Thursday, 12 September 2013


Rhys knew that Josh heard the conversation. She seen him disappear in a hurry. She also knew what he was thinking of her right now. Crazy was the first word that came into her head and another word also hovered in in her mind-traitor.
She let out a shaky breath. Rhys would deal with Josh later. Right now she had to find Jamie as she assumed Thor perhaps told her of their little agreement.
She was counting on it.
This would buy her trust perhaps and maybe inroads into this mess. One thing that puzzled her was why wasn't Simon breaking down the walls to his own place. He must know what went down. Or did he? She narrowed her eyes. Maybe Thor masterminded a pretty good plan here. She smirked. The bugger is smarter than what I thought.
A noise came from the office. Rhys decided to check it out. She quietly slipped down the hallway and stayed at the edge of the doorway and peered in. Her heart skipped a beat.
It was Kellan and he was alone.
His scent washed over her taking her to another time. Memories of him and her flooded her head taking her back to when she was the center of his life. It  almost hurt her chest as visions danced in front of her eyes of him smiling down at her with those silver eyes.
She gave her head a slight shake to bring herself back to reality. Rhys watched him as he was going through papers. There were stacks of papers on the desk that had been taken out of the filing cabinet. Rhys wondered what he was looking for.
Kellan ran his hand through his thick hair. She could feel the frustration in his body as if it was her own body. A sensation warmed her body as she watched him. She could see the muscle under his pale blue shirt tense. She so badly right now wanted to feel those tense muscles around her body. Her eyes half closed as she tried to remember what he felt like when her fingers use to travel the leanness of his body. Rhys remembered what he looked like naked and her mouth dropped open partly. She could almost feel his tight grip on her hip squeezing her as his hand travelled down between her legs. He was master of her domain.
His faded jeans were slightly ripped at the knee and hung a bit a low. She liked that pair on him the best. The material was soft and supple. The rip up by the waist was made by her as she one time tried to claw off those jeans.
She visualized walking up to him right now and slipping her arms around his waist and down into his pants. The reaction that he would have-that she wanted him to have in her mind. Getting hard for her and letting her know that she better not be just teasing him.
She smiled to herself. Oh the trouble she could get herself into with him and the "punishment" he would dole out to her.
It would be intoxicating.
Lying underneath him with his silver eyes looking down at her ready to take complete control over her made her wet. She could almost feel him enter her slowly and then with full force. A short gasp caught in her throat.
She realised she had just drawn his attention.
They stared at each other as the heat in her face got hotter and hotter. His lips slowly formed a smile.
"Why are you standing out here?"
Rhys startled as Thor stood beside her.
Her tongue was tied in knots.
"Come on lets go in shall we and discuss our little "alliance".
She followed Thor into the room. Thor went to the pile of papers on the table and looked at Kellan.
"Did you find it?"
Kellan shook his head. "He must have put it somewhere else."
Rhys had to sit down and collect herself. Being in the same room with Kellan was throwing her off her game.
Thor glanced over at her. "What is wrong with you?"
"Nothing," she snapped back at him. "I was just wondering what all of this is."
"This" is what your old man keeps from the rest of us. It evolves other packs that he is involved with. We need to know who they are here so we can be careful of who we approach."
"What were you really looking for?" Rhys narrowed her gaze at Thor trying to read him but he was such a complex creature it was hard to get a hold of where his head was at.
Thor bit his lip and she knew he was contemplating telling her but he had to decide if he trusted her enough.
"I'll tell you when I find it."
Kellan leaned against the desk making the rip she had made by his waist stretch a bit revealing more of his skin. She took a deep breath and tore her eyes away and focused on Thor.
"So what is the plan? I thought Simon would have torn down this house by now."
Thor chuckled. "Oh, he will when he finds out."
"He doesn't know?" Rhys thoughts about Simon were just confirmed. He didn't know.
Thor looked at her with his dark silver blue eyes. "But he will soon."
"You're going to tell him."
"No, I'm not going to tell him."
"Then what?" Rhys threw her hands up in the air.
"You're going to tell him."
Her hands flopped into her lap. "I'm going to tell him?"
"Yup, and you're going to bring him here."
Rhys was confused. "Why do you want me to bring him here?"
"Because I have a job for you."
Rhys crossed her arms. "What "job" would that be?"
"You're going to kill him."

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