Thursday, 17 October 2013


Rhys laid on her back across her bed staring at the white ceiling. She was relieved that she had saved them. She had saved Kellan.
It was keeping them away that was going to be the hard part. Garrett had warned her that they would probably be back and she had a sick feeling in the bottom of her gut that he was right.
A soft knock at the door took her out of her thoughts. Rhys never got up. She turned her head toward the door and watched the doorknob turn.
She didn't have to guess who it was.
"Hi sweet heart, are you feeling okay?"
Rhys let out a long breath. "Yeah, I'm fine."
Jared came halfway, then stopped. He hesitated to come the rest of the way. Rhys could see on his face that he didn't know if he was welcome in the room or not. She sat up but didn't invite him to sit beside her.
So she watched him stand there, putting a distance between them.
"I'm sorry about the shock I gave you. I know you must have questions and I admit I have questions as well."
"You have questions?"
Jared opened his mouth but then closed it. Rhys was guessing that he maybe decided that this was not the time for questions. A sense of relief washed over Rhys.
He took another step forward watching for a reaction from her. She darn well knew by his anxiousness in his face that he wanted to take her in his arms.
She never said anything and in not saying anything, he didn't come any closer.
"I'm tired," she said in flat tone.
"I'm sure you are. I just wanted to make sure you were okay, that's all."
"I would like to be alone." She met his gaze and she could now read a longing that almost made her heart ache or was it sympathy?
He glanced away looking down at the floor. "I will let you rest but if you ...
"I will call someone if I need anything. I have the phone at my fingertips."
He nodded. His feet moved to turn around but Rhys could see that it took every ounce of effort on his part to turn his body. Rhys could feel his desire to want nothing more than to run to the bed to be with her.
"Good night Jared."
His shoulder slumped. "Yes, goodnight Rhys."
Rhys watched him leave and when she heard the click of the door she fell back on the bed.
She closed her eyes and tried to shut them all out.
The door flung open startling her.
"What the ...
"Sis, what do you think you're doing?"
"What the hell do you think you're doing barging in here?"
Garrett frowned at her. "I would have knocked if I had known Jared was in here with you but when I met him in the hallway looking like he got kicked in the gut I knew you had something to do with that."
"Really, well I want to be alone. I'm tired."
"Are you still pining away for that wolf?"
"Shut up and get out."
"Must I remind you that I went to great lengths to bring Jared back to you? And must I remind you that you are carrying his children?"
Rhys just stared at him.
Garrett shook his head. "What are we going to do with you?"
Rhys laughed.
"I'm glad you find all of this amusing sis."
She turned away from him. "Get out and shut the door nicely when you leave."
Rhys could hear him stomp over.
"You have to pull yourself together. Remember our little agreement?"
"I remember, now get out."
"Fine, have it your way for now. But I expect you to be back with Jared tomorrow. You two are still getting married."
That got Rhys sitting up. "I'm not getting married till after the twins are born."
Garrett smirked, "I don't thing so. Father wants you married right away."
She narrowed her gaze at Garrett. "I will not do what Simon wants. I'm waiting."
He stared at her for a second and then shrugged his shoulders. "Be stubborn but mark my word you will be married soon."
He grinned. "Good night sis."
"Go to hell," she said as she turned away from him.
She could hear him chuckle as he left the room.
Rhys got up. Now she was mad and oh how she wanted to throw that bastard out a window. She started to pace the floor in her room. This was too much to take. She thought she could handle this situation but she couldn't. Getting married soon was something she didn't need right now. She had too much to think about.
Rhys walked over to the window. Lights in the distance caught her attention. They were car lights coming up the driveway.
Her chest started to thrum. She had a bad feeling.
The car stopped in front of the house. The driver got out and opened the back door.
Simon got out.
Jesus, he's here. What now?
She stood back and thinking her thoughts out loud said, "I'm making a break for it, tonight."

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