Thursday, 26 December 2013


Rhys woke to a strange smell. Her nose twitched. She lifted her head that felt like lead. Her whole body ached in a way that reminded her of her days hunting.
What is that smell? Rhys made her body move and managed to sit up at the edge of the bed. She listened for anyone around. She tried to pick up Jared's scent but nothing. Instead she picked up the faint smell of wolf.
It was another family member, Josh. He was here. Of course he's here Rhys; he's a part of the this family. She stood up and made her way to the bathroom. There was a wall of mirrors along the back of the whirlpool bathtub. Rhys caught a glimpse of her naked self. She stopped as she slid her hand over her body. The slight bulge was noticeable. She studied herself for a while until she really looked at herself in the mirror. Her brown hair was slightly matted and her complexion was pale with a slight redness in her cheeks. Even her eyes felt fuzzy and she didn't think she even looked like herself anymore. There was too many changes going on in her body.
That smell came back to her. This time she covered her nose. Rhys thought she would have a bath and started the water. She threw in some lavender salts. The smell of the lavender masked the other odour.
"You're up love. I thought you might be resting today, given the night we had." He smiled at her as he came into the bathroom.
"Let me help you in." Rhys took his hand and slipped into the tub. The warm water eased the ache in her body. He leaned over and kissed her. The smell was back.
"What is that smell?"
He raised an eyebrow. "You don't know? That smell is our twins. They are making themselves known. I have to admit that they do have a strong scent those two. It must because they are twins. It will settle down as you get more along."
Rhys nodded and then laid back and closed her eyes while holding Jared's hand. "I am tired."
"I know love and today will be a day of rest for you. After you've had your bath, I'll take you downstairs for something to eat. Then back to bed for rest."
"That sound good," mumbled Rhys.
"I'll be back to get you in a while." He kissed her again and left.
She watched him leave focusing on the back of his thick hair. It reminded her of someone. Who was it? The person's face would not come to her. Instead she closed her eyes and tried to clear her mind. It still felt fuzzy. Rhys turned the jets on and let the bubbles froth around her melting her thoughts away making her forget what she wanted.
A noise from what sounded like next door woke her up from her slumber. At first she thought it was the jets so she turned them off, nothing. She listened and then just as she was going to turn the jets on, she heard the noise again. It startled her. It was a loud thudding sound. A shiver went though her for some reason and she wished Jared was there. Some loud muffled voice vibrated thought the wall.
Then it was quiet.
She looked around the bathroom and wondered if she should get out and see what was going on. It still remained quiet so Rhys decided to sit in the tub a bit longer to wait and see if Jared would come. Her whole body felt alive now.
Finally the bedroom door opened and she sat staring at the door of the bathroom. She knew it was Jared. He was doing something in the bedroom.
"Is that you Jared?"
"Yes love, it's me. I'll be right back to help you. I'll be just one minute I promise."
The door shut before she could reply. She could hear what sounded like a door next door open and shut. There were more loud voices and then one thud. Rhys listened for more but it was quiet.
The bedroom door opened and in came Jared. "What was all that noise?"
"You heard that?"
She nodded. "It sounded like you were throwing something heavy around in there."
"Sorry about that. I didn't mean to disturb you."
"It's alright I'm okay but what was going on in there?"
Jared grabbed some towels. "Let's get you out."
Rhys blinked at him and stood up in the tub. He wrapped her in the soft towel and smiled at her. It made her forget the question that she had asked.
He pulled her in tight and kissed her. She smiled up at him. "What was that for?"
He frowned. "What? I have to have an excuse to kiss my future wife and mother of my children?"
She laughed. "No, I guess not."
Jared dried her off. Jared grinned at her. "Since you and I missed out on the special dinner last night, we are going to have that dinner with the family tonight."
"The family is all here?"
"Yes, they are and we also have a special guest. I just met her."
"Who is she?"
"I'm not entirely sure. Simon said he would give us a formal introduction at dinner tonight."
"Oh okay, well I guess we will find out then."
"Let's get you some breakfast."
They both walked out into the bedroom. Rhys spied the dress on the bed. "What is that?"
"I hope you don't mind but I picked  out a dress for you tonight." Rhys looked over at the end of the bed where the dress was laid out. An emerald green satin dress with a jewelled waist sparkled. Her eyes widened. "Very fancy for dinner don't you think?"
"This is a special occasion. This is a celebration of our family being all together."
