Thursday, 21 November 2013


Rhys fell to the ground and flattened herself as much as she could. There were more shots. Then there was nothing. Rhys looked up and dark shadows were leaping about in the back yard. Someone was running to where Ali was laying. Rhys held her breath.
She had to do something. The person who found her looked up her way to see what they could see. Their head tilted up. Rhys knew they were sniffing. She sniffed back.
It was cat and that scent was familiar.
They started to run towards her. Rhys stiffened. Should she shift and take off?
But they were on top of her before she thought of what else to do.
When Rhys looked up she looked into eyes that shone from the street light. It was  a female cat and Rhys knew her.
"I thought it was you but had to see for myself."
"Katie, is that really you?"
"The one and only love. Need a hand up?"
Rhys was hesitant at first but slowly extended her hand. Katie was fast and had Rhys pulled up before she could blink.
Katie glanced back at Ali. "Was she after you, that wolf?"
Rhys shook her head. "No, she was helping me. That's Ali and yes she's a wolf but she saved me on more than one occasion. I have to help her and get her out of here."
Rhys could barely see her face but could see her nose wrinkle. "She's shot bad and is loosing blood."
"Then I have to get her out of here." Rhys headed towards Ali. Katie grabbed her arm. "Is that where your allegiances  lie now, with the wolf pack?"
"I'm not with anybody right now, but the wolf pack has helped me." She could tell by Katie's face that she was confused by all this. "Look, I know this makes no sense to you but a lot has happened since I left the Diamond Sirens."
Katie smirked. "No kidding. It looks like a hell of a lot has happened and not much of it good by what I see. Those rogue wolves in the house almost took out some of my cats."
Rhys panicked. "Are they okay?"
Katie came almost nose to nose with her. "They got out. One of my cats is slightly wounded but nothing serious." She shook her head. "It was you we were after. Word is out on the street about the those creepy hybrids.  Simon your daddy is out on the prowl along with those hybrids looking for you. We thought we would get the jump but some of the other wolves started attacking some of the wolves that were guarding the house. We snuck in while they were fighting but it all got messed up when some of Simon's creatures came barging in at the same time. I think one of them were firing at you but my cat got him."
Rhys took in a deep breath. "Thanks but we have to get Ali out of here."
They both ran to her and Katie picked her up. "Let's get her to the camp. There is a healer there."
Rhys nodded. A slight twinge went though her gut as Katie headed toward a parked SUV. Rhys couldn't believe that they still had the vehicle. It use to be hers.
Katie placed Ali in the back seat. Rhys got into the passenger seat while Katie jumped into the drivers side and fired up the engine.
"You still have "The Rock," I see.
Katie grinned. "We didn't name it the rock for nothing."
Rhys nodded.
Katie looked over at her. "Are you pregnant? I can smell something strange off of you."
Rhys shifted uncomfortably and cleared her throat. "Yes and it's complicated. I don't really feel like discussing it right now. I just want to get Ali healed."
Katie nodded. "Fair enough but later you have to promise to fill me in on everything, okay?"
Rhys grinned. "Okay, as long as you promise to update me on everything that has happened in the Sirens.
"It's a deal."

They roared along when suddenly a road block of trucks were across the road. Katie slammed on the breaks. Rhys eyes went wide.
"Turn around Katie, now! They're Simon's wolves."
Katie threw the SUV into reverse and spun around facing the other way. She stepped on the gas catapulting the SUV into the opposite direction. Rhys looked behind and a couple of them were getting into the trucks.
"They're going to chase us. You have to lose them."
"No problem."
Katie turned sharp at one corner and then another. Rhys kept looking for lights behind them but none so far. Rhys looked over at Katie who had sheer determination in her face. Rhys always remembered her gutsiness and dare devil attitude she always had about her. She recalled yelling at her a few times about her reckless ways. Katie always laughed in her face.
Tonight she was glad to have the dare devil on her side.
Katie turned again and this time it was down a dirt road. After about a mile on the dirt road she killed the lights.
"What are you doing? I think you lost them."
"I have to make sure. I don't want them finding where our current camp is." She drove into a small clearing almost obscured by bush where she stopped. She turned the engine off."
"We can't stop, we have to save Ali."
"Don't worry about her. Those beasts are stronger than you think."
"What are you waiting for?"
She was looking down at her cell phone.
Rhys looked back at Ali's still body.
The cell phone buzzed. "We have clearance."
Katie was about to start the engine when they both heard the roar of a truck. They both held their breath. Lights came out of the bush and went past them.
"Damn, how did they...
Katie quickly texted a message. "I hope they get out before...
Shots rang in the night.  Katie cursed as she fired up the SUV and took off toward the camp.
"What are you going to do?"
"Kill every wolf I see."

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