Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Xmas!

Merry Christmas
from Short stories & Stuff!
Wishing you all the best in 2015!

Thursday, 18 December 2014


Hi everyone! I hope everyone is keeping well as we are getting close to Xmas. I'm not sure if I will get one more in before Xmas or not. We'll see, if not I will be back after the new year. In case I don't make it back, I wish all those who have stopped by here to read all my crazy flash fiction and strange short stories a Merry Xmas and the best of health and happiness in 2015.

The Three Wise Cats
It was rare of them to gather but it was that time of year.
They were on watch out. For what we really don't know.
One evening, just before dusk something caught their attention.
There didn't appear to be anything there but they remained still and kept watch.
There was a sudden flutter outside and when I looked there were three small gifts.
Very tiny boxes wrapped in red, gold and brown sat outside with a velvet bow on top of each one.
You would miss them if you didn't look hard enough.
This pleased the three of them and they got down from the window sill and under the tree sat the three little gifts.
It was some kind of magic that transformed them inside.
No one could touch them but the three cats.
With a blink they were gone and the three cats were off hiding.
We only guessed that they were enjoying their small gifts.

Thursday, 11 December 2014


Happy day to everyone out there. It's very windy today so a good day to stay in and write this. I hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend and stay warm !


Gold Snowflakes & Wishes
I wish everyone could see a gold snowflake in their time.
Wishes made on gold snowflakes are like treasured rare gem stones.
They glitter and glow and make you in awe at them.
They are very breakable though and should not be touched.
The wishes you make have to be carefully selected or they will break also.
Xmas wishes are the best. They don't break so it's wise to make one of those.
And if you wish for peace and good health to your own family, it will probably come true.
The gold snowflake takes to gentle and kind wishes the best.
So, remember if you ever come across a gold snowflake, take the moment in and think very carefully for the wish that you want to make.
Happy wish making!

I wish 

Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Hello everyone. Hope you are all well and happy. Since Xmas is getting close, I selected a picture that was taken quite a while ago of my Misty in the Xmas garland. Hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend!

Misty & Santa
The garland was set out on the floor to check the lights.
When I got back Misty had made herself comfortable in the middle.
She was quite determined to stay there.
I asked her why she wanted to stay there. It didn't look too comfortable.
Of course she never said nothing. Just settled herself down even more.
Being new in the home, I was guessing she was curious about the thing on the floor.
She still remained quiet and said nothing. It was as if she was waiting for something.
When I told her I had to finally put up the garland she looked up at me with her kitten eyes.
I sighed. Okay, I said. But only for one night. In the morning they go up I told her.
That seemed to make her happy.
During the night I woke and I knew it was coming from the kitchen.
I thought she was now playing with the garland. I thought I better get up before there were needles everywhere.
But just as I got there I heard a soft low voice. I stopped and listened.
Have you been good was the question I heard. A little mew was the answer.
A soft laugh filled the kitchen. Here you go was the response to Misty's little mew.
When I went further into the kitchen, no one was there. Misty was sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor.
I looked down at her and there was a toy mouse sitting at her feet.
Hmm, I said. What is this I asked her.
Did Santa bring this to you I laughed.
She looked up at me with her large kitten eyes and I knew the answer.
Misty had met Santa.
What a lucky little kitty.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Flash Fiction-I'm Going To Pick These For You

Hello everyone. Hope everyone is keeping warm. It's very cold where I live. Hope these picture of the lilies make you think warm thoughts. Happy Thanksgiving to all the US readers! Have a great weekend!

I'm Going To Pick These For You
The pink color caught my eye first. I knew it was your favorite color.
I was hoping these flowers would make up for my mistake.
I know I walked out before we should have talked. But I was so mad I had to get distance.
So, this is the beginning of my apology and I hope now we can talk.
I promise from now on to talk first instead of running away.
If we can get past this I know that we can make it.
Please say yes and make me the happiest I've ever been.
I'll pick these for you right now.
I can't wait to be together again.

Thursday, 20 November 2014


Hi and hope everyone is keeping warm these days. Hope the sun is at least shining where you are.
I hope you enjoy today's flash fiction. Have a great weekend!

Into The Frosted Forest
It's pure whiteness couldn't help but lure you in. I hesitated all the same.
Questions of what was in there raced through my mind.
Stories of magical faeries of course always were heard but there were others in inside the magical forest. What were they and what would they do to me?
The faeries I was told would not bother you as they weren't interested in humans unless we caught their attention on purpose. That I did not ever do. I knew better.
No, there were stories of white frosted horses that galloped through the forest and they would stop and offer you a ride through the forest.
This was very ill advised to do. It was said that they would enchant you and you would never be let down.
Even scarier were the magical flying centaurs with their black eyes that sparkled like black onyx against the blue sky.
No, as much as the winds whispers from the  Frosted Forest invited me to come visit, I backed up.
I had turned almost all the way around when I heard a noise.  When I looked up there was a young man standing there with snow white hair that shone against the blue sky. He was so tall and lean and the way he stood there staring at me with those black eyes. He was breath taking, really.
He held out his hand for me to take.
My hand hovered over his and just when I was about to touch him a gust of cold wind blew me back. When I sat up the young man was gone and I knew that I needed to get up and go back home.
This was not meant for me.
I turned and never looked back into the Frosted Forest.

Thursday, 13 November 2014


Hi and hope everyone is keeping warm. Winter is creeping in where I live. Today I have some flash fiction. It's a bit longer than my usual flash fiction. Hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend!