"Father is going all out as usual." She stopped suddenly. She had said the word father. Why did that feel wrong in her mouth?"
She shook her head and went over to the dress and picked it up. The soft fabric felt cool in her hands. The jewel band was just under the bust and the rest of the dress flowed freely down to the floor. She set it back down and went over and sat down at the dressing table and picked up a brush and started to bush her hair.
Jared took the brush out of her hand and started to brush her hair for her. "Remember when I use to do this? You loved the way I brushed your hair."
His fingers rested gently against the back of her neck as he held her hair and brushed it. The touch of his skin sent a quiver down her spine.
She sighed closing her eyes. It felt to Rhys as if he was transporting her to another dimension with his touch and brushing. She could feel his breath against her right ear. Whispered words entered into her subconscious and when she opened her eyes, he was standing behind her.
"There, that is lovely. I like the way your hair falls over your shoulders. Now let's have some breakfast. I had the liberty of having a tray sent up to us. Come sit over here by this little table."
When Rhys looked over, a little table about the size of a bistro table was draped in a lace table cloth complete with flowers. She smiled.
Jared sat her down and uncovered the plate. Scrambled eggs and toast with some fruit on the side filled the large gold trimmed plate. "Am I suppose to eat all of this?"
He eyed her with a grin. "Most of it, you need food in you." He pointed to the fork. She sighed and started to eat.
After they finished he came around to her. "You need to rest now before we have our dinner party tonight."
"But I'm not...
"Never mind love. Let's go." He escorted her to the bed and helped her lay down. He laid beside her  on top of the covers.
He brushed her hair to the side with his fingers. She looked at him and as she did her eyelids felt heavy. He kissed each eyelid and darkness welcomed her.


"Let me help you into your dress."
Rhys felt that funny feeling again. Suddenly it was early evening. The last thing she remembered was sitting with Jared having breakfast and now they were getting ready for father's dinner party. 
He helped her into her dress and kissed her bare shoulders. She smiled at him leaning back into him. "If you keep this up we will miss another dinner and father will not be happy."
Her eyes went wide. She said it again. Why does father sound so strange to say? What's wrong with me?"
She was about to turn around and ask Jared when a gentle knock came to the door.
"Come in," said Jared
The door quietly opened and Garrett popped his head in. "Is it safe to come in?"
Jared chuckled, "Of course it is."
Garrett smiled and quickly walked in.
"Well, don't you look lovely my dear sister."
Rhys smiled at him. "Thank you, Jared picked out the dress."
Garrett grinned at Jared. "He made a perfect choice as usual. Father will be delighted to see you two at dinner tonight." He came and stood right in front of Rhys and looked her in the eye.
Rhys smiled back at him. "What is it? Why are you looking at me like that?"
Garrett smiled. "I'm just admiring my dear sister who is about to be married and also about to become a mother. I couldn't be happier for you right now." He kissed her on the cheek and hugged her.
Garrett cupped his fingers under her chin. "Everything now is as it should be."
He kissed her nose.


I would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and the best in 2114!

Thursday, 19 December 2013


Walking into the estate wasn't hard.
Rhys stood perfectly still while Simon circled around her. She knew that he was sniffing her trying to pick up any weapons that she might have tried to sneak in. Garrett stood off to the side along with Sam. They both eyed her with caution.
Rhys knew that nobody trusted her. She had played this game one too many times. This escaping she knew was not an option anymore if she wanted to keep Thor and Kellan alive. For all she knew she thought they could already be dead.
Simon was inches from her face. She never wavered. Rhys was determined to be as strong as she could. Sam was leaning against the wall. He pushed himself away and walked towards her. Rhys held her breath. Now she had Simon on one side of her and Sam on the other.
Sam's warm breath brushed against her cheek as he spoke, "I think a lock up in the guest house with her intended mate would be in order. Jared would love have you back."
Rhys cringed on the inside when he said the word love. Jared wasn't around and she wondered if he had given up on her but maybe not. She didn't look forward to seeing him in any case.
Simon stepped away and stood now in front of her. His steel grey eyes were haunting. He offered her a small smile. "Your offer to take out my enemies is most honorable but in the state you are in, I will not allow that. You will do as Sam here suggested. I am giving you the opportunity to make things right with Jared." He sighed. "Of course I blame a lot of this on Thor and Kellan. If they...
"You can't harm them. That was the deal and I'm not an invalid. I can still hunt."
Both Sam and Simon laughed. "I don't doubt you can but you're carrying two diamond werecats and that takes precedence," Simon said.
