Thursday, 26 September 2013


Kellan came back.
He stared at Josh and then Thor. He only glanced at Rhys who shifted with unease.
"What you got," barked Thor.
Kellan was slightly taken back. "The informant told me that he is on his way and he has plenty of back up."
Thor grimaced. Rhys could hear a low growl come from him and it was directed at Josh. Rhys knew that he was blaming Josh for bringing Simon here a little sooner than he wanted.
"We have to gather the pack and prepare-all of them. Go!"
Kellan quickly left the room. Thor started to pace.
Rhys looked over at Josh who now looked worried and maybe a little regretful for telling Thor but Rhys was glad that he did as now she knew and could maybe finally do something about the situation that they were in.
"Let me defuse Simon. He will listen to me."
Thor narrowed his eyes at her. He shook his head.  "Little kitten, I don't know now if I should trust you. This whole allies thing I think now was just a ruse."
Rhys bit the inside of her cheek. Damn, I have to defuse him first. I don't need a wild rampant were wolf on my hands.
"Okay so you don't trust me. Send me out front when he arrives. If one of his henchmen try to kill me then you will know you can trust me."
"You're willing to face his pack without knowing what they have in store for us?"
Rhys nodded.
"You're crazier than I am. No kitten you and your brother are worth more to me alive than dead. I have something to bargain with when you're alive. Let's get you and your brother to a safe holding place."
Thor marched to the door and gestured for someone to come. A couple of young men were at the door in seconds. He talked to them in low whispers so Rhys couldn't make out the orders. The two young men looked at her and Josh. She was guessing these two where going to be their body guards.
Thor looked back at her. "Follow us."
Josh stared at his sister. Rhys nodded at him. He went by her side and they both followed Thor and the two young men down the hallway and stopped at a door that Rhys hadn't paid much attention to.
Thor unlocked the door and opened it. Before them was a flight of stairs that went up to some secret room.
They were almost in total darkness. The smell of dust and mold made Rhys almost dizzy. She placed her hand on her stomach as if protecting her twins. There was a small window on the first landing of the stairs. Rhys looked out but could see nothing but a shed.
The final flight of stairs took them to another locked door. Thor unlocked it. Rhys had to wonder how Thor knew all these passages in the house.
The room was almost bare of furniture. Just a beat up old couch and chair along with a small table that didn't look too stable. Rhys was glad to see a window. She made her way over to it but  like the other window only looked onto the same shed.
"Sorry for the scant surrounding and all. Not quite like your room complete with room service but it will do, right?"
Rhys scoffed at him.
Thor just grinned. His cell phone buzzed and everyone in the room froze. Thor looked at them all and gestured to the two young men to follow him out the door. The cell phone still buzzed in his pocket as he locked the door. Rhys flew to the door to try and listen but everything was just too muffled and then nothing. Thor had left.
Rhys went back to the window. They were quite high up. If she could shift she would break the window and get down but she couldn't in her condition.
She looked at Josh but there was no way she was going to allow him to shift to his wolf form or cat form and go for help. She wouldn't risk getting him killed. For a moment she wondered if he was a hybrid like Garret. Maybe he wasn't.
Rhys shook all those thoughts out of her head and tried to focus on a way to get them out of the room.
Josh joined her at the window. "Do you think we can get out this window?"
"It's a long drop. No roof to go on. If I could shift maybe I could do it but in my condition I can't shift."
"I can. Let me shift into my wolf form and let me go out the window."
Rhys shook her head. "You would never make it. Cat's have more agility than a wolf."
She was waiting for him to say something about shifting into cat form but he didn't so Rhys concluded that her little brother was no hybrid.
A rumble from downstairs echoed. They both turned to each other.
"Do you think father is here," asked Josh.
Rhys shook her head. "I don't know."
More rumbling came and this time louder.
"I think the attack is now taking place. We have to get out of here. Let's see if those two young wolves are still outside our door."
Rhys marched over to the door to try and catch their scent. There was nothing. She turned back to Josh. "They're not there. I'll try and pick lock this door."
She reached inside her pocket and pulled out a clip. Rhys inserted it into the lock and jiggled it. It clicked. She smiled to herself. "These old locks are a piece of cake."
Josh was instantly by her side. She carefully opened the door. There was no one there. All she could see was the pale light from the window casting it's light up the stairs. Rhys gestured for Josh to follow her. They made it down to the landing. The noises from down stairs were getting louder and there was a lot of crashing of things. Then a sudden thought came to her. She wondered how Kellan was. Was he hurt? All of a sudden she had to get down there as fast as she could. Her and Josh just got down two steps when the door at the bottom flew open.
One yelled back to the others. "They're here."
Rhys shivered. She didn't get a good feeling about being found. Something told her that the ones who found them weren't here to rescue them.
She pushed Josh back up the stairs. "Let's get back to the room and lock the door."
"What? Why? They found us now."
Rhys looked straight at him. "I have this bad feeling that the ones that have found us are not the ones we want finding us."
"What are you talking about?"
Loud footsteps were coming up the stairs. Rhys grabbed him and threw him into the room. Before she made it in she was grabbed. Rhys kicked her attacker sending them back against the wall. Others came up the stairs. Rhys had to shut the door and buy them some time but they were too fast. Josh came to her defense and started fighting them along with Rhys.
But they were out numbered. Two of them grabbed Josh and dragged him downstairs.
Rhys rushed toward them but was quickly grabbed back. The back of her neck was hot with the breath of a wolf.
Rhys turned around to face her attacker and stepped back.
It was Ali.

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