Apples, Deception And a Frog
The faerie boy tried to tell me that they were as sweet as I was. But I knew those apples were past their day. When you looked at them they were picture perfect and you wanted to pick one and take a bite.
I tried to get his name but he was coy and wouldn't reveal it. If I could find out, he would have to come good on the apples and tell me the truth. I asked  him, "Why do you want me to take a bite anyway?"
His smile was equal to a warm sunny day. He filled my thought full of summer fun and urges to go ahead and take the apples.
I shook my head at him and frowned. That didn't make him happy. A glimmer of sun shimmered in his blond hair and his green forest eyes drank me in.
I shifted at his charm and tried to back away. I knew that I shouldn't have attracted his attention to begin with. What was I thinking?
With one fluid motion he was standing in front of me towering down at me. The smell of over ripe apples devoured me. "Take a bite my love and you can play with me forever. Wouldn't you like that?"
I swallowed hard but I threw my chin up at him. "I will not take one bite of your rotten apples or play with you. You want to trick me and that is all."
His laugh sounded like a summer breeze blowing away the scent of the apples. "I knew you would say that," he said a with grin that made him look more devious than ever.
I thought I could run for it but faeries were fast. There would be no chance.
The only way would be to beat him at his own game but I was pretty sure he would cheat anyway.
I turned my back on him instead and slowly walked way. I waited to see if he would run up behind me. He did not come running.
Apart of me was relieved but suspicious all the same.
I was half way to the house when I felt his presence behind me.
My focus was ahead but it was not meant to be.
Now he was standing in my way blocking me grinning. He was so beautiful to look at.
His forest green eyes held me still the way he wanted.
My mouth went to say something when his finger pressed against my lips. I watched him with my chest thumping loudly.
"No need to fear me love. Your wildly thumping heart is what I want you to feel when you love me back." His smile was pure sunshine and this time the smell of sweet roses took me.
He sighed, "Ahh, what am I to do with you love?"
A noise to the right caught both our attention. Sitting on one of the large stones that enclosed a flower bed was a large frog.
The faerie boy screwed up his nose.
"So, I see you found another play thing. Is that the best you can do?"
Now the faerie boy was annoyed.
"Hmm, I wonder what favour I could ask of you ... by saying your name." It appeared the frog was almost smiling.
The faerie boy started to stutter and his glimmer of sunshine was now quite dim.
"She is not my play thing. I was ... just... on my way...
With a blink of an eye he was gone and the frog leaped after him.
I was left standing there alone. When I looked down there was three over ripe apples and one dried up rose.
I made a vow to myself to never attract their attention again.

Thursday, 6 November 2014


Hi everyone. Today is cat flash fiction. Hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend!

So You Want To Know
 Well, it wasn't easy let me tell you. It started almost the moment I got here.
But I kept my wits about me and staked out the place pretty quickly.
The one who thought I didn't belong was quite opinionated  but so  was I. I didn't back down. I stood on all four paws and made myself heard.
She is bigger than me but I'm quicker.
Never mind the stuffing me under the desk anymore. I figured it out.
So, you wanna know how I did it?
Bribe. Yup that's all it took.
Well, that wasn't all. I found out an embarrassing secret about her that she didn't want the others to know.
That was the clincher. So now I do pretty much what I want.
So, now you know.

Thursday, 30 October 2014


Hello everyone. Today I have something different. This is the beginning of a novel I am writing. I think it will be a trilogy. The first book is A  DISCOVERY OF MAGICIANS. I think it is going to be a YA novel. It's not in it's final form but I hope you will enjoy this little taste.

