Thursday, 5 December 2013


Rhys jumped when she heard the ping on the window. Someone had thrown something at the window. She cautiously went to the window and looked down. It was Katie. How did she...
Rhys quickly shook her head and wondered why she was there. The window was locked but that didn't stop Katie. She shape shifted to her cat form and leaped up to the roof that was just below the row of windows. It was a steep roof but Katie hung on. Then she leaped onto the narrow ledge of the window and now was face to face with Rhys.
Katie's gold eyes went through Rhys. She looked so lethal thought Rhys. Without hesitation Rhys went to the window to try and open it. Thoughts of breaking one of the panes came to mind but she knew that would set off an alarm. The lock on the window had to be picked. She didn't need much to pick it but they knew that too and made sure that there was nothing that she could use.
Katie started to scratch at the window sill. Rhys shook her head at her. She said through the window to Katie, "If you break anything an alarm will be set off."
Katie let out a growl. She couldn't get Katie killed.
She looked frantically around the room for something. She went to the closet and it was full of clothes. Rhys ran her hand through the clothes when something hard hit her fingers. Quickly she stopped and investigated what it was. It was a jewelled broach. An idea came to her.
Rhys ran to the window with the broach. The pin that went through the clothes was by luck the perfect size to fit into the lock. With a couple of little clicks she opened the window.
Katie was still in her cat form. Rhys knew what to do. She shifted.
Both cats scrambled down the roof and leaped onto the ground not stopping. They leaped over some bushes into the back alley and slinked along the bushes staying in the shadows until they had gone to the next block. They both shifted back.
Rhys whirled around to Katie, "What the hell where you thinking , coming here? How did you even get into the back yard?
 She scoffed at Rhys folding her arms in deviance at her. "Those hybrids are so stupid that they aren't even a challenge. They're freaks."
Rhys felt a pang inside her as she placed her hand protectively over her stomach. "Yeah well, you took a lot of risk. Why?"
"We want you back Rhys, The cat coven needs you. Trouble is brewing with these hybrids and other cat covens are coming into the area also checking them out. Territory is now going to become battle zones. We don't need that. We need to take these freaks of natures out so we don't have war in our world."
Rhys couldn't help notice her contempt for the hybrids. They were poison to her, Rhys got that feeling loud and clear.
Suddenly a thought rushed into her head. "What about Ali?"
"One of my cats took her to the healer, She will be fine. You have to contact Thor and that other wolf to come get her. My cats are getting agitated about having a wolf in their camp. They want her gone."
"Thor and Kellan are okay?"
"As far as I know." She gritted her teeth. "One of them almost took out one of my best cats. Slap the big brute for me will ya or better yet beat him."
Rhys smirked. "I'll try to remember that as soon as I see him. Right now we need to get out of here."
"My cats have relocated. The Rock is parked down the street. This time no one will follow us."
Rhys nodded and together they took off down the back alley.


The camp where Katie took her this time was in a run down part of the city. It was ghetto like by the broken down buildings and garbage everywhere. A shudder went though her as she seen a small child's bike tipped over on its side, left on the street.
The house where Katie took her was white with blue peeling paint shudders. Some of the windows were cracked and some not there at all. Rhys noticed old plywood over one of the windows. The patio blocks they walked on were cracked with weeds growing in them. Katie took Rhys to the back of the house and right away Rhys picked up Ali's scent. She could see why the cats would be agitated.
The old patio had boards missing as Katie skipped over them to the back door. She tapped the window of the porch door. Right away someone came to the door. It was the small cat, Cassie that Josh had attacked back at the camp. Her gold eyes looked past Katie to her. Rhys felt awkward and out of place suddenly. She got a cold vibe off her like she wasn't welcome.
Katie exchanged some words with her that Rhys couldn't hear. When Rhys entered into the house,all eyes were on her. It wasn't a very big house and the kitchen that they entered was full of cats. As they walked through to the living room there were more cats. Rhys didn't recognize too many of them. She swallowed hard and felt like an intruder. Maybe she was.
"I have her back, my werecats. She was a legend when she use to be apart of us Diamond cats. She could hunt with the best of them and with her help will eradicate those freaks."
Rhys cringed when she said freaks again. There were some murmurs in the room. Rhys was thinking that they were questioning her ability to help them with the quest.
One male cat got up. A tall black youth stood towering over Rhys. His dark brown cat eyes pierced through her sending a cold chill down her spine. "You own that wolf back there? We want her gone". He sneered at Rhys.
"Jared please," said Katie.
Rhys held up her had. "It's okay." She bravely looked up at Jared. "I'm very thankful that you healed her. She is important believe it or not. I will get her out of here as soon as possible, I promise." She looked at them all. "I thank you again and I owe you one."
Jared backed up eyes narrowed at her. Rhys knew he was reserving judgement on her like everyone in the house. She had to live with that. Right now she had to remain calm. She had her twins to protect.
"Where's Ali?"
Jared smirked, "In the back. You are going to let the dog out?" Others in the room laughed only to be silenced by Katie.
"She's in the bedroom at the end of the hallway," said Katie.
Rhys headed for the bedroom. Quietly she opened the door. Ali flew up. "It's me, its okay."
"Katie got you out. How?"
"She's sneaky and lethal at the same time."
Ali snorted. "I could tell that. How does it feel to be with you old coven again?"
Rhys shrugged her shoulders. "It strange. Katie has a new group mostly."
She smirked. "What, they didn't welcome you with open arms?"
"So you want out of here or not?"
Ali sighed. "Okay, what's the plan?"
Rhys looked at her. "I don't have one at least right now."
"Do you have a cell phone on you?"
Rhys gave her a look.
"Yeah I guess not. Well get one. I'll contact Thor."
Rhys went to Katie. "I need your cell." Katie handed her hers. She ran back to Ali who wasted no time in phoning Thor. Rhys could hear him pick up right away. By the tone of his voice Rhys could pick up a great deal of stress.
Right away Rhys thought about Kellan.
When Ali hung up she looked at Rhys. "I guess it's just you and me and this bunch of cats right now."
"What are you talking about?
"Simon has captured Thor and Kellan. He's going to use them to get to you. It's a trap set for you and this time I think Simon means business."
Rhys knew what that meant. He would kill Thor and Kellan in front of her and hold her hostage until the twins were born. She knew then as soon as the twins were born she would be killed.
She looked at Ali. "You and I have a mission then."
She grinned at Ali. "What would that be?"
"We're going to kill Simon."

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