Thursday, 19 December 2013


Walking into the estate wasn't hard.
Rhys stood perfectly still while Simon circled around her. She knew that he was sniffing her trying to pick up any weapons that she might have tried to sneak in. Garrett stood off to the side along with Sam. They both eyed her with caution.
Rhys knew that nobody trusted her. She had played this game one too many times. This escaping she knew was not an option anymore if she wanted to keep Thor and Kellan alive. For all she knew she thought they could already be dead.
Simon was inches from her face. She never wavered. Rhys was determined to be as strong as she could. Sam was leaning against the wall. He pushed himself away and walked towards her. Rhys held her breath. Now she had Simon on one side of her and Sam on the other.
Sam's warm breath brushed against her cheek as he spoke, "I think a lock up in the guest house with her intended mate would be in order. Jared would love have you back."
Rhys cringed on the inside when he said the word love. Jared wasn't around and she wondered if he had given up on her but maybe not. She didn't look forward to seeing him in any case.
Simon stepped away and stood now in front of her. His steel grey eyes were haunting. He offered her a small smile. "Your offer to take out my enemies is most honorable but in the state you are in, I will not allow that. You will do as Sam here suggested. I am giving you the opportunity to make things right with Jared." He sighed. "Of course I blame a lot of this on Thor and Kellan. If they...
"You can't harm them. That was the deal and I'm not an invalid. I can still hunt."
Both Sam and Simon laughed. "I don't doubt you can but you're carrying two diamond werecats and that takes precedence," Simon said.
Rhys shifted a little uneasy when he mentioned the diamond were cats. Her secret had to be kept secret more than ever now that she was in this house.
"Take her upstairs for now and get our girl comfortable. We will have dinner tonight to celebrate her return. Will that not be nice dear?"
Garrett had stayed silent this whole time. Rhys heard him walk towards her. "Let me take my sister upstairs. It will give me a chance to spend some time with my dear sister."
Sam eyed him but stepped aside anyway. Garrett smiled at her and offered her his arm. Slowly she slipped her arm through his. She could feel a strange vibe when she touched him.
They were half way up the stairs when he leaned in and whispered. "So, what's the plan?"
She knew what he meant. "I don't have a plan," she said flatly.
He chuckled. "You always have a plan. Why else would you just waltz up to the house giving yourself up? You want that wolf don't you?"
"I'm not talking to you about Kellan. The deal is that you will set them free, both of them. They are still alive are they not?"
"Oh, they are alive."
Rhys waited for him to say more but he didn't offer any more information on their condition. She knew he did that on purpose. There was no way she was going to plead for information. That was his game. Rhys would have to find out herself what was going on.
The room Garrett led her to, was right next to Simon's. "You put me next to Simon's room."
"Yes, and I am right across the hallway as is Sam. He's next to my room." He smiled at her.
"I have the wolves at my door."
"Now two of us are part cat you know. But yeah, you're not going anywhere this time."
Rhys noted the smugness in his voice. It made her insides burn.
Garrett opened the door and waited for her to go in. She felt like a prisoner as she crossed the threshold. Rhys looked around the room that was to serve as her cell for now. A large four poster oak bed adorned the room with a huge white duvet that looked freshly made held her attention. It looked inviting. Off to the side was an antique oak dresser. A walk in closet was not far. She already knew it was filled with clothes. Another door took her into a luxury bathe suite.
The one thing that was missing in the room made her smile. There was no window.
"Why don't you enjoy a soak in the tub and have a rest. You look like you need to rest. I can see stress written all over you."
She glared at him.
She expected him to have some half witted comment but his face was expressionless. He took a deep breath and Rhys could sense now he had something to say and he was going to say it now. She waited.
He started by pointing his finger at her. "You have caused more trouble that I think you're worth but you are my sister and I will protect you. I don't care if you like it or not. You're a part of this family. You have to learn that you have obligations to this family and a loyalty that is expected of you as well. Not to be taking some half ass escape into trouble. Those wolves that you have hung out with are nothing but rogues and should be destroyed and would be if I had my way of it. But father has granted you some lee way." He gritted his teeth. "From now on you will obey and keep yourself in line. You will not only have this family to answer to but someone else as well...