A Discovery Of Magicians
He pulled the magic off without them knowing it. Breagan smiled as he saw her eyes widen. He had changed a feather closed inside his hand into a coin. Everyone was shaking their head as they looked up and down his bare arms. There was no sleeve to do an exchange. The mumbles around said he must have somehow did the switch from his pocket.
Breagan watched her from the corner of his eye. He had impressed Miss Emily Gates. A lively beat started inside his chest as he started to go towards her. He wiped his hands on his jeans quickly but stopped in his tracks. Instead of looking at Emily's pretty face, some dude was draping his arm over her shoulder and was leading her away.
He gritted his teeth and ground his runner into the grass. Thoughts of doing something to the dude crossed his mind. Flattening his tires on his car would stop him from going anywhere with Emily. It was very tempting. What does she see in him? Maybe it has to do with his good looks? Nah, the guy is a football player. They have the mentally of a squirrel.
Breagan watched as Emily flipped her blond hair in front of him just as he opened the door to his little coupe. Her smile melted Breagan from across the parking lot. His legs felt wobbly suddenly.
The sound of someone sighing brought Breagan to his attention. A coldness made the hairs on his neck stand up. Slowly he turned his head but no one was there. He shook his head and was going to walk away when this time a voice spoke to him and it was as if they were talking right into his ear but no one was there.
She's not worth it. And that little trick you did to impress her was pretty lame.
Breagan froze. He knew there was no one talking into his ear. There was no one around him. The magic in him started to hum.
Oh, I can feel your magic. Most promising indeed.
Breagan swirled around half expecting to see some sort of alien being but all that happened was a gust of wind blew into his face and that was it.
The school bell rang.
Art class was what he needed right now and Emily would be there as well.  While painting he could admire her.
Breagan"s piece that he was working on was a portrait of her but it was a different version. It was Breagan's vision of his love interest. No one in the room including Emily would know that it was her.
He settled down to paint and kept looking over at where she usually sat but she hadn't arrived yet. The bell rang for the last and she was still not there. Breagan sighed. Emily skipped out to be with him. His eyes reverted to his painting of Emily. The smoky eyes looked back at him. In Breagan's mind her eyes were navy instead of the soft brown her own were. Her shoulder length blond hair had streaks of pink and blue. Her high cheek bones were sharper giving her a dangerous edge that excited Breagan.
He was about to start painting when he caught someone out the corner of his eye. A dark haired girl sat down where Emily usually sat. A funny vibe went up Breagan's spine. She never looked at any body and when she revealed what she was working on it was all black with splashes of color in the middle. It looked like a strange door way to some place that he would never dream of going.
Who are you?
Breagan tried to concentrate on his painting but his eyes kept sneaking over to where the girl sat in Emily's spot. The colors on her painting were getting more and more intense. He had to force himself to blink his eyes to stop staring at those colors.
When he looked at his own painting the intense colors were crawling all over his Emily devouring her. "NO!"
Everyone turned and looked at him. The teacher Miss Black looked over at him. "Is everything alright?"
Breagan looked at his painting again. The colors had gone but he could still feel them.
"Everything is fine, sorry."
He could feel his face heat and could also feel something else-her eyes on him.
Slowly he let his eyes peer over to her and she locked him in her gaze. He couldn't look away if he tried. Her eyes were the color of stone grey with a coldness that ran through Breagan's veins. The magic thrummed inside him like it did outside. Who are you? Are you the one who attacked me outside?
She smirked. He knew that she had heard his silent words.
Meet me outside after class under the old apple tree where you did your trick.
She whirled around cutting off the hold she had on him. For the rest of the class she ignored him. He never stopped watching her. Her painting in front of her kept changing. It was like she was putting on a show for him because she knew he was watching.
There were cards running across her canvas only to be caught and made to fall into a card house. Then they would collapse and out from under the cards a rabbit bound out and Breagan thought it looked as if it was going to leap out. Breagan held his breath but just as the rabbit looked like it was going to jump into her lap, it turned into cards and flew around the room. Breagan looked at everyone and the cards but it appeared that no one could see the cards. They all flew in front of him and one stray card nearly hit his cheek but darted out of the way in time. The cards raced back to her and landed inside the canvas in a neat stack, just as the bell rang to end class.
She never turned around. He watched her get up calmly and walk out.
Breagan didn't know what to do. Should he go meet her under the old tree? His magic was always something he kept to himself. Now he had ran into someone like himself and that scared him for some reason. Maybe he thought she would have answers but did he want to know them?
Breagan sighed. He slowly gathered up his stuff and just as he was about to get up a girl came up to him and handed him a note. "I was told to give this to you." He took the note from her and she walked away.
He opened the note. Don't meet her. She will trick you. Meet me instead, behind the school.
There were two of them! Now he really didn't know what to do. He didn't trust either one of them but wanted to know who and what they wanted from him.
When he got outside he looked over at the far end of the yard where the old tree was. He didn't see her unless she was hiding behind the tree. He also looked towards the back of the school. Which way was he to go?
She came out from behind the tree and stood there waiting for him. He stopped abut five feet from her. "Don't worry, you can trust me. Let's sit at the picnic table."
"Okay, but you have to tell who you are and what do you want from me?"
"My name is Saurian and I've been looking for you for a long time."
"Looking for me? What do you mean by that?"
"It means I have finally completed the circle. You need to come with me to seal this circle."
"Seal the circle? What is that and what have I got to do with it?"
She leaned over as if someone might be listening. "You belong to a coven of magicians that needs your help to bind them. That's where you come from. You must have wondered growing up that you could do things and "perform tricks" to amuse yourself and your friends."
Breagan didn't respond. He wanted to hear more about this circle. Her stone grey eyes settled on him and she continued. "There are others out there and the attack that you said you experienced earlier was from one of the Oracles."
"Oracles? I don't understand."
"They are magic stealers who don't want the circle complete. They will stop at nothing and that is why you have to come with me to help put an end to this for once and for all."
Breagan shook his head. He felt like he was being dragged into something that he and nothing to do with him. He wanted to get as far away from them as possible. Breagan got up without looking at her. He didn't want to be held by those eyes of hers.
The sound of her getting up followed him. "I warn you not to go meet him."
Breagan stopped in his tracks. She had stopped as well. He turned his head and met those stone grey eyes that made him shiver.
"I have no intentions of meeting him or having anything to do with this circle and completing it. It has nothing to with me. Leave me out of it."
Breagan walked away and quickly put distance between them.
Without thinking he went behind the school yard to take a short cut. He got halfway when he felt the magic. It was the same magic that attacked him earlier. Looking straight ahead with determination , Breagan kept walking as briskly as he could.
"Now, come on. Do give me the time of day at least."
Breagan shook his head and kept going. He was almost at the edge of the yard when he felt his feet was being lifted off the ground.
"Hey, put me down. I want nothing to do with any of you."
"Let me talk to you is all I ask."
"Put me down then." Gently he was lowered to the ground. He turned around cautiously to face this Oracle.
A tall dark haired young man dressed jeans, navy t-shirt and runners smiled  at him. Breagan looked him up and down. He looked ordinary and not very scary thought Breagan.
He held out his hand to Breagan. "Please to meet you. My name is Dorian."
Carefully Breagan held out his hand. "Hi, what do you want from me."
Dorian smirked. "To the point. I like you already. What I want from you is nothing more than a promise."
"A promise? What do you mean?"
"A very simple promise  Breagan. Stay away from Saurian and the circle. They want you to complete a circle that will destroy everything."
Breagan took a shaky breath. "I have no interest in your two groups dispute and I don't know why either of you sought me out. I want nothing to do with either of you or any circle."
Dorian tilted his head at Breagan. "You have no idea who or what you are do you? That's too bad but I still need that promise."
Breagan threw up his arms. "Fine, I promise to stay away from her. But you have to stay away from me."
Dorian laughed softly. "Now, that is not how it works my friend. Promises have a strange way of making up their own rules. They change on whim. No. Promises have to be made to obey."
"I don't understand."
"You will Breagan, along with everything else and more that you never knew existed."
The wind gusted suddenly and Breagan couldn't breathe. He fell to his knees and all he could see was Dorian's dark eyes and a group of others coming up behind him.

Thursday, 23 October 2014


Hi and hope all is well. Today is Cat Flash fiction. Hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend!

The Shadow Cat
She called her shadow her special friend who was shy according to her.
It would only speak to her and no one else.
Never the less, her friend followed her where ever she went. We thought this would be rather annoying but she told us absolutely not. Since her shadow friend was so special she said, they decided to be together always.
Does your shadow have a name?
Of course she said. Her name is Missy. It goes with my name, Misty. Missy Misty. She thought that was cute and we thought it sounded too sweet.
Misty didn't care and neither did Missy who just loomed behind Misty in a sulky matter.
So we apologised and offered her some cream in a china cup.
Both were quite happy and accepted their cream. 
After they licked their paws, it was  decided it was nap time.
Missy and Misty curled up in a sunny spot leaving us to clean up the cup of cream.