Rhys shifted a little uneasy when he mentioned the diamond were cats. Her secret had to be kept secret more than ever now that she was in this house.
"Take her upstairs for now and get our girl comfortable. We will have dinner tonight to celebrate her return. Will that not be nice dear?"
Garrett had stayed silent this whole time. Rhys heard him walk towards her. "Let me take my sister upstairs. It will give me a chance to spend some time with my dear sister."
Sam eyed him but stepped aside anyway. Garrett smiled at her and offered her his arm. Slowly she slipped her arm through his. She could feel a strange vibe when she touched him.
They were half way up the stairs when he leaned in and whispered. "So, what's the plan?"
She knew what he meant. "I don't have a plan," she said flatly.
He chuckled. "You always have a plan. Why else would you just waltz up to the house giving yourself up? You want that wolf don't you?"
"I'm not talking to you about Kellan. The deal is that you will set them free, both of them. They are still alive are they not?"
"Oh, they are alive."
Rhys waited for him to say more but he didn't offer any more information on their condition. She knew he did that on purpose. There was no way she was going to plead for information. That was his game. Rhys would have to find out herself what was going on.
The room Garrett led her to, was right next to Simon's. "You put me next to Simon's room."
"Yes, and I am right across the hallway as is Sam. He's next to my room." He smiled at her.
"I have the wolves at my door."
"Now two of us are part cat you know. But yeah, you're not going anywhere this time."
Rhys noted the smugness in his voice. It made her insides burn.
Garrett opened the door and waited for her to go in. She felt like a prisoner as she crossed the threshold. Rhys looked around the room that was to serve as her cell for now. A large four poster oak bed adorned the room with a huge white duvet that looked freshly made held her attention. It looked inviting. Off to the side was an antique oak dresser. A walk in closet was not far. She already knew it was filled with clothes. Another door took her into a luxury bathe suite.
The one thing that was missing in the room made her smile. There was no window.
"Why don't you enjoy a soak in the tub and have a rest. You look like you need to rest. I can see stress written all over you."
She glared at him.
She expected him to have some half witted comment but his face was expressionless. He took a deep breath and Rhys could sense now he had something to say and he was going to say it now. She waited.
He started by pointing his finger at her. "You have caused more trouble that I think you're worth but you are my sister and I will protect you. I don't care if you like it or not. You're a part of this family. You have to learn that you have obligations to this family and a loyalty that is expected of you as well. Not to be taking some half ass escape into trouble. Those wolves that you have hung out with are nothing but rogues and should be destroyed and would be if I had my way of it. But father has granted you some lee way." He gritted his teeth. "From now on you will obey and keep yourself in line. You will not only have this family to answer to but someone else as well...
"Give her a break Garrett. I will take care of her from now on, okay?"
Rhys startled. He sauntered past Garrett right up to her. He smiled down at her. "Hello love, I'm so glad you came back to us. You made the right choice. From now on it will be just us and our twins. You will be by my side from now on and we will be solid family. Won't we love?"
Rhys stood there with her mouth slightly open.
Garrett came up and stood beside her and smiled. His sassiness was back. "Of course Rhys will. She has made a commitment to this family now. She knows where her loyalties lie now." He patted heron the  shoulder and left them alone.
Rhys stepped back slightly only to have Jared close the gap up. He swept her up in his arms and kissed her deeply. She gasped for breath.
In one full sweep he scooped her up and took her over to the bed. He gently placed her on the bed and gazed down at her. His dark eyes were sultry and burning with desire. A shiver ran up her spine.
"I have waited for this for so long. You came back to me. You realized that we are meant to be together. I want to make love to you so bad right now." He kissed her again and started to undo her jeans and slipped his hand over her tummy. He bent down and kissed her tummy. She never noticed with what was all going on but there was now a slight bulge there now. He kissed her tummy again. He now leaned over and slid her jeans off along with her panties. He also pulled off her t-shirt and undid her bra, He worked fast. Now she was lying naked on the bed while his eyes took all of her in.
"My beautiful Rhys, you're all mine." He quickly slipped off his own clothes. He pulled her close and she felt his warm skin against her. He was on fire.
He kissed each nipple, sucking and teasing making Rhys moan. His fingers slipped between her legs finding her wetness. Gently he probed her finding her tender spot. Rhys found herself responding to his touch. Why was she letting herself feel all these things? It was like he knew what buttons to push.
