Thursday, 10 October 2013


Rhys saw him leaning against the door way of the office grinning watching her come towards him. She kept her cool. The smell of wolves and were cat permeated the air. It was an odd mixture. It felt like they were hiding in the walls.
When Rhys got closer Garrett pulled himself away from the door and met her half way. "Well, well, I didn't expect to see you. I thought Thor had you hidden upstairs."
"Broke out. You know I'm good at escaping."
Garrett laughed. "I should know better, shouldn't I?"
"You have to stop this mess right now before anybody gets killed."
Garrett offered his arm to Rhys. "Come to the office with me where we can sit and be comfortable. You probably should be off your feet. How have you been feeling?"
"Did you hear me? You have to stop this madness before it turns ugly."
"Oh sis, it's been ugly for a long time."
Garrett led her into the office and there was someone there waiting for them.
Rhys gasped. Garrett laughed. "I thought you would be surprised sis."
"Hey sweetheart. Are you okay?"
Rhys couldn't move. "Jared? You lived."
She felt his arms wrap around her and his scent washed over her. Why couldn't she feel him if he was alive. What happen to our bond?
Jared looked down at her and smiled. "I was so worried about you. You are okay?"
Rhys held her breath.
"Are you okay Rhys? Say something to me."
"I...I don't know what to say. I thought you were dead."
Jared smiled warmly at her. "As you can see darling, I 'm far from dead."
Then why can't I feel you in my head and your scent. I can hardly pick up your scent at all. Rhys wanted to say what she felt but she couldn't make sense of it. She looked over at Garrett. "What are you planning? Is Josh okay? Did he go back to Simon?"
"Hold on sis, one question at a time. "First of all, Josh is okay and he is safe. As for any plans, I have plenty of those sis. That's why Jared is here, to take you away from all of this so that you won't be harmed."
"Jared will take you far from here so you and the twins will not be harmed." Rhys noted the firmness in his voice. Rhys could feel a coolness over her skin from him. He wasn't going to repeat himself again to her. He had made his point.
Jared took her hand. "We should go love."
Rhys mind raced with the ones sitting in the study like sitting ducks. She felt an obligation to them despite how she had been treated by them. There was still this trust between them even if it was on shaky ground. Of course there was Kellan. She wasn't going to leave him there, no matter what.
Rhys took her hand away from Jared. "I'm not going anywhere."
Before Garrett could yell at her and order Jared to physically take her away, she marched up to Garrett and came as close as she dared--almost nose to nose.
His silver eyes glared at her.
"I will not leave the ones in that study behind for you to kill, especially Kellan." She didn't care if Jared knew now, this was a war now. In a blink of an eye Garrett was sailing through the air and hit the wall. She was on top of him with a knife at his throat.
She glared at Jared. He didn't move.
"Where did you get that knife sis?"
She smirked. "It's yours bro, I borrowed it from your pocket. It's the only way I can get you to listen to me."
She held the knife firmly under his chin. He grinned up at her. "You're just as bad ass as I am. I'm impressed."
"I'm not like you," she said through gritted teeth. "I'll slit your throat if you don't agree to let them all go. I will not have anybody killed today."
Jared came a little closer.
"Stay back Jared. I will think nothing of slicing him."
"Sweetheart, why are you talking like that? Come and let me take you away to where it will be safe from all of this. Think of the twins!"
Her eyes widened at him. "I will not do as you want so back off." She turned her gaze back on Garrett. "You and I are going to make a family deal."
Garrett wasn't grinning anymore and Rhys knew that look in his eyes. He was going to attack her soon if she didn't act quickly. "Let's get you up." She helped him up and with one quick move had the knife firmly against his back ready to plunge it into his back.
"Lets go find your boys. Jared, lead the way and one heroic move will see a knife through Garrett's back."
Jared shook his head. "Do as she says Jared, let's amuse our little girl here."
She pushed the blade against his back making him flinch.
"Don't you try anything fancy either."
"I wouldn't dream of it sis."
Jared led the way out of the study and by this time Thor and the rest of them were in the foyer. They all went still when they saw Rhys with the knife behind Garrett's back. A small smile crossed over Thor's lips.
Ali and Rhys shared a look. Ali was at her side in seconds. "What do you want me to do?"
"Take this knife and don't hesitate to use it."
Ali grabbed the knife and held it against Garrett while Rhys went in front of them all. All eyes were on her and some of Garrett's hybrids had come in to see what was going on. They looked at Garrett who shook his head. They stood still.
"Thank you Garrett. We wouldn't want anything to happen to me now would we?"
"What do you want Rhys?"
"You already know that answer, I want them released. I will stay and be a good little sister if you let them go, if not I get to watch Ali shove a knife into you and we all fight your hybrids including me putting the twins at risk."
"Are you mad,? yelled Jared. You are willing to take are twins with you in death over them?"
Garrett laughed. "No Jared you have it wrong. She's using the twins as leverage. She still loves Kellan and will do anything to protect him."
Kellan's eyes went wide. Rhys could see his mouth open and then close. She swallowed hard.
"Give me an answer Garrett. What will it be?"
Garrett sighed. "I have no choice and you know it. I have to let them go. Our father cherishes those twins like they were real gold and of course his family to stay intact. You win."
Rhys narrowed her eyes at him. "You give me your word?"
Garrett nodded. "Our little family deal is sealed sis. I let them go and you belong to us."
She looked at Thor, Kellan and Ali. "You are free to go."
Ali looked at her. "What about you?"
"You heard Garrett, our little family deal has been made. I belong to them now."
Garrett gestured to his hybrids. "Escort them out will you."
The hybrids led them out the door. Kellan looked back at her confused. Her insides did a flip.
Garrett came in front of her blocking her view of Kellan.
"Now you listen to me sis. I let them go but don't think for once that they are just going to walk away and leave you here. One of them will get the stupid idea of trying to rescue you and when they do I will be ready. Each one of them will die and that includes Kellan."

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