Thursday, 3 October 2013


"What the hell," breathed out Rhys. "What are you doing here?"
Ali gave her a smug look. "I thought you would say something like that."
"Where did your thugs take Josh?"
"My thugs?"Ali marched up to Rhys. "I just saved your brother dear, you should thank me."
"Where is he," Rhys said though gritted teeth.
"He's back with daddy."
Rhys just about choked. "What? Are you working for Simon now?"
Ali sniffed. "It's all about surviving dear, you should know all about that. Of course you weren't  long turning your back on Kellan I see."
Rhys flew at her knocking her back. "How dare you! I gave up everything to save his life."
Ali growled at her and Rhys could feel the shift in her. She couldn't take on a wolf right now in her condition.
She backed off.
Ali grinned. "I thought you would think otherwise. I know you're carrying twins--Diamond were cat."
Rhys froze. "You know what I am?"
"How could I not? Simon told us about his precious Diamond were cat daughter and how at all costs that she has to be protected."
Rhys felt a chill go through her. "What happened to Kellan? Is he dead?"
Ali's eyes sparkled. "Still have feeling for him even though your carrying another were cats babies?"  She went to the door and shut it. "I have my orders and that is to keep you here for the time being until I get word from your daddy."
"You sure laid down like a dead dog didn't you?"
She growled at her and Rhys knew she would love to bite her head off.
"I didn't lay down for nobody dear. I will get my pack back, mark my word."
"How do you plan on doing that since Garrett took over your pack--kill him?"
"Never mind it's too complicated to get into with you and I don't particularly want to share it with you anyway."
"I see,"said Rhys. "So you are just to guard me till daddy gets heer and when will that be?"
She shrugged. "He will be here soon." Rhys picked up something in the way she said that. It had an undertone of something going on. Ali was on edge and Rhys took note of another thing. This attack was over. Everything was quiet. She couldn't quite figure this out. What was really going on?
Rhys edged her way over to the door to listen. The two young wolves that were guards were not there. She couldn't pick up their scent.
Rhys eyed Ali who was staring at the window as if she was expecting someone to come bursting through it.
She quietly rested her hand on the door handle watching Ali the whole time. She still had her speed and could out run a wolf. Without giving it a second thought Rhys flung the door open and ran out taking the stairs two a time. When she got to the landing she took a quick look up and Ali was staring down at her wide eyed. Rhys leaped the rest of the way down kicking the door open.
There was no one in the hallway or anywhere for that matter. She had to find Josh.
She picked one direction and went for it. Ali was going to be there in a few seconds.
Rhys stopped short when she picked up his scent--Kellan. He was alive. Relief washed over her. She went in the direction he was and when she got there he wasn't alone. Thor was with him.
Now she was confused. What the hell was going on? The attack, it did happen.
She stood at the opening of the study while they talked in low voices.
Rhys cleared her throat drawing their attention.
"What the hell are you doing out," growled Thor.
Rhys tilted her head at him. "Your bodyguard failed to do her job. I see you found Ali or she found you?"
Thor gritted his teeth.
Rhys marched in folding her arms. "What the hell is going on and where is Josh?"
Ali came rushing into the room although Rhys knew that she took her time.
Thor glanced over at her and gave her a dirty look but said nothing. Ali shut the door.
Rhys glanced over at Kellan who seemed to be studying her. Thor finally broke their stare by coming in front of Rhys. "You want to know what is going on? I'll tell you. This little group in here is going to take down Simon and Ali is keeping your little brother safe away from all this."
"And me? I don't count?"
"Oh you count. In a big way. The reason for the attack was to make it look real to those of Simon's and Garrett's pack. They will be here soon and the real attack will take place but we will have you for leverage."
Rhys raised an eyebrow up at him. "Leverage?"
"You're carrying two Diamond were cats and that is valuable."
"He will destroy you  and your little betrayers. It won't work."
Thor laughed. "That's what you think. It's just not our little pack here, we have others from here that would like to see Simon gone. They will help."
"You better hope they will," scoffed Rhys. "Because you're all dead otherwise." Her eyes rested on Kellan when she said that. His blue grey silver eyes shimmered at her. Her heart skipped a beat.
A knock at the door made them all turn.
One of the young wolves that was Rhys guard poked his head in. "We have trouble."
"What now,?" shouted Thor.
"Garrett and his pack are here and they want to talk."
"Garrett is here and not tearing the place apart?"
The young wolf shrugged his shoulders but Rhys could see fear in his eyes. That shook Rhys for some reason. Enough for her to go to the door.
"What are you doing?" Ali had grabbed her arm.
They looked at each other and Ali let go.
Rhys looked at them all.
"I'm going to talk to Garrett and I will settle this thing for once and for all." She took a deep breath and said. "If I don't come back in thirty minutes--fight like hell."

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