Thursday, 16 October 2014


Happy Fall everyone! Today I have some cat flash fiction for you. Hope you enjoy.
Have a great weekend!

Mr.  Blossom Had  A Dream
Yes, it happened.
Can one think what Mr. Blossom would dream about?
Chasing mice or catching a bird in flight maybe?
Maybe he flew like a bird. That would be silly but this is his dream after all.
He told us what he dreamed of and it was most extraordinaire indeed.
An invitation arrived to come to a special picnic.
He said he had to wash his paws twice, he was so nervous.
When the time came he was escorted by two black cats who took him to this large soft blanket under the large apple tree. Dappled sunlight played on the soft grey blanket.
A kitten held down each corner of the blanket. It wasn't that windy so they would do just fine.
Bowls of cream were laid out before them with a fresh piece of fish on a small plate.
He could smell the fish a cream. It was the best thing he ever remembered smelling.
Other cats came  and they all ate their fish and lapped up their cream.
After they played with wound up mice toys and balls with catnip inside them. The kittens joined in but didn't play fair. They kept hiding the balls under the blanket.
After their play they all had catnaps on the soft grey blanket.
When he woke up he was back on the couch.
He could smell catnip on his paws.


Thursday, 9 October 2014


Hi everyone! Today I'm doing something a little different. This is a poem I wrote a while back. I like to write some poems every once in a while so I hope you enjoy this one.

The White Horse
It was a winter's night.
Diamond snowflakes danced upon the whiteness of the snow under the moon's white light.
I walked the snowy path, to where I do not know.
I looked behind, there was no foot prints.
I kept walking. There was no choice.
As I walked, a snowy owl graced me with its presence. It called out in prose, chilled in the winter's breath. 
I followed it until it disappeared in the dark navy sky.
Snow swirled around me and rushed ahead.
I kept walking until I saw something a head of me. 
A white horse was standing there.
Long white and silver mane shimmered under the moon's light.
White breath snorted from it's flared nostrils.
Dark eyes lured me closer.
It raised its head as if I dare with abruptness, the white horse turns and runs.
Snow filled with silver dust sweeps across my face with denial.
There are no tracks for me to follow.
All that is left is my desire to keep walking.
At the end of my journey the white horse awaits!  
A call from the owl reminds me of past prose.
I stop and give caution to the chilled wind.
Navy blue eyes give whimsy to my action.
Soon it is I who lure the white horse.
The white horse bows and I mount with full intention.
We ride into paths, where, we do not know.
But finally as most dreams wake.
The white horse ends the journey.
I dismount with a heavy heart.
The white horse turns and runs sending snow and silver dust into my eyes.
When sight clears, I am left with prose full of promise.
I smile and remember my white horse.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

CAT FLASH FICTION-More Ponderings from Bella(aka Miss Mew)

Hi everyone and hope all is well with you all. Cat Flash fiction day! Enjoy.

More Pondering From Bella(aka Miss Mew)
I have lived in this house for over three years. I'm the youngest.
One of the others picks on me. But I don't let it bother me.
I know lots of secrets that the others have told me and that makes me special, so there.
One thing does bother me though. It's the outdoor time thing. THAT bothers me something terrible.
I know I have gone over this before and complained about all this before.
But it bears repeating. I need more outdoor time. The escapes on the front step don't count.
So, I have come up with an idea. I'm going to get a petition going to urge actual outdoor time.
It will work. Won't it?
The one who picks on me thinks it will work but her giving me support makes me nervous. That makes me think she has a plan in place.
It won't be good. Maybe I should not do this.
She's watching me right now with those large eyes of hers.
I think I should go hide right now.
I'll talk to you later.

Thursday, 25 September 2014


Hi and hope your fall is beautiful where you are. I hope you enjoy today's flash fiction.
Happy Fall!

He sat on the counter and waited for his tea. Ted was his name and he reminded us that is was not "Teddy" but "Ted".
We tried to remember but it slipped out a couple of times. A little growl came from him each time so we made sure to call him by his proper name.
There was no honey for his tea so we asked him if sugar was okay. He sighed. "Brown sugar please. I don't really like white."
Ted also requested his tea in a large coffee mug. His paws he said won't fit in fancy tea cup handle. Last time he spilled all over his red kerchief.
It took a while to find a mug that had a big enough handle. There was a picture of a cat on it but he said that was alright. Even though he didn't really like cats, he would drink from the mug.
His tea had to be weak-a nice golden color and not black and bitter.
We showed him first before serving. He said it was lovely.
Along with the tea we served gingersnaps and raisin cookies. They were his favorites with tea.
Once he was finished he thanked us very much for the tea and cookies. Now he was sleepy and would like to take a nap if we didn't mind.
We tried to be quiet but it was hard. The good thing was, he snored so loudly he didn't hear our noise.

Thursday, 18 September 2014


Hi everyone and hope everyone is fine. I hope you enjoy todays flash fiction.

The Iron Dragonfly
Not sure when he arrived but he was silent. His stiff iron wings never made a sound.
 His travels must have been tough by the rust on his wings though. Never the less it didn't slow him down.  
We asked where he came from and were told of a far a way place where all the dragonflies, butterflies and even the beetles were made from iron.
The King's men made them and sent them out. Why would the King send them out here we asked.
There was a pause and then he said he actually got lost. He was sent to find a princess that the King wanted to marry.
Where is she we asked.
This was the problem, he didn't know  and the King didn't know either.
Then how are you going to find her we wanted to know
His metal wings twitched. What would have to be done is a search party would have to be formed he thought.
That was fine we told him but if nobody knows who she is, how are they going to know who they are looking for?
His metal wings twitched again.
A feeling would come over him and tell him it was her he told us.
I think we all thought this wouldn't work but then again this was no ordinary dragonfly.
He apologized for the intrusion and would be on his way. All he asked for was a drink of nectar and he would continue on. He had his drink and with one swoosh he was off and gone.
Three weeks later a letter arrived with the King's stamp on it. It was from the iron dragonfly. The princess was found. The feelings that he told us about worked.
The King was most happy and we were left in awe of the iron dragonfly.  

