Thursday, 26 December 2013


Rhys woke to a strange smell. Her nose twitched. She lifted her head that felt like lead. Her whole body ached in a way that reminded her of her days hunting.
What is that smell? Rhys made her body move and managed to sit up at the edge of the bed. She listened for anyone around. She tried to pick up Jared's scent but nothing. Instead she picked up the faint smell of wolf.
It was another family member, Josh. He was here. Of course he's here Rhys; he's a part of the this family. She stood up and made her way to the bathroom. There was a wall of mirrors along the back of the whirlpool bathtub. Rhys caught a glimpse of her naked self. She stopped as she slid her hand over her body. The slight bulge was noticeable. She studied herself for a while until she really looked at herself in the mirror. Her brown hair was slightly matted and her complexion was pale with a slight redness in her cheeks. Even her eyes felt fuzzy and she didn't think she even looked like herself anymore. There was too many changes going on in her body.
That smell came back to her. This time she covered her nose. Rhys thought she would have a bath and started the water. She threw in some lavender salts. The smell of the lavender masked the other odour.
"You're up love. I thought you might be resting today, given the night we had." He smiled at her as he came into the bathroom.
"Let me help you in." Rhys took his hand and slipped into the tub. The warm water eased the ache in her body. He leaned over and kissed her. The smell was back.
"What is that smell?"
He raised an eyebrow. "You don't know? That smell is our twins. They are making themselves known. I have to admit that they do have a strong scent those two. It must because they are twins. It will settle down as you get more along."
Rhys nodded and then laid back and closed her eyes while holding Jared's hand. "I am tired."
"I know love and today will be a day of rest for you. After you've had your bath, I'll take you downstairs for something to eat. Then back to bed for rest."
"That sound good," mumbled Rhys.
"I'll be back to get you in a while." He kissed her again and left.
She watched him leave focusing on the back of his thick hair. It reminded her of someone. Who was it? The person's face would not come to her. Instead she closed her eyes and tried to clear her mind. It still felt fuzzy. Rhys turned the jets on and let the bubbles froth around her melting her thoughts away making her forget what she wanted.
A noise from what sounded like next door woke her up from her slumber. At first she thought it was the jets so she turned them off, nothing. She listened and then just as she was going to turn the jets on, she heard the noise again. It startled her. It was a loud thudding sound. A shiver went though her for some reason and she wished Jared was there. Some loud muffled voice vibrated thought the wall.
Then it was quiet.
She looked around the bathroom and wondered if she should get out and see what was going on. It still remained quiet so Rhys decided to sit in the tub a bit longer to wait and see if Jared would come. Her whole body felt alive now.
Finally the bedroom door opened and she sat staring at the door of the bathroom. She knew it was Jared. He was doing something in the bedroom.
"Is that you Jared?"
"Yes love, it's me. I'll be right back to help you. I'll be just one minute I promise."
The door shut before she could reply. She could hear what sounded like a door next door open and shut. There were more loud voices and then one thud. Rhys listened for more but it was quiet.
The bedroom door opened and in came Jared. "What was all that noise?"
"You heard that?"
She nodded. "It sounded like you were throwing something heavy around in there."
"Sorry about that. I didn't mean to disturb you."
"It's alright I'm okay but what was going on in there?"
Jared grabbed some towels. "Let's get you out."
Rhys blinked at him and stood up in the tub. He wrapped her in the soft towel and smiled at her. It made her forget the question that she had asked.
He pulled her in tight and kissed her. She smiled up at him. "What was that for?"
He frowned. "What? I have to have an excuse to kiss my future wife and mother of my children?"
She laughed. "No, I guess not."
Jared dried her off. Jared grinned at her. "Since you and I missed out on the special dinner last night, we are going to have that dinner with the family tonight."
"The family is all here?"
"Yes, they are and we also have a special guest. I just met her."
"Who is she?"
"I'm not entirely sure. Simon said he would give us a formal introduction at dinner tonight."
"Oh okay, well I guess we will find out then."
"Let's get you some breakfast."
They both walked out into the bedroom. Rhys spied the dress on the bed. "What is that?"
"I hope you don't mind but I picked  out a dress for you tonight." Rhys looked over at the end of the bed where the dress was laid out. An emerald green satin dress with a jewelled waist sparkled. Her eyes widened. "Very fancy for dinner don't you think?"
"This is a special occasion. This is a celebration of our family being all together."
"Father is going all out as usual." She stopped suddenly. She had said the word father. Why did that feel wrong in her mouth?"
She shook her head and went over to the dress and picked it up. The soft fabric felt cool in her hands. The jewel band was just under the bust and the rest of the dress flowed freely down to the floor. She set it back down and went over and sat down at the dressing table and picked up a brush and started to bush her hair.
Jared took the brush out of her hand and started to brush her hair for her. "Remember when I use to do this? You loved the way I brushed your hair."
His fingers rested gently against the back of her neck as he held her hair and brushed it. The touch of his skin sent a quiver down her spine.
She sighed closing her eyes. It felt to Rhys as if he was transporting her to another dimension with his touch and brushing. She could feel his breath against her right ear. Whispered words entered into her subconscious and when she opened her eyes, he was standing behind her.
"There, that is lovely. I like the way your hair falls over your shoulders. Now let's have some breakfast. I had the liberty of having a tray sent up to us. Come sit over here by this little table."
When Rhys looked over, a little table about the size of a bistro table was draped in a lace table cloth complete with flowers. She smiled.
Jared sat her down and uncovered the plate. Scrambled eggs and toast with some fruit on the side filled the large gold trimmed plate. "Am I suppose to eat all of this?"
He eyed her with a grin. "Most of it, you need food in you." He pointed to the fork. She sighed and started to eat.
After they finished he came around to her. "You need to rest now before we have our dinner party tonight."
"But I'm not...
"Never mind love. Let's go." He escorted her to the bed and helped her lay down. He laid beside her  on top of the covers.
He brushed her hair to the side with his fingers. She looked at him and as she did her eyelids felt heavy. He kissed each eyelid and darkness welcomed her.


"Let me help you into your dress."
Rhys felt that funny feeling again. Suddenly it was early evening. The last thing she remembered was sitting with Jared having breakfast and now they were getting ready for father's dinner party. 
He helped her into her dress and kissed her bare shoulders. She smiled at him leaning back into him. "If you keep this up we will miss another dinner and father will not be happy."
Her eyes went wide. She said it again. Why does father sound so strange to say? What's wrong with me?"
She was about to turn around and ask Jared when a gentle knock came to the door.
"Come in," said Jared
The door quietly opened and Garrett popped his head in. "Is it safe to come in?"
Jared chuckled, "Of course it is."
Garrett smiled and quickly walked in.
"Well, don't you look lovely my dear sister."
Rhys smiled at him. "Thank you, Jared picked out the dress."
Garrett grinned at Jared. "He made a perfect choice as usual. Father will be delighted to see you two at dinner tonight." He came and stood right in front of Rhys and looked her in the eye.
Rhys smiled back at him. "What is it? Why are you looking at me like that?"
Garrett smiled. "I'm just admiring my dear sister who is about to be married and also about to become a mother. I couldn't be happier for you right now." He kissed her on the cheek and hugged her.
Garrett cupped his fingers under her chin. "Everything now is as it should be."
He kissed her nose.


I would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and the best in 2114!

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