Thursday, 14 November 2013


They received good news and bad news. Jamie had made it back safe and sound. She told them the story of how she tried to get Rhys back and led them off in the opposite direction.
The bad news was they didn't buy it.
Simon had sent his wolves out and they caught Jamie and Rhys scent going in the opposite direction to what she had told them.
Now she was locked in her room under guard.
Rhys paced back and forth. Why didn't I make Jamie go back instead of making her show me where the others where? You have to help them somehow. Simon will kill them all.
Rhys startled when someone touched her shoulder.
It was Kellan.
She suddenly couldn't breath. His wolf scent filled her head and swooshed down her body making her almost dizzy.
"Are you okay?"
Rhys managed to stutter out, "yes."
"Thor and I will make sure nothing happens to you."
Rhys was shocked to hear that and then wondered if it had anything to do with Kellan being the father of her twins.
"You need to let me go. They will follow my scent here to all of you. If I leave maybe they won't find you."
Kellan shook his head. "Thor said that no one is going anywhere right now. He has wolves out there watching and leaving scents leading them away from us. So far we are still safe."
Rhys nodded. "That's good, I'm glad but I still shouldn't be here. It's me they want and all of you will be casualties because of me."
A stronger scent wafted past Rhys. Thor had entered into the room. "Listen to Kellan, no one is going anywhere right now. So don't go planning any of your little escapes. We'll move deeper into the city of New Orleans later on tonight."
"The French Quartet part?"
Thor nodded. "Indeed that is where we are headed Kellan." He smirked at him. "You use to spend a lot of time there. It's too bad you can't remember any of it."
Rhys narrowed her gaze at Thor. He grinned back at her giving her a pang in the chest. He obviously was talking about another love that he had at one time she thought. She sighed.
Ali came into the room with her hands full. Rhys couldn't make out at first what she had. They were wrapped. When she sat them down on the table and unwrapped them Rhys gasped.
It was an assortment of weapons. Knives of different sizes and guns were set out on the table. There was even a bow shooter.
Thor smiled. "This is a good haul." His eyes gleamed at her. "You're a good thief dear."
Rhys marched up to the pair of them. "What the hell do you think you're going to do?"
Ali threw her a nasty look. "We're fighting. Haven't you figured that out? We have to arm ourselves when we leave here. Simon will have wolves stationed all around here waiting to ambush us. We'll be ready."
Rhys threw up her hands. "Why don't you just let me go? I could lead them away from you. Then you can get out of here before they get here."
Thor shook his head. "It wouldn't be that simple kit. Simon has enough wolves to follow you and take us out at the same time. No, you come with us. They won't fire at us at least with you close by."
"I'm your leverage," Rhys said.
Thor sighed. "As usual kit, you always are."
A shot was fired.
Everyone in the room startled. A loud thump hit the front door.
Thor looked at Kellan then at Ali. "Take Rhys to another room, the one with the window."
Ali nodded and grabbed some guns and took Rhys by the arm and started to drag her down the hall.
Rhys looked back as Thor opened the front door. Rhys could see a wolf lying on the front step. It had been shot. A lump formed in her throat.
The last thing she seen was Thor dragging in the wolf's body.
Ali shut the door behind them and locked it.
"What are you doing?"
"Making it harder for them to get inside. If we have to we'll go the window."
Rhys looked at her in bewilderment. "So, we are going to sit here and wait for them to come and attack us? What kind of plan it that?"
A sudden crash like glass breaking and now shouts made Ali leap towards Rhys.
She pushed a gun into Rhys hand. "It's ready to use and don't be afraid to use it."
Another shot was fired and this time it was in the house. Rhys hoped that Thor and Kellan had got to those weapons before the others.
"We have to go out the window," yelled Rhys.
Ali didn't argue. Rhys got out first and then helped Ali out. Both of them ran for it.
A loud bang rang in Rhys ears. She turned and Ali was almost caught up to her. Someone was at the window they came out of. They had a gun.
"Run Ali, they have...
Rhys could see the spark of light when the shooter fired another shot.
Ali went down.

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