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Flash fiction- The Dragonfly Arrived Back With Stories

Hi everyone! I hope it's nice and warm where you are. It is cold here today. I wanted to capture a picture of a dragonfly but it was too cold today. I did see a couple this afternoon but of course I didn't have my camera. I hope this one will be okay. I hope you enjoy! Have a great weekend!

The Dragonfly Arrived Back With Stories
He hovered in the air before falling to the ground. His wings shimmered in the sunlight. Exhaustion appeared to have taken hold of him.
However, after a moment or two, his wings twitched. That's when the blue glitter of his wings caught our eye. We asked how this had happened to his wings.
He said he met on his adventure a Faerie Queen who was so enthralled by him that she decorated his wings with the blue stones of her kingdom. She told him that the blue in his wings reminded her of someone special. The Queen invited him into her palace where flowers bloomed profusely. The large flat daisies were his favorite he said. They made a nice resting place while she told him stories.
She told him of a lost love that she still hoped to find again. He said she believed in true love.
Her voice sounded like a birds song but he understood her he said. It was believed that her true love was taken from her in the night under a full moon. Every full moon she looked for him. His wings were blue and they shimmered in the light she said.
He wondered if that was why she decorated his wings with the blue stones. They were everywhere though so he asked about them.
The Faerie Queen's face flushed. The Queen admitted they were her tears that had turned to blue stones. She had shed so many tears over the years that  now they were everywhere.
He felt sorry for her but he had to leave and before he took flight she gave him a blue stone. The Queen said it would protect him and if he held it to his ear he might hear more stories but probably not. It was meant for her true love she said. She had filled it with stories just for him.
We looked at the odd blue stone and put it to our ears. All we could hear was crying or sometimes nothing.
It was odd he said, when he put it to his ear, he heard stories.

Thursday, 4 September 2014


Hello and happy September! Today I have some cat flash fiction. I hope you enjoy!
Have a great weekend!

The Ponderings of Miss Mew
On melancholy days Bella or sometimes known as Miss Mew, stares out the window. She almost can tell you how she feels at those moments. You can see it in her eyes.
The birds that flutter by barely catch her attention. Even the butterfly that rests on the golden glow just outside the window get's ignored.
I feel what she is pondering is what it would be like to go out their like her fellow felines who do get the privilege of going outdoors.
It is something that she has voiced about many times. Why not Mama, why not? Her high pitched mew complains with bitterness and maybe just a touch of jealousy at the other two who go out.
But on days like this it is better just to talk to her quietly and tell her that she is much happier indoors and that treats are better than mice.
I think then when she looks at me with her green eyes, she almost might agree with me but not quite completely. After all those other two do tell stories about their adventures.
Miss Mew is sometimes not too sure if their stories are a bit stretched for her sake but she liked to listen to them anyway.
It amused her.

Thursday, 28 August 2014


Hi everyone! I hope everyone is fine. I started to write a flash fiction piece but instead it turned into a short story. I hope you enjoy. Have a great long weekend!

