Thursday, 24 October 2013


Rhys watched Simon walk towards the front door through her bedroom window. She had a feeling that he would head straight up to her.
She had no desire to see him. The sound of the front door and the sound of voices greeting him wafted up to her. This was good. It would buy her time although not
much. She had to act quickly.
The window was locked.
Out the door she went and down the hallway. She dashed into another bedroom and to the window. Looking out the window she could see a sheer drop--no roof. She left to another bedroom but stopped short when she heard voices inside.
It was Josh and Jamie. Josh was back. They were safe at least. Rhys ran down to the end of the hallway and into the last bedroom. The curtains were moving ever so lightly. Open window.
Rhys flew to the window. She peered out over the long roof line. Her keen hearing picked up footsteps coming up the stairs and voices. She picked up her name.
Now was the time. She hoisted up the window and climbed out. As slick as in her cat form she scaled the roof to the edge where there was a lattice wall covered in roses-thorny roses.
Damn, I'll be shredded. Something inside her told her she could do it--in her cat form.
Rhys didn't have to think twice. In a mere few seconds she shifted into her cat form. With one swift leap she leapt down to the ground without making a sound. Her large paws tore into the ground taking off across the yard.
She could see the gates a head of her and they were open. I'm going to make it!
Rhys moved faster. The gates started to move. They were closing now.
Without thinking she went even faster to get through before they closed.
The gate scraped her one side as she slipped though. She didn't stop despite the small wound on her side. There was no time to shift back.
Rhys thought of the river. That would be a safe place till she figured out where to go and what to do.
Car lights were coming towards her. Into the dark ditch she leaped and hugged the ground as tight as she could. The car whipped past her.
Rhys crawled along the ditch for a while till she smelled the water. Then she took off towards the smell until she seen the bridge lights reflect on the black water.
She made it under the bridge. She collapsed and shifted.
Laying on her back she couldn't believe that she had actually shifted. Her mother was wrong. Being pregnant didn't stop you from shifting.
She sat up figuring she couldn't sit here much longer. They would know that she was missing and would be searching for her.
She had to get to them and warn them. Once Garrett got wind of this, war would be declared. Simon will blame them and Kellan. She had to protect him.
There was only one problem-how would she find them? She had no cell.
Rhys sighed. She would go follow the river into town and figure something out.
She crept out from under the bridge. Rhys found a paved bike path and started to follow it.
About a hundred yards down the path she caught scent. It was a cat. She stopped and looked around but nothing. She kept going and the smell came again.
This time is was behind her. It was strange and something was not quite...
She whirled around and stopped short. "What the hell...Jamie?

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