His fingers went farther and she let out a gasp. It had been so long for her. Jared couldn't wait either. He carefully mounted himself on top of her and entered her slowly at first and then went as deep as he could go. They both groaned and hung on to each other tightly.
They soon found a passionate rhythm that sent them into a shuddering orgasm. They kissed deeply while he was still inside of her. She wanted him to stay where he was. Rhys could feel her body wanting more. He could feel it too and smiled down at her. "I'm all yours love. You can have as much of me as you want."
They were lying on their side as he started to move back and forth inside of her again. He stopped periodically to kiss a nipple  or nibble on her neck or shoulder. Just as she thought this dizziness was going to sweep her away he would tease her  and pull out. She dug her claws in his back. He came back inside thrusting deep making her insides go mad. His breathing was catching fast now. They both held each other tight as they both entered into a world of ecstasy that sent then into passionate screams.
Rhys lay there staring at the ceiling trying to make sense of just what happened. Had she gone mad? Jared kissed her on the temple. "We have to get ready for the celebrations tonight. Of course I could tell them we are busy."
His had slid down her abdomen and went between her legs. He cupped her for a moment. His warm hand felt good. She tried to fight it but this overwhelming feeling flooded her and she couldn't run from it. What kind of power did Jared suddenly have on her?
She tried to think back the moments before she entered the house. Every step played out in her mind. The greeting, the speech she gave them and the looks they gave her followed by her father smiling at her. What did she miss?
Then this feeling washed over her. Simon, he did this. Like Kellan, he messed with her mind. She could feel it but wasn't sure. Everything was so fuzzy. Then it was gone and she tried to remember but it was gone as if never there.
"Darling what is it?"
She looked over at him. "I don't know. I thought I remembered something but now it's gone."
He smiled at her. "Well, it probably wasn't worth remembering. Forget everything and concentrate on the now. That's what's important."
She smiled at him. "Yes, that's what I want, to concentrate on the now. I love you so much."
"I love you too darling."
"Make love to me."
Jared smiled. "That what I want to hear. I will make love to you all night long."
He kissed her and they were wrapped up in each other's arms. Rhys opened her eyes as that funny feeling hit again. It was that memory.
Rhys couldn't understand it. It was utter confusion. She closed her eyes and tried hard to forget.

Thursday, 12 December 2013


Ali narrowed her gaze at Rhys. "Are you sure about this? It seems a little...crazy." Ali smirked at her.
"I know what I'm doing. I've been hunting as long as you have. I know how to lure a wolf out. Remember, I use to hunt and kill them?"
Ali smirked again. "Yeah, I remember. You were well hated. I even planned on hunting you at one time. That would have been a story to tell."
Rhys watched her walk around the small bedroom with this grin on her face as if she had transported herself to another time. Her eyes locked onto Rhys and she lost her grin. "But, this now is a different game...isn't it?"
Rhys cleared her throat. "You might say that. We have to put an end to this and now. The only way I see it is if Simon is eliminated. His pack of hybrids would have no leader and would be disbanded for at least a while. I'm sure Garrett would jump at the chance to take his place."
"He's a piece of work your brother."
The way she said it made Rhys think she was almost admiring him. "Well, he's just as dangerous as Simon but he won't get the full support that Simon had. He'll have to earn it."
Ali sat at the end of the bed and looked up at her. "So, when do we carry out this plan of yours?"
"The sooner the better and I will tell Katie everything. They will help us, especially if you tell them they can kill some of those freaks as they like to call them."
Ali made a face. "Does Katie know that you're carrying hybrid twins?"
Rhys shook her head. "She won't either. I have to protect these twins right now. Their lives are in danger right now."
Ali nodded like she understood. "So, we make our move tonight?"
"Yes, once Katie has sent out some spies and finds out where Simon is. If he's at the house where they took me, it should be easy to get in there. But if he's in the estate, it will be much more difficult."
"Get Katie in here then and let's find out where out target is."
Rhys left the room and in a few seconds came back with Katie. Rhys filled her in on the plan. Katie nodded and agreed to send out spies to find Simon's location.
Rhys seen through the window three of Katie's cats go out. Cassie was one of them. She was small but Rhys could feel fierceness from inside her. She watched them get into the Rock and take off.
Rhys and Ali went out into the living room. The room was empty except for Katie and a few male cats. The two male cats eyed them carefully. Ali kept to the farthest part of the room. One male cat scrunched up his nose as if her scent was too much.