The Fairy Princess
No one at first knew she was hidden there. When they did find her, that's when the stories came to life.
It was long ago when she was made princess of her court. Another court was coming to celebrate, the summer faeries danced and sang songs.
The new princess, Mara, was unaware that these celebrations were more than just about her becoming a princess. Mara was also to meet her future mate.
This was the reason for the summer court's invitation.
When Mara heard this news she was devastated. She did not want a mate chosen for her.
So, she snuck out the eve before the big celebrations. Mara figured if she stayed away for a bit, the intended mate would be mad at her for a no show and call it off.  
There was a secret hiding place that Mara liked to hide that no one knew about. It was tucked in some tall grasses and large bush that was perfect for hiding in with its large leaves.
On the small path she met someone.
"Going some where Princess?"
Mara eyed the little troll with mistrust. She knew all too well these tiny trolls were thieves.
"What do you want from me?"
The troll laughed and reached into his little pouch. "I should say that I really don't want anything from you dear princess but I can help you out of your undesired situation."
Mara's eyes went wide. "How do you know?"
He chuckled. "Everyone in the land knows of your upcoming nuptials ."
Mara flushed with embarrassment. Of course everyone knew.
"I don't need your help." She quickly went around him and walked with a quick stride making distance between herself and the tiny troll.
When she got to her hiding spot she felt like she was being watched. Mara turned her head to see if anyone was behind her. She thought perhaps it might be the little troll but she didn't see him.
Mara was about to climb into her hiding place when a soft low voice pulled her attention to behind her. When she looked, there was the most handsome faerie she had ever seen. He was riding on the most beautiful fey horse she had ever seen. Its silver reins shimmered and its blue eyes twinkled.
His golden hair almost shone in the night and his eyes glowed as if they were stars. He stepped down off his horse and walked towards her without making a sound.
"It is not safe for you to be out here. Let me take you home."
"I do not want to go home. I am to meet my mate tomorrow and I do not want to marry him," she said all too quickly.
"I see, but how do you know if you do not meet him. Maybe you will fall in love with him."
Mara was captivated by this fey. "Because I want to choose my own mate. I want to fall in love on my own." Mara cast her eyes down feeling her face flush. She was thankful it was dark out as she felt embarrassed confessing all this to this stranger. When she looked up their eyes locked and her breath was still. Her muscles couldn't move.
Silence settled between them until he let out a breath. "Please let me help you. I may have a solution for you."
Mara's eyes went wide but felt apprehensive. "Why would you help me?"
"Because I can tell that you want to be in charge of your own density, no?"
Mara was so captivated by his sweet song of a voice that she came closer to him and was now looking up into his blue jeweled eyes. This was someone that she could fall in love with. In fact she was falling in love right now.
 "I will accept your help." But before he answered a sound from over the hill could be heard. Mara knew it was the court looking for her. "They are coming for me, I have to hide."
She went to hide in her spot when he grabbed her arm. "I can help you hide."
The sounds of the court were getting louder and closer.
"I have a secret hiding spot here." She gestured to the spot and went inside with the faerie right behind her. The darkness of the hiding spot swallowed them both hiding them from the encroaching court. The sounds of their horses rumbled by them.
Then everything appeared to be quiet.
"I think we are safe," he said.
Mara was relieved but now she was standing very close to him and she could smell his warm breath on her face. The scents of moss mixed with a winters breath filled her. Her eyes closed in the dark space.
When she opened them his blue eyes shone. "You are so beautiful," she whispered.
Despite it being dark she could see him smile. "You are special and I want to help you. What I am about to do will protect you until I come back for you."
"What are you going to do?"
He pulled her close and kissed her. Instantly Mara felt the coldness run through her. Her arms flew up trying to get away but it was of no use. She now couldn't move and her entire body felt heavy like stone.
He heard the rumble of the horses coming back. When they got close he stepped out.
The courts horses came to a stop. Mara's father got down from his horse. "What business have you here in this court winter faerie?"
"I come with no ill intention your king. I am simply resting and will be on my way come sunrise. I heard the noise and simply came out to investigate."
The king sighed. "I see, you haven't seen a young girl have you?"
"No, I have not seen anyone on my travels."
The king turned and mounted his horse. He eyed the young traveler and moved on with the rest of the court.
"You're playing a fools game, you know."
The winter faerie whirled around to the tiny troll.
The tiny troll bravely came close. "If he finds out what you did, you will be killed. I could help you escape with her."
The winter faerie scoffed at him. "I don't need your help and with my magic no one will find her. I will come for her and take her to my winter world. Be off with you before you feel what kind of magic I can really do."
The tiny troll backed off but before he left he turned to the winter faerie and said, "You two will never find each other."
He was gone before the winter faerie could do anything to him.
Time passed and the young princess was never found. The court believed her to be dead.
The young winter faerie did come back but in all his searches he could not find the spot. He gave up finding her.
She wasn't found until one day a young faerie couple were playing in the glen when they came across a small knoll that looked like it at one time had a entrance to it. They investigated and found the a stone faerie hidden inside.
The king and what was left of his court was long gone. All that was left was the stories that was told about the missing princess.
They took the stone faerie out of her dark grave and brought her into their court yard where they placed a stone bowl that held water on top of her outstretched hands. The summer court planted wild flowers at the bottom of her. That is where she stayed while the stories kept on being told.

Thursday, 21 August 2014


Hello and hope your world is great. Here is todays flash fiction for you to enjoy. Have a great weekend!

The other sunflowers were in the back and this small one that didn't grow as tall was in amongst the tomatoes. They didn't seem to mind her. In fact they said she was always friendly and gave them lots of room.
She always had a smile for everyone and even the birds liked her. A few flowers that had self seeded wished they were elsewhere. They complained that her leaves were too big and they couldn't get enough sun.
The onions were also complaining even though they were clearly out of her way but they complained about anything.
Come evening though, the complaining stopped because the sunflower girl as the garden called her would tell stories to them before they all nestled down to bed.
The sunflower girl knew so many stories that she would tell them three or four a night.
The garden loved her.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Flash Fiction-MEMORIES

Hope everyone is doing great. Hope you enjoy today's flash fiction.

It was a long time ago but when I saw the pink daisies it reminded me of a certain day so long ago. You had announced that this was your last summer here and in the fall you were leaving to go live in another country-Ireland. I couldn't believe that you were actually going to do this.
All summer we talked about all the things that we had done together and even the times we got into trouble. The summer slipped away too fast as it always does.
You were to leave right after the long weekend and now it was the long weekend. We gathered at your place with a few other friends and had this pathetic send off. We toasted to you with cheap wine and hugged you with well wishes.
Before you left you gave me these pink daisies out of your mom's garden. You said these would remind me of you. I thought that was weird at the time. But you were quirky anyway.
Time went by us both after. The pink daisies faded into yesterday's memories and  soon the postcards from Ireland were also apart of the memories.
So, when I seen these pink daisies today, 10 years later, I was sent back to another time and I did remember you, just like you said I would. Isn't it funny how something like these simple flowers can ignite such memories?
I wonder how you have done over the years. I do remember hearing that you had met someone. I wonder how that turned out for you.
I might even have one of those postcards kicking around. I should go look. Maybe I can find the address and if I do, I'll try and find another postcard with pink daisies on them.
See if you remember because I certainly did.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Flash fiction- THE THREE FAERIES

Hello everyone and happy August! Hope your summer is going great. Hope you enjoy todays flash fiction piece.

The Three Fairies
You would never know that they were there. Three little pansy faces looking happy and bright.
Come evening time though, something happens. The pansies stretch out like butterflies and eyes show through the blotches inside the pansy face. 
They flutter about with other flower faeries in summer's late evening hours. These three special faeries flirt the most with their colorful wings. They especially like to be near the jasmine nicotine with it's heady scent. The humming bird moths like to gather here as well.
They all have wonderful time enjoying nectar and those wide eyed bright pansy faces are always the life of the party. 

Thursday, 31 July 2014


Hi everyone! For the last day of July here is a piece of flash fiction for you to enjoy. Hope you like it. Have a great weekend!

