
Jaden leaned over and typed in the password. He did it so fast that she didn't see what it was.
"What is the password darling?"
They shared a look then she smiled. "So I don't have to go searching into your mind." She tried to sound a sweetly as she could.
It was working as Jaden relaxed and smiled. "What I should do is get you your own laptop. That would make more sense."
Rhys shrugged. "Well for now I'll use this one. If you want to go lay down you can."
"No, I'm up now."
Rhys had to think fast. "Could you make me a cup of tea?"
He looked at her and she looked right back at him. He sighed. "Okay, I'll make you some tea." He kissed the top of her head and left her alone with the computer.
As soon as the door closed behind him she started searching for files that might give her answers. There was nothing in them that stood out. Then one was marked with a red flag. When she tried to open it a security box flashed wanting another password. Damn, this is probably the one I saw before There is something in this file that has answers. I can feel it.
Rhys looked at the door and tried to pick up any activity outside the door. There was nothing. Then she looked back at the red flag and grinned. I've broken into a few of you before. I'll do it again. She started typing away but nothing so far was clicking. It was being stubborn and the whole time she kept her senses alert for activity outside that door. Jaden would be back soon she thought.
Then she did it. She was in and just as quick the door clicked.
Jaden came in with a tray and some muffins. "Here we are, I thought maybe you could use a snack before dinner."
Rhys quickly existed out and closed the laptop.
Jaden poured her tea and handed it to her.
"So, did you find what your were looking for?"
"No, not yet but I will."
Jaden sat down at the foot of the bed. He ran his hand through his hair.
 "What's wrong Jaden? You seem worried."
"I'm just anxious for us to leave here, that's all. Simon says we're leaving very soon but he gives me no details."
"Why is that? I thought he told you everything."
Jaden blew out a breath, "I wish he did but he keeps me to the side on things. He says he wants to protect me."
Rhys noted the irritation in his voice. She knew that he was a man who liked to be kept up on everything. Simon was obviously tying to control him like everybody else she thought in her mind. She had to smile to herself. There was a power struggle going on and maybe that would work to her advantage.
"I'm sure he does Jaden, you have joined this family and so you become ownership of Simon."
She watched for a reaction from him. Jaden looked at her. "Is that how you feel about him? That you are owned?"
Rhys had to be careful. "I felt owned from the time he laid eyes on me."
Jaden's face went white. "Well, I guess it's his strange way of loving us."
His voice cracked when he said it. She knew she hit a nerve.
Rhys was about to hit more nerves with him when the door opened.
It was Simon.
"Sorry to barge in but I want you to know we are leaving at midnight tonight." His voice was tense Rhys noted. She wondered if an other attack had occurred.
Jaden smiled, "Great, I can't wait to get out of here."
Simon nodded. "I must say I agree. In any case, take what you need and the servants will get the rest."
He left abruptly as he came in. Jaden sprung from the bed. "Take what you need for now, and let's get ready to go. I want you to rest before we go on our trip."
Rhys watched him grab a suitcase and throw some clothes in it. She didn't realize it until she looked down. Her hand was resting on the laptop. Rhys quickly grabbed it and put it into one of her bags.
She busied herself and tried to keep Jaden occupied before he started looking for the laptop.
Within the hour they would be in the car on the way to the private plane that would take them to New Orleans. It would be about a 45 minute drive to the airport. It would give her time to think up a way to keep the laptop away from Jaden.
Jaden was pacing back and forth like a nervous cat. Finally a knock to the door came. Jaden opened it. The driver was ready to take them. He came in and took their few bags. Rhys hung onto her bag with the laptop in it.


It was a cool night when they stepped out of the house and into the car. Nights like this always sent a vibe through her bones. Nights like these had agenda. Rhys sat herself in the back seat of the car and Jaden slid in beside her. He was anxious and his mood was strange.
Rhys decided when they got on the road that she would probe his mind and see if she could pick up anything.
The city lights danced across her window. She was really leaving it all behind including Kellan. That made her ache. Even not seeing the pack made her chest twinge.
She was still going to find answers if she was here or not. She had the laptop and she would make sure that Jaden wouldn't miss it-for now.
Jaden now appeared to be more relaxed. They were only about ten minutes from the airport now. He draped his arm around her shoulder and buried his face in her hair breathing her in. "This is going to be so exciting. We have so much to look forward to, our wedding and our twins. Life couldn't get any more perfect."


The car stopped beside the plane. The driver rolled down the window.
"You did good buddy."
Rhys instantly shot up. She knew that voice. It was Thor. Her chest started to take on a faster pace and her cat senses were on high alert.
The door opened on Jaden's side. "If you wouldn't mind stepping out sir."
Rhys was confused. What was Thor up to? She knew that Garrett took over the pack but Thor sounded...different.
Jaden got out of the car and faced Thor. "Where are the men? They are supposed to be escorting us to New Orleans."
"Plans changed buddy."
The first thing Rhys knows is that Jaden is on the ground out cold. Thor pokes his head into the car smiling. "Ready for your plane ride mame?"
"What the hell are you doing Thor? Are you kidnapping me or something?"
He chuckled, "something like that."

