Thursday, 15 August 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 36-The Leaving Part

Thor's hand was firmly placed on the small of Rhys back guiding her into the plane. She  took one look back and could see Jaden laying beside the car with the car door still open.
When she turned and took one step into the plane it hit her.
Kellan was here.
His wolf scent over powered her. How did that happen? She tried to feel Jaden but there was nothing. She quickly wheeled around to look at Jaden but all she saw was the door closing.
Was he dead?
Thor was talking to someone and came back. "We'll sit you over here. We'll be leaving right away as soon as we're given clearance."
Rhys looked at him. "Did you kill Jaden?"
Thor's eyes danced with intrigue. "You can't touch him can you? Well, I must have done more damage to him than I thought." He chuckled.
The instinct to shift was strong but something in her told her she couldn't and it had to do with her being pregnant. She remembered her mother telling her such things but she never paid any attention to it because she never envisioned herself as a mother.
"You're lucky I don't shift and tear you to pieces."
"Just as threatening as your daddy I see."
She slapped him.
"Don't you ever compare me to that man."
Thor grinned. "You and daddy don't get along? Interesting."
He pulled her along and sat her down at a seat by the window. "Make yourself comfortable kitten. The stewardess will come by and see if you would like anything."
Before she could tell him off he was gone and disappeared into the cockpit. Her nose twitched. Kellan's scent was near. She wondered if he was in the cockpit.
She didn't notice the girl in front of her saying her name. Her eyes were glued to the cockpit door. Finally when the girl touched her and she startled.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. I just wanted to know if there was anything you need."
Rhys gave her a small smile. She could smell the wolf in her. She was probably doing what she was told to do by the pack thought Rhys. She just shook her head. "I'm okay thanks."
"I'll be back when we have taken off."
Rhys nodded and the girl left. Rhys perked up her hearing and she could hear faint voices but then the plane started to move a bit. Then the captain announced that seat belts had to be fastened.
The cockpit door opened and out came Thor and Kellan. They came towards her. Rhys held her breath.
They sat down opposite her and fastened their seat belts. Kellan didn't look at her. Thor glanced her way. Rhys quickly looked away. She knew he was interested to see what her response would be to seeing him.
She wasn't going to give him the satisfaction. The plane started to move.
They were now on the runway. Rhys couldn't help wonder when Jaden would be discovered and if it would be too late by the time they found him. A part of her wanted him to be alive but this bond thing was not working right now.
The plane was lifting up into the air. She threw a glance at him. He was looking down but then he looked her way.
 They just stared at each other. Rhys tried to feel him but all she was doing was hitting a brick wall.
He nodded some what politely at her and averted his eyes to the window.
She looked out the window as well.
When they were in the air both men undid their seat belts and got up. She watched them go to the back of the plane and shut the door.
Rhys looked around the plane. It was a nice posh private plane. She wondered how they managed to steel it under Simon's nose. She undid her seat belt and the girl came back.
This time she ordered something to eat and drink. That seemed to make the girl happy and hopefully busy while she went and tried to listen to them. She quietly went to the door and tried to pick up what was going on.
Thor was louder than Kellan. She found out they were still going to New Orleans which was surprising. What were they going to do with there?"
Then she heard the word ransom. They were going to ask for money?
This didn't make sense and just as she was going to push her ear against the door, it opened and she almost fell. Thor caught her.
"Do you think we can't pick up scent like you?"
She stood defiant in front of him. "I have a right to know where you are taking me and what you are going to do to me."
Thor laughed. "Use you to get what we want kitten. I'm surprised you haven't figured that out."
She sneered at him. "I know what you want but it's how you're doing it. Don't you think steeling Simon's plane and kidnapping me is going to send him into a rage. He will kill every member of your pack. There will be hell to be paid for this."
Thor laughed. "I'm counting on it kitten."
She looked over at Kellan but he was expressionless and unreadable. What the hell did Simon do to him? He was a walking shell.
Thor looked over her shoulder. "The stewardess has brought you your tray. You should go back and eat something."
Rhys huffed at him and then turned and went back to her seat. The girl was looking at them all almost frightened. Rhys quickly smiled at her and thanked her easing her nerves.
She threw them a dirty look.
Why the hell did they bring an innocent young wolf girl to serve her when one of them could have done it?
She sat down with her back facing them. She heard the door shut.
She looked out the window and wondered what chaos was happening back home. She wondered if Jaden was alive. What if he wasn't? She had twins to think about and protect.
She had so many questions to ask Thor. How was she going to get straight answers out of him?
The door behind her opened.
In front of  her  Kellan sat and looked straight at her.
"I have to talk to you."

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