Daisy Maisy
He knew when he seen her it was love at first sight. Her smile lit up a light inside of him.
The question was how was he going to win her over. Should he send her flowers?
He wasn't sure but it had to be special so he went out of his way to find her something that would catch her attention.
What he could tell and what he found out was she didn't like fussy things so roses were not it. Maybe flowers weren't what he should give her?
Perfume? That made him wrinkle his nose. Never liked the stuff.
No, it would have to be simple and yet pretty.
He thought for what appeared to be a long time and if he didn't think of something the fellow who smiled at her would be there before him and he would lose his love.
Out the corner of his eye he spotted a patch of white daisies. With one stride he plucked them and headed toward his love. The other fellow was on his way to her as well!
When she looked up their eyes met and at first he didn't' think she wanted him to come towards her but then her smile lit up her face as he got closer.
He held up the daisies hiding his face.  The other fellow laughed at him. "Is that the best you can do?"
He felt deflated as the other fellow held out a single rose to her.
His love lost her smile. Oh no.
What he didn't notice was that she was not frowning at him but the fellow with the single rose.
She sent him on his way and smiled at him.
"I love daisies, they are my favorite flower. How did you know such a thing?"
He smiled at her. "I just knew."
"My name is Daisy you know."
"It suits you. You're my Daisy Maisy."
She flushed as he placed a daisy in her hair.

Thursday, 24 July 2014


Hi everyone! Here is today' flash fiction. Hope you enjoy! Have a great weekend!

The Stone Butterfly
The little faerie Petal loved to frolic in the violas even though she was warned of the stone butterflies.
She always said that she was careful and most of the time she was. However there was one thing that little Petal didn't know or perhaps the other faeries didn't know was that the stone butterflies could shape shift.
Petal went skipping into her favorite viola patch and discovered a little boy faerie with the most beautiful wings she had ever seen. He looked to be enjoying the violas as much as she did. Petal got quite excited and ran up to him.
It was like he was waiting for her. He smiled at her and made Petal almost blush. His beauty was something she had never seen before. "You have beautiful wings."
He smiled back at her again and when he spoke his voice sounded like one of the song birds thought Petal. "I've come here as often as you. I like the flowers like you."
Petal looked a bit confused. "I've never seen you before though. Why didn't you speak to me then?"
"I didn't want to scare you I guess but I was here right with you in the garden and once right beside you."
"Were you invisible or something?" Petal was not believing him.
"I was hiding in the flowers." He stood up and his wings lifted him up into the air. He hovered above Petal for a moment. "Hold out your arm to me."
"Why? I can not hold you on my arm."
He smiled down at her and Petal couldn't help but stare at his wings that were so delicate and yet strong.
"Trust me," he said. "I won't weigh anything."
She sighed and held out her arm. In a blue blur he came down and landed on her arm He was a beautiful blue butterfly. With one finger she touched his wings. She followed the pattern on his wings all the way to the part that swooped out.
Then the world changed. Petal looked around and everything was blurred until nothing.
She had turned to stone in the middle of the viola garden. The stone butterfly was now stone and perched on her arm. Her stone eyes gazed upon him.
He could still fly around but always returned to her arm.

Thursday, 17 July 2014


Hello everyone! Today is for all you cat lovers-cat flash fiction. I hope you enjoy.
Have a great weekend!

Share The Kitty Love
It's a very special kind of love. The two of them tell me they are the only two that share this kind of love. It's called Kitty Love. I had to get them to explain it.
Together they said this kind of love is like having cat treats all the time. Also the face washes are always special even though one of them said she got a little too much slobber on her.
The cuddling time in the pink basket was always special as that meant they beat the tom cat to the basket. It puts his nose out of joint.
I sighed on that one. I think that is just one of the things they like to do to him, not part of the kitty love thing but I didn't say anything.
If they could package up the Kitty Love thing they thought and give it out to the whole world, it would be such a lovelier place. I didn't ask if they would sale it. I didn't want to know really.
But the best thing of all they thought about their Kitty Love was each other and the time they spent together. That was the real kitty love.
Now that sounded all sweet but I think one was just trying to get her extra treat that the other one didn't see in her dish.
But I was only guessing.

Thursday, 10 July 2014


Hope everyone is having a great summer. I hope you enjoy todays flash fiction. Have a great weekend!

Daylily Blues
I knew these were his favorite. I think it was more their sunshine color that was his favorite but it didn't matter, I set out to find some.
It took a while to find anything close to what I knew he would like. There had been a rain storm the night before and it pounded the poor flowers. The storm we had reminded me of what he was going through and I continued on with more determination that I would find them.
Finally, tucked into the corner under some grasses a bright yellow shone through. I smiled and brushed back the grasses and there they were. Perfect for him.
I picked them and gently took them to the house and prepared them for their vase.
He was coming within the hour.
Everything was ready when I heard him drive in.
He never looked up once as he was coming to my door. A sinking feeling came over me.
A gentle knock pulled me towards the door while my mind and heart raced.
When I opened the door that was when he finally looked at me and gave me a small smile. I was crushing at his pain and wanted so badly to pull him into my arms but I couldn't.
I invited him in and he walked to the table and stopped. I watched him for a second or two as he eyed the yellow daylilies. I thought he was going to either burst into tears or walk straight out.
Did I do wrong?
His soft brown eyes met mine. I can't do this he told me. He then said that he was leaving and starting over somewhere else. My chest was thumping now.
He glanced at the daylilies one more time and I could almost see him wince. 
I tried to say something but the right words wouldn't come out.
Instead I hugged him. He was stiff at first but then he ended up wrapping me in his arms and hugged back with a passion that almost knocked the wind out of me.
Then he left and I sat down at the table staring at the daylilies.
A week passed and the daylilies were long gone. I was at the kitchen sink when the doorbell rang. When I opened the door a delivery man was there with a bouquet of flowers and a sheepish grin.
I thanked him quickly and took the flowers and set them on the table. They were pink daylilies-my favorite color.
I opened the card that came with them. The card was sunshine yellow with pink on it. I smiled as I turned over to read it.
Missing you it read and hoping your days are filled with happiness.
I contacted him and we are meeting in the next few days.
My days are now about to be filled with happiness I told him.
I sent him a mixture of yellow and pink daylilies before I got there.
That made him extremely happy.