Katie whispered something to both of them and they quickly left.
When the screen door bounced against the door jamb Rhys turned to Katie. "I'm sorry about all of this but I have to put an end to this and when it's done, we won't bother you anymore."
Katie looked confused. "What do you mean we won't bother you anymore? Are you talking about your twins?"
Rhys took a deep breath. She couldn't tell Katie the real truth. "You have your coven here Katie. I don't belong in it and you know it. Your cats don't trust me."
Katie folded her arms tightly around herself. "Give them a chance. They will come around."
Rhys shook her head. "No, they won't. Being here with Ali who is a wolf is insulting to them. It's like I turned on them. I use to hunt Wolves, remember?"
Katie glanced over at Ali as if she needed reminding. "Yeah, I must admit I don't understand that one either but knowing you, there had to be a good reason, right?"
Rhys nodded not wanting to get into the conversation any deeper.
The roar of the Rock outside pulled their attention to the window. Rhys watched Cassie jump out the passenger side and march towards the front door. The other cats weren't as quick. Katie met Cassie at the door.  She had a grim face. She led Cassie into the living room. The other two male cats caught up. The expressions on their faces weren't any different.
"What did you find out?"
Cassie looked at Rhys and Ali and back to Katie. "Simon was at the house for a moment and then he left. He went back to the big house." Rhys knew she meant the estate.
She glanced at Rhys before continuing. "Simon is gathering up his forces to get her back. He thinks that she is into some deal."
Rhys looked at her. "What do you mean deal? I'm not into any deal with anybody."
Cassie smirked. "Well, Daddy thinks you are."
Katie looked at Rhys, "This is going to be difficult getting into that estate."
Rhys nodded. "No, it won't work."
They all looked at her.
"Why, what are you thinking," asked Katie. "Or should I say what stupid thing are you going to do now?"
Rhys ignored her. "I'll give myself up and stop fighting him. Then I'll make my move. You guys will be safe and I can get Kellan and Thor out. I just have to give Simon my word and prove myself that I won't make any more escapes."
Katie shook her head. "No, he won't. He'll kill you."
Rhys shook her head. No, he won't. I'm carrying these twins right now so that keeps me alive. He'll trust me again. I'll make him."
They all stared at her. Then Ali walked up to her and asked, "How are you going to get him to trust you?"
Rhys looked straight  into her eyes. "By killing some of his deadliest enemies."

Thursday, 5 December 2013


Rhys jumped when she heard the ping on the window. Someone had thrown something at the window. She cautiously went to the window and looked down. It was Katie. How did she...
Rhys quickly shook her head and wondered why she was there. The window was locked but that didn't stop Katie. She shape shifted to her cat form and leaped up to the roof that was just below the row of windows. It was a steep roof but Katie hung on. Then she leaped onto the narrow ledge of the window and now was face to face with Rhys.
Katie's gold eyes went through Rhys. She looked so lethal thought Rhys. Without hesitation Rhys went to the window to try and open it. Thoughts of breaking one of the panes came to mind but she knew that would set off an alarm. The lock on the window had to be picked. She didn't need much to pick it but they knew that too and made sure that there was nothing that she could use.
Katie started to scratch at the window sill. Rhys shook her head at her. She said through the window to Katie, "If you break anything an alarm will be set off."
Katie let out a growl. She couldn't get Katie killed.
She looked frantically around the room for something. She went to the closet and it was full of clothes. Rhys ran her hand through the clothes when something hard hit her fingers. Quickly she stopped and investigated what it was. It was a jewelled broach. An idea came to her.
Rhys ran to the window with the broach. The pin that went through the clothes was by luck the perfect size to fit into the lock. With a couple of little clicks she opened the window.
Katie was still in her cat form. Rhys knew what to do. She shifted.
Both cats scrambled down the roof and leaped onto the ground not stopping. They leaped over some bushes into the back alley and slinked along the bushes staying in the shadows until they had gone to the next block. They both shifted back.
Rhys whirled around to Katie, "What the hell where you thinking , coming here? How did you even get into the back yard?
 She scoffed at Rhys folding her arms in deviance at her. "Those hybrids are so stupid that they aren't even a challenge. They're freaks."
Rhys felt a pang inside her as she placed her hand protectively over her stomach. "Yeah well, you took a lot of risk. Why?"
"We want you back Rhys, The cat coven needs you. Trouble is brewing with these hybrids and other cat covens are coming into the area also checking them out. Territory is now going to become battle zones. We don't need that. We need to take these freaks of natures out so we don't have war in our world."
