Thursday, 19 September 2013


Rhys almost spit at him. "I'm not one of your henchmen. If you want him gone that is your is job."
Thor's eyes were electric. "I thought you didn't care much for daddy. You wanted away from him to live your own life."
Rhys chewed the inside of her lip. "Yeah, something like that. I'm not going to kill him. I may not like him or I may even hate him but right now I have no reason to kill him-just yet."
Thor shook his head. "You're hard to read kitten. One minute you're ready to kill the whole works of them and now you're having second thoughts. Maybe I should reconsider being allies with you."
She smirked at him. "You want to be allies with me. You need me and you know it. And I was the one who suggested allies, remember?"
He crossed his arms and went over to where Kellan was standing. Rhys had almost forgotten that he was in the room. His eyes were going back and forth to them. She let out a steady breath. He had no idea who he was. It must be horrible she thought to not remember who you are. She had to do something about that. If she ever got a moment with Simon she would make him undo what he did. Even if it meant her exposure of who she really was to him.
Kellan and her locked eyes and this spark seemed to erupt between them. Rhys swallowed hard. Thor hit him on the arm breaking their contact.
"Go see what our contact has found out on where Simon is right now."
Kellan cleared his throat and left.
Rhys watched him leave shutting the door. She didn't realize how long she was staring when Thor cleared his throat.
She startled and felt the heat in her face grow warm. He was grinning. "You still have it bad for him don't you?"
Thor came around to the front of the desk. "You know Simon messed with his mind. He doesn't know your secret but I do. I could find away to get his memory back you know and then we can tell him who you really are."
Her eyes went wide. "You can get his memory back? Why haven't you done it?"
"Because of Simon and right now Kellan is quite cooperative the way he is."
Rhys gritted her teeth. "So you can run the show and give out the orders." She crossed her arms. "That suits you don't it?" Before he could respond she threw out a question  to him. "Why did you not ever have your own pack?"
His eyes narrowed in on her. "You think you know me pretty good don't you. You know nothing," he spit at her. "I had a good deal going with Ali until you came into Kellan's life. Then Ali had to get in on the hunt for the Diamond were cat."
"Does she know it's me or is she even alive since Garrett took over?"
Thor shrugged. "I missed all the action when Garrett took over. I never heard anything from her so I don't know."
"She's never tried to contact you?" Rhys knew she sounded like she didn't believe him but there was more to this than met the eye. Rhys could feel it.
Before he could answer her there was a knock on the door. The door opened before Thor could say come in.
It was Josh.
Rhys held her breath as Josh looked at her for just a moment and then addressed Thor.
"I have a message for you."
Thor just about growled at him. "What did you do?"
Josh grinned. "I didn't do anything. Father just gave me a message to give you. He says he on his way and he's mad as hell at you. I think that was what he said or else it was-you're going to hell."

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