Thursday, 5 September 2013


Josh sat in the kitchen playing with his spoon. He was thinking about what Rhys had said. He wondered if he could just ask her what the hell was going on.
He knew he couldn't.
He took a deep breath, shoved his bowl of cereal to the side and dragged his cell phone over. He tapped the screen with his finger bringing up his contacts. What was he going to say he thought. He remembered what Rhys said. That she wanted to come up to him so badly. Was Rhys right?
There was only one way to find out.
He stared at the screen waiting for a response but nothing. He smirked and shook his head. Just what I thought.
Josh shoved his chair out and went to get up when his phone vibrated. His eyes widened. Without touching it he looked down at the screen.
It was her.
He held his breath as he picked it up to read it. Meet me in the library.
Josh could hardly swallow. His heart started to pick up a faster pace and his hands suddenly got sweaty.
He grabbed the phone and went out the kitchen. His strides to the library weren't fast enough. Josh didn't think he would ever get there.
The door was partially open. He took a peek in. Her back was to him.
Josh took a deep breath and tried to steady the thumping in his chest. He knocked gently. She turned around and faced him. For a moment all they did was stare at each other.
When Josh finally entered the room she came flying over to him and threw her arms around him. Josh let out a silent puff of air. Rhys was right.
She looked up at him. "I've been miserable without you."
"Then why did you leave me?"
Her eyes cast down to the floor. Josh pulled her face up with his fingers under her chin. "Talk to me, Jamie. What the hell is going on? Is there someone controlling you?"
Her dark green eyes widened up at him. "I can't tell you anything."
Josh could feel the fear from her on his skin. It made him shiver.
"Jamie, I want you to tell me everything. I won't let them hurt you."
Her eyes became glossy. All she could do was shake her head.
He pulled her into his arms. "It's okay."
"This is cozy."
Both of them startled and turned to the door. Thor stood there grinning. "Are we having a little reunion here? What did I tell you Jamie about the enemy and who the enemy was?"
She pulled away from Josh. He tried to pull her back but she wouldn't let him.
Josh threw an angry glance at Thor. "What lies have you filled her head with or should I say what threats have you made on her?"
Thor chuckled.
"Take it easy pup, I didn't have to threaten her. All I had to do was tell her the truth."
Josh smirked. "Your truth would amount to lies."
He looked over at Jamie. "You have to know that what he is doing is wrong. He kidnapped my sister and me. He just wants revenge against father."
Jamie just kept looking from Josh to Thor. Josh positioned himself between her and Thor blocking her vision of him. "Listen to me Jamie. He is using you here in this game of his. You have to break a way from him before he gets you killed."
Her lower lip quivered.
Now he was only inches away from her. "Look at me." Her teary eyes looked up at him. "Have I ever lied to you?"
She gave her head a quick shake.
"Then you will believe me when I tell you that you are in great danger being with him. You will be nothing but causality to him when the war breaks out."
Jamie was starting to lose it.
"That's enough pup." He shoved him a side and grabbed Jamie by the arm. "This is enough reunion for you."
He marched her out of the room. Josh was hot on their trail. They made it just part way down the hallway when Josh was grabbed. He furiously turned around to see who was stopping him. It was Rhys.
"What are you doing? Can't you see he's hurting her?"
Rhys was stone faced. "He's not going to hurt her, at least not right now. But he will hurt you to get her to do his bidding so I would stop irritating him."
"I can't let him get a way with this."
Rhys grabbed Josh roughly by the arm. "You leave Thor alone. I'll take care of him. I know how he operates."
He glared at her. "What are you going to do then?"
Rhys tilted her head at him. "Just trust me okay little brother. I know how to handle the likes of Thor. I've confronted his type before."
Josh smirked. "So you have no plan at all, is what you're saying."
She narrowed her eyes at him. "I should cuff your ears for that. But I will show you instead." Her eyes went behind him. Josh looked. Thor was standing at the end of the hallway talking to Kellan.
"You still love him don't you?"
Rhys cleared her throat. "Never mind that. I will deal with that later. For now I have to talk to Thor."
She walked past Josh and walked briskly up to the men. They both stopped talking and stared at her.
"I want to talk to you Thor, privately." Her eyes glanced over at Kellan. His scent filled her and almost made her sway but she stopped herself.  I have to stay in control.
Thor smiled at Kellan and then her. "I'll grant you one minute of of my precious time kitten and then back to your room you go. Between you and your little brother, you two are giving me a headache." He looked at Kellan. "I'll meet up with you."
Kellan and Rhys looked at one another for a second before he turned and left. Rhys watched him for a moment. She didn't realize Thor was almost nose to nose with her.
"He gets to you still, don't he?"
Rhys gritted her teeth and with one swift movement threw Thor over her shoulder. Now she was standing over him with her high heeled boot on his chest.
He was grinning up at her.
Rhys cautiously  bent down toward him. "You and I have something to discuss."
"What would that be kitten?"
"We're going to talk about becoming allies."
Thor chuckled. "Now that's the kitten I know."

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