Thursday, 1 August 2013

DIAMONDS-Part34 Where Lies Are Hidden

The conversation that Rhys had with Garrett played in her mind over and over.  It appears little sister we have traitor among us.
If that was true then she was not safe in this house. She couldn't believe it to be one of her immediate family members or Jaden. It had to be someone who worked for Simon or something.
The old urges of being a hunter stirred in her. Even though Garrett warned her not to go out on any adventures she could do other investigations in this house. The men had gone out leaving only Josh behind. She could handle him.
Keeping an eye around for servants who she knew were paid to report her doings she slipped out of the bedroom and down the hallway. Her cat hearing was quite sharp now and so was her sense of smell. She was guessing it was to do with her condition.
The house appeared to be almost empty. All the servants she sensed were down stairs. She sniffed for Josh . Rhys smiled. He was in the study listening to his music and playing games on his phone.
She could pull this off without being spied on.
When she got to the stairs she looked down the hallway to the study door. It was shut. Good she thought. She would hear it if Josh opened it.
The first place she was going to look was Simon's office. It was just off the kitchen. The dark oak door was shut and she was guessing it was locked. She smirked. I can break into anything.
She tried the door knob. It clicked. Rhys frowned. She never liked a door that was left unlocked. It was an open invitation for a trap.
She pushed on the door anyway. Rhys watched it silently open. There was no one there. Her eyes swiftly went from one corner of the ceiling to the other looking for cameras. Simon would have them everywhere. Before even stepping in she leaned and took a peek behind the door. There was a camera there but no flashing red light and a wire was hanging down from it.
Why would Simon not have it hooked up?
Rhys very carefully stepped in and looked carefully around the room for anything that might give her answers. The computer was there but it would need a password to get through. When she went behind the desk the thing was on.
She touched the mouse and it blinked on. It was open. What the hell?
A tingle went up her spine. She was ready to make a break for it when she heard male voices. It was Max and Garrett. Rhys ran for the closet and hid inside.
They both came into the room. Rhys held her breath.
"What did your informant tell you about the attack?"
Rhys could hear Max chuckle. "What do you think, not much. They're all running scared. No one saw anything or knew anything."
"You weren't forceful enough Max. If you want information sometimes you have to reach down  their throats and rip it out of them."
"I'll keep that in mind next time." Rhys could almost see the smirk on  his face when he said that. She swallowed hard trying to stay still.
Garrett went around to the computer. "Why is this on?"
"You must have touched it or knocked the mouse."
"I didn't do any such thing."
There was silence for a moment and Rhys strained her hearing to pick up anything that was going on in the room.
Suddenly the closet door whipped open. "What the hell are you doing in the closet?'
Rhys shrugged. "I was looking for something." She knew that he knew it was a lie but it was the only thing that would come out of her mouth.
Garrett pulled her out. "Why aren't you upstairs resting?"
"I'm tired of resting."
"Too bad, go back upstairs and rest."
"I'm not an invalid. I can stay up and go anywhere in this house I want."
"I guess that includes closets," chuckled Max.
She glared at him. "Yes, even closets." She knew that sounded stupid.
Garrett looked over at the computer and then back at her. "What were you looking for on the computer?"
"Baby supplies."
Garrett's face was expressionless. "Well, I'm sure Jaden has a laptop you can use."
Then he formed a small smile. "I'm happy to see you preparing for the arrival of the twins. That pleases me."
Rhys rolled her eyes at him. She had to get out of here.
"I'll take her upstairs and give her a laptop for looking for her baby stuff," said Max.
Garrett sighed. "Thank you and I'll get on with business."
Max escorted her out.
"I can go back on my own." Max looked down at her with those pale silver eyes and shook his head. "Let's go."
Up the stairs they went.
He opened the door and waited for her to go in first. Max went to a table and pulled out a laptop. "This should work for you."
"Fine, put it over there."
"I know you were looking for something other than baby supplies."
"What do you mean?"
"You thought you would snoop on Simon's computer to find out what you could."
Rhys smirked, "Can't hide anything from you can we?"
"No, you can't." Rhys felt his sarcasm hit her back.
She flopped on the bed and pretended to ignore him.
"You will be a good little girl and stay up here and rest. The less you know right now the better."
She shot him an icy glare. "What the hell is that suppose to mean?"
"Just that, stay out of things."
She crossed her arms watching him. "I think you're hiding something. You have secrets perhaps?"
He laughed. "Yeah, I have lots of secrets dear and Simon knows them all so I'm not your suspect."
"I didn't say you were now did I?"
Max shook his head. "You didn't have to, you're wondering who the traitor is and you might think it is me?"
"Rhys shrugged. "You might be. One never knows."
He laughed again.
"I thought there might be something on his computer about the attack."
"You won't find anything on the computer about the attack. That won't happen again. You and the twins will be transported to New Orleans safely. "
She was about to ask him something else when the door opened and in came Jaden. "How is my beautiful mate?"
"She needs something to do so I gave her your laptop. She wanted to look for a baby supplies." He smiled at Jaden who's face lit up.
"That's wonderful love, I'll look with you. I can't wait for those two to start showing."
He placed his hand on her stomach. He kissed her and his powerful diamond were cat scent drowned her.
She pulled him close. The mate bonding in her stirred and he responded instantly.
"I'll leave you two alone." Rhys watched him as he closed the door with a smug smile on his face.
They laid back on the bed together and kissed for awhile.
"Where were you?"
"Just making the final arrangements for our trip to our new home. I won't leave your side from now on."
Rhys rested in his arms. "What do you know about the attack?"
She could feel his body tense. "Not much. Simon is still looking for answers. My only concern now is you and the twins. I'm trusting Simon to get us to New Orleans in one piece. Once we are there we won't have any worries."
She let her head rest  on his chest. Rhys would look again in this house before they left. She knew answers lied somewhere in this house.
She had fallen asleep. Jaden was on the laptop beside her when she woke up. He smiled down at her. He set the laptop down and pulled her close. They kissed for awhile and when he started to nuzzle her ear and that's when her eyes fell on the computer screen. Damn she thought, she had been looking in all  the wrong places.
Facing her on the screen was the hidden lie.