Thursday, 28 November 2013


The first wolf at the cabin Rhys sees is Josh. She cursed under her breath. Rhys flew out the truck to get to Katie. She was rifling in the back. Rhys met her face to face with a gun in her hand and a knife in her pocket.
"You can't go in there."
Katie narrowed her eyes at her. Rhys remembered that defiant stubborn look. "My brother Josh is in there."
Katie never wavered. "Then you better get him out because I going in and taking out every wolf."
Katie marched off towards the cabin. Shots had already been fired. Rhys ran after her.
"You can't go in there and start shooting, you'll get killed right off the bat."
She whirled around to face Rhys. "You got a better idea?"
Rhys didn't answer her, she instead dragged her over to a window and looked in. Rhys peeked in the window. What was inside resembled a bar fight. She found Josh in the corner pinning down a small cat. Katie looked in and saw where Rhys was looking.
"Damn him, that's our littlest cat Cassie. She's new. I have to go in there."
"Not without me." Katie shrugged her shoulders. "Be by guest, you either rip him off Cassie or I'll do it." She held up her knife.
Rhys went ahead of her and straight for Josh.
Cassie almost had the upper hand but Josh was going to win. Rhys grabbed Josh as swiftly as Katie came in and picked up Cassie.
Josh growled as Rhys dragged him out of the cabin. He was ready to turn on her when she kicked him sending him flying into the nearby bushes.
He came out flying and Rhys was ready. He stopped instantly halfway when he saw who is was.
"What the hell." He was holding his side where she kicked him.
She marched up to him and grabbed him hauling him towards one of the trucks.
"Where are we going?"
"Far away from here as possible."
She roughly threw him into the passenger side of the truck. In a second she was on the other side ready to get into the drivers side when someone stopped her.
"Taking our little brother somewhere?"
Rhys glared at Garrett. "Get out of my way," she said through gritted teeth.
Garrett smirked and stepped out of the way. Rhys flung the truck door open and climbed in.
The window was rolled down and before Rhys could roll it up, Garrett was leaning in.
"Where are you going to escape off to now?"
"I don't know," she said as she shoved him away from the truck. Rhys went to fire up the truck but nothing happened. It barely turned over. She tried again.
"Something wrong sis?"
"What did you do," she shouted at him.
He laughed and threw his hands up in mock surrender. "Don't yell at me, it's not even our truck. It belongs to one your fellow cats." He laughed again.
Rhys beat on the steering wheel. She got out and went around to the passenger side where Josh was but he got out in a split second before she got to him.
She grabbed his arm and headed towards another truck. Josh didn't fight her. Garrett was there ahead of them and opened the door wearing a grin that she wanted to wipe off his face.
"Let me help you sis." He grabbed Josh and threw him into the back seat. "Hey watch it," growled Josh.
Garrett slammed the door in such a way that Rhys knew was a mimic of her anger. Then he opened the passenger side of the door and gestured for her to get in.
She stood there with her arms crossed.
"Do you want me to throw you in like I did Josh?"
She sneered at him. "You wouldn't because I'm...
As swiftly as a sly fox Garrett scooped her up and threw her into the seat where she landed with a thud. She screamed at him.
Garrett leaped into the drivers seat and when he turned the key the door locks clicked in place. She knew she was trapped.
"You're not taking me back to the house, I won't stay."
Garrett never answered her, he instead stared at the road a head of him. She watched those silver eyes of his. He was thinking Rhys knew and that meant trouble.
She had to get out. Rhys wheeled herself around on the seat and was going to kick at the window with her feet when Garrett grabbed her. "You will do no such thing sis. Sit down and be a good girl.
We have to look after those Diamond twin cats of yours."
Rhys twitched. She wondered what he would think if he knew the truth. Would he kill her? What about Simon she thought? She shivered. Rhys sat up straight. Now she had a secret to keep from them all.
Garrett turned down a street that she knew the house was not on.
"Where are we going?"
"You'll see."
He stopped in front of a small house that was nestled in among a row of houses. It was a quaint little neighborhood so Rhys was confused as to why they were here.
Josh got out and opened the door for her.
She looked at him. His eyes were sorry. She got out and Garrett and Josh led her to the front door where a young maid opened the door.
As soon as Josh and Garrett let go of her she broke a way and went out the door and was headed to the truck when Garrett caught her.
"Oh no you don't my dear." He picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. She screamed and kicked but he held her firmly.
Josh shut the door as soon as they were in.
He dumped her on the floor.
There was a pair of black boots at her eye level. When her eyes travelled up the legs to see who was wearing them she saw Simon smiling down at her.
"What am I going to do with my little girl?"

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