"Give her a break Garrett. I will take care of her from now on, okay?"
Rhys startled. He sauntered past Garrett right up to her. He smiled down at her. "Hello love, I'm so glad you came back to us. You made the right choice. From now on it will be just us and our twins. You will be by my side from now on and we will be solid family. Won't we love?"
Rhys stood there with her mouth slightly open.
Garrett came up and stood beside her and smiled. His sassiness was back. "Of course Rhys will. She has made a commitment to this family now. She knows where her loyalties lie now." He patted heron the  shoulder and left them alone.
Rhys stepped back slightly only to have Jared close the gap up. He swept her up in his arms and kissed her deeply. She gasped for breath.
In one full sweep he scooped her up and took her over to the bed. He gently placed her on the bed and gazed down at her. His dark eyes were sultry and burning with desire. A shiver ran up her spine.
"I have waited for this for so long. You came back to me. You realized that we are meant to be together. I want to make love to you so bad right now." He kissed her again and started to undo her jeans and slipped his hand over her tummy. He bent down and kissed her tummy. She never noticed with what was all going on but there was now a slight bulge there now. He kissed her tummy again. He now leaned over and slid her jeans off along with her panties. He also pulled off her t-shirt and undid her bra, He worked fast. Now she was lying naked on the bed while his eyes took all of her in.
"My beautiful Rhys, you're all mine." He quickly slipped off his own clothes. He pulled her close and she felt his warm skin against her. He was on fire.
He kissed each nipple, sucking and teasing making Rhys moan. His fingers slipped between her legs finding her wetness. Gently he probed her finding her tender spot. Rhys found herself responding to his touch. Why was she letting herself feel all these things? It was like he knew what buttons to push.
His fingers went farther and she let out a gasp. It had been so long for her. Jared couldn't wait either. He carefully mounted himself on top of her and entered her slowly at first and then went as deep as he could go. They both groaned and hung on to each other tightly.
They soon found a passionate rhythm that sent them into a shuddering orgasm. They kissed deeply while he was still inside of her. She wanted him to stay where he was. Rhys could feel her body wanting more. He could feel it too and smiled down at her. "I'm all yours love. You can have as much of me as you want."
They were lying on their side as he started to move back and forth inside of her again. He stopped periodically to kiss a nipple  or nibble on her neck or shoulder. Just as she thought this dizziness was going to sweep her away he would tease her  and pull out. She dug her claws in his back. He came back inside thrusting deep making her insides go mad. His breathing was catching fast now. They both held each other tight as they both entered into a world of ecstasy that sent then into passionate screams.
Rhys lay there staring at the ceiling trying to make sense of just what happened. Had she gone mad? Jared kissed her on the temple. "We have to get ready for the celebrations tonight. Of course I could tell them we are busy."
His had slid down her abdomen and went between her legs. He cupped her for a moment. His warm hand felt good. She tried to fight it but this overwhelming feeling flooded her and she couldn't run from it. What kind of power did Jared suddenly have on her?
She tried to think back the moments before she entered the house. Every step played out in her mind. The greeting, the speech she gave them and the looks they gave her followed by her father smiling at her. What did she miss?
Then this feeling washed over her. Simon, he did this. Like Kellan, he messed with her mind. She could feel it but wasn't sure. Everything was so fuzzy. Then it was gone and she tried to remember but it was gone as if never there.
"Darling what is it?"
She looked over at him. "I don't know. I thought I remembered something but now it's gone."
He smiled at her. "Well, it probably wasn't worth remembering. Forget everything and concentrate on the now. That's what's important."
She smiled at him. "Yes, that's what I want, to concentrate on the now. I love you so much."
"I love you too darling."
"Make love to me."
Jared smiled. "That what I want to hear. I will make love to you all night long."
He kissed her and they were wrapped up in each other's arms. Rhys opened her eyes as that funny feeling hit again. It was that memory.
Rhys couldn't understand it. It was utter confusion. She closed her eyes and tried hard to forget.

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