Rhys couldn't help notice her contempt for the hybrids. They were poison to her, Rhys got that feeling loud and clear.
Suddenly a thought rushed into her head. "What about Ali?"
"One of my cats took her to the healer, She will be fine. You have to contact Thor and that other wolf to come get her. My cats are getting agitated about having a wolf in their camp. They want her gone."
"Thor and Kellan are okay?"
"As far as I know." She gritted her teeth. "One of them almost took out one of my best cats. Slap the big brute for me will ya or better yet beat him."
Rhys smirked. "I'll try to remember that as soon as I see him. Right now we need to get out of here."
"My cats have relocated. The Rock is parked down the street. This time no one will follow us."
Rhys nodded and together they took off down the back alley.


The camp where Katie took her this time was in a run down part of the city. It was ghetto like by the broken down buildings and garbage everywhere. A shudder went though her as she seen a small child's bike tipped over on its side, left on the street.
The house where Katie took her was white with blue peeling paint shudders. Some of the windows were cracked and some not there at all. Rhys noticed old plywood over one of the windows. The patio blocks they walked on were cracked with weeds growing in them. Katie took Rhys to the back of the house and right away Rhys picked up Ali's scent. She could see why the cats would be agitated.
The old patio had boards missing as Katie skipped over them to the back door. She tapped the window of the porch door. Right away someone came to the door. It was the small cat, Cassie that Josh had attacked back at the camp. Her gold eyes looked past Katie to her. Rhys felt awkward and out of place suddenly. She got a cold vibe off her like she wasn't welcome.
Katie exchanged some words with her that Rhys couldn't hear. When Rhys entered into the house,all eyes were on her. It wasn't a very big house and the kitchen that they entered was full of cats. As they walked through to the living room there were more cats. Rhys didn't recognize too many of them. She swallowed hard and felt like an intruder. Maybe she was.
"I have her back, my werecats. She was a legend when she use to be apart of us Diamond cats. She could hunt with the best of them and with her help will eradicate those freaks."
Rhys cringed when she said freaks again. There were some murmurs in the room. Rhys was thinking that they were questioning her ability to help them with the quest.
One male cat got up. A tall black youth stood towering over Rhys. His dark brown cat eyes pierced through her sending a cold chill down her spine. "You own that wolf back there? We want her gone". He sneered at Rhys.
"Jared please," said Katie.
Rhys held up her had. "It's okay." She bravely looked up at Jared. "I'm very thankful that you healed her. She is important believe it or not. I will get her out of here as soon as possible, I promise." She looked at them all. "I thank you again and I owe you one."
Jared backed up eyes narrowed at her. Rhys knew he was reserving judgement on her like everyone in the house. She had to live with that. Right now she had to remain calm. She had her twins to protect.
"Where's Ali?"
Jared smirked, "In the back. You are going to let the dog out?" Others in the room laughed only to be silenced by Katie.
"She's in the bedroom at the end of the hallway," said Katie.
Rhys headed for the bedroom. Quietly she opened the door. Ali flew up. "It's me, its okay."
"Katie got you out. How?"
"She's sneaky and lethal at the same time."
Ali snorted. "I could tell that. How does it feel to be with you old coven again?"
Rhys shrugged her shoulders. "It strange. Katie has a new group mostly."
She smirked. "What, they didn't welcome you with open arms?"
"So you want out of here or not?"
Ali sighed. "Okay, what's the plan?"
Rhys looked at her. "I don't have one at least right now."
"Do you have a cell phone on you?"
Rhys gave her a look.
"Yeah I guess not. Well get one. I'll contact Thor."
Rhys went to Katie. "I need your cell." Katie handed her hers. She ran back to Ali who wasted no time in phoning Thor. Rhys could hear him pick up right away. By the tone of his voice Rhys could pick up a great deal of stress.
Right away Rhys thought about Kellan.
When Ali hung up she looked at Rhys. "I guess it's just you and me and this bunch of cats right now."
"What are you talking about?
"Simon has captured Thor and Kellan. He's going to use them to get to you. It's a trap set for you and this time I think Simon means business."
Rhys knew what that meant. He would kill Thor and Kellan in front of her and hold her hostage until the twins were born. She knew then as soon as the twins were born she would be killed.
She looked at Ali. "You and I have a mission then."
She grinned at Ali. "What would that be?"
"We're going to kill Simon."