Thursday, 7 November 2013


Rhys pulled her back through the door slamming it shut. She pinned her arms against the door. Rhys glared at her. "What do you mean?"
Jamie stared at her wide eyed and fear from her suddenly filled Rhys senses. She took a deep breath and tried to keep her voice calm. "I want to know what you meant by what you just said."
"Let go of me." Rhys watched  Jamie give Thor a desperate look but he didn't move. Rhys was thinking that this was news to him as well.
Rhys let go of her arms. "Okay, sorry but you threw me a curved ball there with that statement that you made. Please explain."
Jamie relaxed a bit. "I have keen senses, even to the unborn wolf and cat. I can tell what they are and what sex they are as well. You twins are half and half." She threw up her chin at Rhys. "I'm never wrong."
"Really." Rhys wanted to beret her with more questions but instead just stepped away from Jamie. She looked at both Thor and Jamie. "Then that means that the father of these twins is Kellan."
"Jesus," Thor muttered under his breath.
She glared at him and he shook his head in response.
The door knob moved but the door didn't open. Everybody froze.
"Why won't this door open. Let us in."
It was Ali. Everybody let out a breath. Thor went up and opened the door.
A sour looking Ali came marching through the door with Kellan following her. "Why did you lock us out?" Ali then noticed Rhys.
"Oh, I see."
Thor shut the door and locked it. Ali looked at Jamie, Rhys and Thor who she narrowed her gaze at. "You want to tell me what the hell is going on? What is Jamie and Rhys doing here?"
Rhys glanced over at Kellan who looked just as confused as Ali. Her insides turned over.
"Things got more complicated tonight. Our kit here decided to go a-wall and Jamie brought her here."
"Nice," smirked Ali. "Now we'll have the whole posse out looking for her. We have to leave tonight."
Jamie came forward. "I can buy you time. They didn't know she was missing when I left. Simon was talking with Josh when I left." She cast her eyes to the floor and shifted and muttered. "They probably know now. I should get back before Josh is thinking that Rhys kidnapped me or something."
Thor threw her a mean look. "The door is locked missy and it isn't going to open until the heat has passed."
He waved his hand at her. "We have to prepare for some rough play here. Simon is in town now and he will be calling up all his forces to get his daughter back."
Rhys suddenly felt guilty for coming into the house and putting them in danger. She didn't think this through-as usual.
"What are we going to do then, sit and wait for them to come sniffing around,?" Ali scoffed.
Thor gritted his teeth. "No, I'll send out some of the pack to so some snooping and see what is actually happening out there. Then we'll decide."
Rhys took a peek at Kellan again. He was sticking close to Ali for some reason. What has she done to him? Oh, Kellan I've made a mess of things. I wish you had your memory back or least some it.
Thor slapped Kellan on the back. "Well buddy, you and I have to make some contacts." They left the foyer without looking back at them.
Ali stood alone for a moment before she looked over at Jamie and Rhys. She folded her arms in front of her chest. She was dressed in black leather from head to foot. She looked fierce Rhys thought. Her wolf eyes stared at her. She smirked. "You do have a knack for trouble don't you? Always getting into ones face when you should stay clear. When are you going to learn?"
Rhys didn't want to tell her that she didn't know the half of it yet but she wasn't going to tell her what Jamie had told her. She was hoping that Thor would keep his mouth shout. Kellan wouldn't understand any of this if he got word of the news.
"We have to let Jamie go Ali. She can deflect attention from here. She can tell them I escaped out and went in the opposite direction. That she tried to hunt me but failed."
Ali bit her lip and glanced over at Jamie. "I don't know. Thor should maybe...
"No, Thor will not let her go. He's too stubborn. This is the best way."
Ali shifted and Rhys observed her being hesitant to make a decision without Thor.
"I promise to lead them away Ali. I can't stay here. Josh will be frantic and if you think Simon will tear apart every corner of this city...
"Okay, I get the picture. Go already before Thor comes back and rips our heads off."
Ali walked up to the door and unlocked it. Very carefully she opened the door and sniffed.
She nodded to Jamie. She slipped past Ali and out the door.
"Let us know what you find when you get back to the house."
Jamie nodded and then disappeared into the darkness.
Ali shut the door and locked it again. Rhys could tell there was more on her mind.
"What's wrong Ali?"
Ali didn't meet Rhys gaze.
She turned around and then met Rhys gaze. "We have more trouble."
"What? Tell me."
"It appears that we are going to be in a middle of a gang war soon. When word got out about Garrett being in town some other gang surfaced. You might know them. The Diamond Sirens.
Rhys knew all to well who they were. They were her gang at one time.

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