Thursday, 31 October 2013


Rhys blinked, "Is that really you Jamie?"
She came a little closer to Rhys but not too close. "Yeah, it's me."
"What are you doing out here? Why did you follow me? I thought no one seen me leave."
"I sensed you out side the bedroom door. I knew you must of saw Simon and decided to leave."
Rhys took a deep breath. "Did you come to get me back?"
Jamie didn't show any emotion. Rhys looked at her and studied her for a second. It was like there was a different girl standing in front of her. This wasn't the shy intimated girl from before.
"Then why did you follow me? Did Josh send you?"
She shook her head. "No, I came on my own. Josh is talking to Simon right now. They don't even know you are missing. I bought you time."
Rhys's mouth dropped open. "You bought me time for what reason?" She was starting to feel manipulated by Jamie.
"I have abilities that not too many people know about."
"Oh, what would that be?"
Jamie gave a small smile. "It doesn't matter right now. What matters is that you get away from them and back to the group."
"The group?"
"Thor, Kellan and Ali. I stayed with Josh so I was safe. Simon won't do anything to me."
"I see but still...why did you follow me? Do you know where the group is?"
Jamie nodded.
"Would you take me to them?"
Jamie bit her lip and looked back as if someone might be coming for her. Rhys looked at her and for a second  She thought she caught a glimpse of something from Jamie. Her eyes shone like a cat when the light from the bridge hit her face.
Rhys was taken back and she remembered the sent she had picked up. She had taken for granted that Jamie was a werewolf but she smelled cat.
"I'll take you to them but you can't say anything to anybody about how you got to them."
Rhys didn't hesitate to give her an answer. "It's a deal."
Jamie then walked past her. Rhys followed catching up to her side.
They walked along the bike path in silence until Rhys couldn't take it any longer. "When I first picked up your scent I smelled cat. I thought you were a werewolf like Josh, Thor, Kellan and Ali. "Are you a hybrid like Garrett?"
Jamie sighed. "It's complicated, I'm more cat than wolf so I'm not a true hybrid. I can't shift to wolf form but I can to a cat form."
"Oh, okay, that is complicated. Do you still belong to Ali's pack or I should say Garrett's?"
"Thor recruited me but only because of Josh and his father being Simon."
Rhys soon figured it out. "You would make a good spy."
"Something like that."
They never said anymore to one another for a long moment. Jamie went ahead and found a street. She stopped and looked around. Rhys could tell she was trying to pick up any scents. Rhys did the same thing. A slight breeze had picked up so scents were hard to pin point.
Jamie gestured for her to follow her down the street. It was well lit up. Rhys was feeling a bit exposed going down this lit up street but Jamie seemed quite sure of her self.
Jamie stopped and pointed to a short street with  only five houses on it. "This is where they are."
Rhys looked at her. Which house is it then?"
"The one at the end of the street, I'll take you there. They will be looking for us."
Rhys placed her arm on Jamie's. "They're expecting us? How?"
Jamie held up her cell phone.
Rhys chuckled. "I see, I should have known. You are a good spy."
Jamie smirked and turned and ran down the street.
Jamie rang the door bell and within seconds Thor answered the door. He grinned at Rhys.
"Good work kiddo," was all he said.
Rhys tilted her head at him. "You guys are going to hide me out from Simon?"
Thor didn't look at her. He ushered them in and shut the door behind them rather quickly thought Rhys. Maybe there were other eyes out there watching them. She looked around for Kellan but the only one around seemed to be Thor.
He looked at Jamie. "You should get back before Josh wonders where you are."
Jamie didn't need any more prompting. She was on her way out the door but stopped half way through and looked at Rhys.
"You know, about your twins?"
"Yeah, what about my twins?"
"Everyone thinks they are some pure Diamond were cats, right?"
Rhys nodded waiting for her to continue.
She leaned over to Rhys like she didn't want Thor to hear. "Your twins are not pure Diamond were cats."
"Why do you say that?"
"Because I can smell the wolf in them."
She turned around and left, leaving Rhys utterly shocked.

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