Thursday, 12 December 2013


Ali narrowed her gaze at Rhys. "Are you sure about this? It seems a little...crazy." Ali smirked at her.
"I know what I'm doing. I've been hunting as long as you have. I know how to lure a wolf out. Remember, I use to hunt and kill them?"
Ali smirked again. "Yeah, I remember. You were well hated. I even planned on hunting you at one time. That would have been a story to tell."
Rhys watched her walk around the small bedroom with this grin on her face as if she had transported herself to another time. Her eyes locked onto Rhys and she lost her grin. "But, this now is a different game...isn't it?"
Rhys cleared her throat. "You might say that. We have to put an end to this and now. The only way I see it is if Simon is eliminated. His pack of hybrids would have no leader and would be disbanded for at least a while. I'm sure Garrett would jump at the chance to take his place."
"He's a piece of work your brother."
The way she said it made Rhys think she was almost admiring him. "Well, he's just as dangerous as Simon but he won't get the full support that Simon had. He'll have to earn it."
Ali sat at the end of the bed and looked up at her. "So, when do we carry out this plan of yours?"
"The sooner the better and I will tell Katie everything. They will help us, especially if you tell them they can kill some of those freaks as they like to call them."
Ali made a face. "Does Katie know that you're carrying hybrid twins?"
Rhys shook her head. "She won't either. I have to protect these twins right now. Their lives are in danger right now."
Ali nodded like she understood. "So, we make our move tonight?"
"Yes, once Katie has sent out some spies and finds out where Simon is. If he's at the house where they took me, it should be easy to get in there. But if he's in the estate, it will be much more difficult."
"Get Katie in here then and let's find out where out target is."
Rhys left the room and in a few seconds came back with Katie. Rhys filled her in on the plan. Katie nodded and agreed to send out spies to find Simon's location.
Rhys seen through the window three of Katie's cats go out. Cassie was one of them. She was small but Rhys could feel fierceness from inside her. She watched them get into the Rock and take off.
Rhys and Ali went out into the living room. The room was empty except for Katie and a few male cats. The two male cats eyed them carefully. Ali kept to the farthest part of the room. One male cat scrunched up his nose as if her scent was too much.
Katie whispered something to both of them and they quickly left.
When the screen door bounced against the door jamb Rhys turned to Katie. "I'm sorry about all of this but I have to put an end to this and when it's done, we won't bother you anymore."
Katie looked confused. "What do you mean we won't bother you anymore? Are you talking about your twins?"
Rhys took a deep breath. She couldn't tell Katie the real truth. "You have your coven here Katie. I don't belong in it and you know it. Your cats don't trust me."
Katie folded her arms tightly around herself. "Give them a chance. They will come around."
Rhys shook her head. "No, they won't. Being here with Ali who is a wolf is insulting to them. It's like I turned on them. I use to hunt Wolves, remember?"
Katie glanced over at Ali as if she needed reminding. "Yeah, I must admit I don't understand that one either but knowing you, there had to be a good reason, right?"
Rhys nodded not wanting to get into the conversation any deeper.
The roar of the Rock outside pulled their attention to the window. Rhys watched Cassie jump out the passenger side and march towards the front door. The other cats weren't as quick. Katie met Cassie at the door.  She had a grim face. She led Cassie into the living room. The other two male cats caught up. The expressions on their faces weren't any different.
"What did you find out?"
Cassie looked at Rhys and Ali and back to Katie. "Simon was at the house for a moment and then he left. He went back to the big house." Rhys knew she meant the estate.
She glanced at Rhys before continuing. "Simon is gathering up his forces to get her back. He thinks that she is into some deal."
Rhys looked at her. "What do you mean deal? I'm not into any deal with anybody."
Cassie smirked. "Well, Daddy thinks you are."
Katie looked at Rhys, "This is going to be difficult getting into that estate."
Rhys nodded. "No, it won't work."
They all looked at her.
"Why, what are you thinking," asked Katie. "Or should I say what stupid thing are you going to do now?"
Rhys ignored her. "I'll give myself up and stop fighting him. Then I'll make my move. You guys will be safe and I can get Kellan and Thor out. I just have to give Simon my word and prove myself that I won't make any more escapes."
Katie shook her head. "No, he won't. He'll kill you."
Rhys shook her head. No, he won't. I'm carrying these twins right now so that keeps me alive. He'll trust me again. I'll make him."
They all stared at her. Then Ali walked up to her and asked, "How are you going to get him to trust you?"
Rhys looked straight  into her eyes. "By killing some of his deadliest enemies."

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