Thursday, 8 August 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 35-Where The Enemies lie

The laptop sat on the table now as she stared at it. Jaden was taking a nap beside her. She was so in tuned to him right now. He was in deep sleep and this was the opportunity to get into the laptop and find out more.
Rhys slipped off the bed and sat down at the small ebony table. She turned on the laptop and the first thing to pop up was box to type in the password.
Damn it, I should have known it. Rhys looked over at Jaden. Then she wondered...
Tell me darling, what is the password? She concentrated and went into his head searching. Jaden stirred and she instantly pulled back. Then he fell back into his sleep. She probed again. This time he instantly shot up in bed as if he had been hit.
Rhys stared at him. Jaden breathed out a sigh of relief . "Darling it's you I could feel. It felt like someone was trying to invade my mind for information."
"Sorry, I was trying to use the laptop."
Jaden's eyes narrowed in on the laptop. He slipped out of bed and came over to her. He stared down at the screen. "I have a better idea. Instead of looking at that why don't you come back to bed and tell me the things you want for the nursery."
A cool vibe went down Rhys spine. Now he didn't want her touching his laptop.
"I would rather show you," she said. Rhys kept herself in tuned inside him. Even though she knew he could feel her Rhys stayed there trying to feel what he was feeling.
Jaden leaned over and typed in the password. He did it so fast that she didn't see what it was.
"What is the password darling?"
They shared a look then she smiled. "So I don't have to go searching into your mind." She tried to sound a sweetly as she could.
It was working as Jaden relaxed and smiled. "What I should do is get you your own laptop. That would make more sense."
Rhys shrugged. "Well for now I'll use this one. If you want to go lay down you can."
"No, I'm up now."
Rhys had to think fast. "Could you make me a cup of tea?"
He looked at her and she looked right back at him. He sighed. "Okay, I'll make you some tea." He kissed the top of her head and left her alone with the computer.
As soon as the door closed behind him she started searching for files that might give her answers. There was nothing in them that stood out. Then one was marked with a red flag. When she tried to open it a security box flashed wanting another password. Damn, this is probably the one I saw before There is something in this file that has answers. I can feel it.
Rhys looked at the door and tried to pick up any activity outside the door. There was nothing. Then she looked back at the red flag and grinned. I've broken into a few of you before. I'll do it again. She started typing away but nothing so far was clicking. It was being stubborn and the whole time she kept her senses alert for activity outside that door. Jaden would be back soon she thought.
Then she did it. She was in and just as quick the door clicked.
Jaden came in with a tray and some muffins. "Here we are, I thought maybe you could use a snack before dinner."
Rhys quickly existed out and closed the laptop.
Jaden poured her tea and handed it to her.
"So, did you find what your were looking for?"
"No, not yet but I will."
Jaden sat down at the foot of the bed. He ran his hand through his hair.
 "What's wrong Jaden? You seem worried."
"I'm just anxious for us to leave here, that's all. Simon says we're leaving very soon but he gives me no details."
"Why is that? I thought he told you everything."
Jaden blew out a breath, "I wish he did but he keeps me to the side on things. He says he wants to protect me."
Rhys noted the irritation in his voice. She knew that he was a man who liked to be kept up on everything. Simon was obviously tying to control him like everybody else she thought in her mind. She had to smile to herself. There was a power struggle going on and maybe that would work to her advantage.
"I'm sure he does Jaden, you have joined this family and so you become ownership of Simon."
She watched for a reaction from him. Jaden looked at her. "Is that how you feel about him? That you are owned?"
Rhys had to be careful. "I felt owned from the time he laid eyes on me."
Jaden's face went white. "Well, I guess it's his strange way of loving us."
His voice cracked when he said it. She knew she hit a nerve.
Rhys was about to hit more nerves with him when the door opened.
It was Simon.
"Sorry to barge in but I want you to know we are leaving at midnight tonight." His voice was tense Rhys noted. She wondered if an other attack had occurred.
Jaden smiled, "Great, I can't wait to get out of here."
Simon nodded. "I must say I agree. In any case, take what you need and the servants will get the rest."
He left abruptly as he came in. Jaden sprung from the bed. "Take what you need for now, and let's get ready to go. I want you to rest before we go on our trip."
Rhys watched him grab a suitcase and throw some clothes in it. She didn't realize it until she looked down. Her hand was resting on the laptop. Rhys quickly grabbed it and put it into one of her bags.
She busied herself and tried to keep Jaden occupied before he started looking for the laptop.
Within the hour they would be in the car on the way to the private plane that would take them to New Orleans. It would be about a 45 minute drive to the airport. It would give her time to think up a way to keep the laptop away from Jaden.
Jaden was pacing back and forth like a nervous cat. Finally a knock to the door came. Jaden opened it. The driver was ready to take them. He came in and took their few bags. Rhys hung onto her bag with the laptop in it.


It was a cool night when they stepped out of the house and into the car. Nights like this always sent a vibe through her bones. Nights like these had agenda. Rhys sat herself in the back seat of the car and Jaden slid in beside her. He was anxious and his mood was strange.
Rhys decided when they got on the road that she would probe his mind and see if she could pick up anything.
The city lights danced across her window. She was really leaving it all behind including Kellan. That made her ache. Even not seeing the pack made her chest twinge.
She was still going to find answers if she was here or not. She had the laptop and she would make sure that Jaden wouldn't miss it-for now.
Jaden now appeared to be more relaxed. They were only about ten minutes from the airport now. He draped his arm around her shoulder and buried his face in her hair breathing her in. "This is going to be so exciting. We have so much to look forward to, our wedding and our twins. Life couldn't get any more perfect."


The car stopped beside the plane. The driver rolled down the window.
"You did good buddy."
Rhys instantly shot up. She knew that voice. It was Thor. Her chest started to take on a faster pace and her cat senses were on high alert.
The door opened on Jaden's side. "If you wouldn't mind stepping out sir."
Rhys was confused. What was Thor up to? She knew that Garrett took over the pack but Thor sounded...different.
Jaden got out of the car and faced Thor. "Where are the men? They are supposed to be escorting us to New Orleans."
"Plans changed buddy."
The first thing Rhys knows is that Jaden is on the ground out cold. Thor pokes his head into the car smiling. "Ready for your plane ride mame?"
"What the hell are you doing Thor? Are you kidnapping me or something?"
He chuckled, "something like that."

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