Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Rhys stared out the window. The whole event from seeing Jaden fall to the ground to being escorted onto the plane. Finding Kellan and then have him actually sit down in front of her and want to talk to her.
She remembered the word she said so clearly to him-no. A lie it was. She would have to live with it now. This was a bigger operation that had gone down than what she had thought. Thor and the pack pulled off quite a coo.
Every time she glanced at the bedroom door she expected Ali walk through with a smug look on her face. Maybe she was the fool all along and the pack used her. That would include Kellan.
What was she to so?
She was now in New Orleans trapped in Simon's house. Rhys wondered how Thor got the house. The staff answered to him. She tried to catch all their scents. Some were so faint. There were always stories of half human and half werewolves who couldn't change but had other powers that others did not. They were called gifted wolf.
This was certainly a strange situation for her to be in. All she could do was speculate what was going down and now she was pregnant with twin diamond were cats! Rhys shook her head. What a hell of time for this to happen. She couldn't shift and she narrowed her eyes at the door. The bugger knew it too.
Rhys closed her eyes and tried to calm herself but that was shattered when a knock came to the door followed by it opening.
Her eyes shot to the door holding her breath for Ali. Kellan popped in. "I hope you are comfortable. If there is anything you would like, just use that phone. You will get the kitchen."
Rhys studied his eyes. It was like they were looking at someone past her. She felt invisible in the room.
A woman came in behind him and his face lit up. A small slim build with long dark hair that was in a pony tail draped over her shoulder on the right side. Her eyes were a sharp grey blue that looked like grey ice on the sidewalk. Coldness hung between them. Did she know?
"This is Angie, she is apart of the pack here."
His statement was simple and plain. She said nothing to Rhys and Rhys offered nothing back. She couldn't look anymore so she turned to the window. She tried to block out his scent that had silently wrapped around her. She wondered if he even knew that he had done that.
Angie said something in a low voice to Kellan. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Kellan nod. Kellan came toward to but stopped half way as if something stopped him.
"We'll be going now. Remember to use the phone."
He stood and stared for a moment waiting for her to say or do something. Rhys just shifted uncomfortable. Kellan nodded quickly as if her physical movement was an acceptable answer.
Both of them quickly left leaving her alone. She glanced over at the phone. So I get to play hotel? She chuckled to herself.
Even though she saw very little of the place it still looked like it would have anything that a fancy hotel would have-perhaps more. That would be Simon's style.
She took a deep breath and went over to the large bed and sat down. This whole thing was draining. Rhys ran her hand over the soft fabric of the comforter. She pulled it back and crawled in letting her head rest on the large pillow. It was heaven.
Her eyes closed.
She just started to concentrate on keeping her body calm for her twins when her nose twitched. She popped one eyes close. Rhys short up. "What the hell are you doing here?"
"Now is that anyway to treat your hostess?"
"You're a kidnapper and murder maybe, but you're sure as hell no hostess."
He shrugged. "Oh well, I try. In any case I have company that has come to see you."
"Did you bring Jaden here?"
He scoffed. "Not that loser. "Some with a bit more clout in your life. Come and see."
Rhys followed him and down the stairs they went. She could see some men and another one in the middle. The men were supporting the one in the middle.
She swallowed hard. She knew who it was now.
Thor smiled at her. "I thought you might like to have your little brother here with you."

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