Thursday, 3 July 2014


Hello everyone! I have a flash fiction piece today. I caught this little guy in my roses looking like he belonged. Hope you enjoy.

The Rose Keeper
He blended in at first. Then he climbed onto the rose petals. It appeared to be a nice resting place for him.
Then he actually told me that he was staying and was tending to the roses now. I was quite surprised. I asked him who appointed him this job.
He was quite indignant about it. "The roses of course silly, who else would do such a thing?"
I didn't know what to say then. "I suppose you are right but what makes you qualified to look after them?"
"For starters, they let me eat any bugs that dare nibble at their leaves or silky petals. They have an appearance to keep up you know."
He said this like I should have known this. He was right about that. But I was curious. "What else do you have to do?"
He didn't answer me right away, I think he had to think about it. He crawled more into the rose snuggling down, wrapping himself in his petal blink blanket. I thought he wasn't going to say any more.
"The most important thing for my job, is to be a very good friend."
With that he turned his back to me and slipped deeper into the rose's centre.
I thought to myself that for a rose keeper he was probably not being the most truthful friend but then again I know how roses can be. 

Thursday, 26 June 2014


Hi everyone! Hope you are having a good summer. Here is another piece of cat flash fiction that I hope you will enjoy. Have a great weekend!

This Is What You Get
They were so cute and they were showing off. There were pictures taken as they posed.
It was all good fun until one of them saw one of the shots. The big girl said that I caught her bad side and demanded that I delete that one.
I said I liked it but the big girl still insisted that it be deleted.
An argument ensued and then it turned into a big kerfuffle that embarrassed the other one.
Finally she wrapped her little paw around the big girl and suggested one more pose and that this one would be her good side.
I said okay but when I took the last shot, the big girl stuck her tongue out at me. The other girl smiled as if she knew she would do that.
I was not impressed.
This is what you get I thought for trying to take pictures of those two. Never again.
Behind my back they said they were going to post it on facebook.

Thursday, 19 June 2014


Hi everyone, I hope you're enjoying your summer. Today is cat flash fiction. I hope you enjoy! Have a great weekend!

The Tortie Tummy Map
We're not sure how the map got hid there but she knows. Niko likes to show it off as much as possible.
We looked close one day and tried to follow a certain pattern that we found but then it led to a dead end. Niko just purred and walked off.
We tried her favorite treats to get her to reveal what the map was about but  Niko wasn't giving anything away.
Then one day we decided to follow her and maybe she would lead us to where this map goes. All she did was take us for a very long walk through the yard and garden.
No doubt she knew she was being followed.
Niko showed us her tummy map a few more times like maybe she was trying to give us some hints but everything we thought of was not right.
 Finally one day when Niko went out she went straight for a certain part of the yard. We watched from the window. She disappeared into the flower bed that had the bird bath in it.
All of us rushed out to the flower bed but when we got there she was no where to be found.
We gave up until one day on the door step there were gifts laid out.
A violet, small round smooth stone, and a old spoon with a message that read- These are for you for keeping the map safe.
We were quite puzzled by this and to this day never have figured out the map on her tummy.
We suspect however that fairies are involved.

Thursday, 12 June 2014


Today I have some cat flash fiction for you. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!

I made a mistake last week and didn't post my flash fiction. So today you get two flash fiction pieces! Hope you enjoy.

We Think She's Waiting for Email
Pretending to sleep didn't fool us. Sleeping by the where the computer keyboard should be-she insisted I move it right in front of the computer. I wondered.
I tried watching her but she always knew I was there. There was no fooling her.
One day she actually fell a sleep. This was my chance.
I snuck to the computer and wiggled the mouse. There was an indication that there was a message.
At that moment she stirred but didn't wake. The screen woke up from it's nap. The email disappeared.
She also woke up and looked at me with sleepy eyes.
Are you waiting for an email or something I asked her.
She sniffed at me and with her gold eyes I could tell she wasn't going to tell me anything.
She stretched out and hopped down and went into the kitchen leaving me with no answers.
She started to take her naps else where. In fact she ignored the computer for some time. I think it was to fool me.
Two days later a parcel arrived from Amazon. It was addressed to her. I think that was what the email was about.
It was full of cat treats and one cat toy-a mouse.


Hi everyone and today I have some spring time pics. The apple crabs and apple trees are out so they inspired todays piece.  I hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend!
Here is the piece I was supposed to post last week. I'm not sure what happened but I thought I pushed published. Blogger sometimes messes with me. Hope you enjoy.


Meet Me Under The Apple Tree
The sweet smell of their perfume made me think of you and a picnic. I could imagine you and I sitting on a blanket under the apple tree-you and I all alone.
So, I decided to write you out a personal invitation.
If you so decide, I invite you to a very special picnic under the old apple tree. I'll make you small cucumber sandwiches , the way you like them. I'll also put egg salad on the side.
With the sandwiches I'll make your favorite homemade sweet ice tea.
To satisfy your sweet tooth, I have homemade angel food cake with fresh strawberries and crème fresh.
I hope this will entice you to join me under the apple tree.
This invitation has been very carefully placed inside a homemade envelope lovingly addressed to you and only you. I leave it here in your mailbox.
I await your reply.
Your true love-me, I hope.



Thursday, 29 May 2014

Black Boy-part two

Misty sniffed just inside the fence opening. The smell of Black Boy was strong and so was another one. Misty looked over at Suki and Niko. "I'll lead the way and follow the scent. If anything happens, run for cover."
Suki looked nervous but nodded. Misty poked her head through the fence and sniffed the air. There was no movement anywhere. Everything was too quiet thought Misty. She proceeded to go through the opening in the fence. In she went and stayed close to the fence keeping her eyes wide open to any threat.
Niko jumped a head and went towards the old house. She was always the brave one. Suki stuck close to Misty. There was another patch of black fur up a head. Misty sniffed the air before getting to the patch of fur. "It's not Black Boy. It doesn't smell like cat. I'm not sure what that is."
Suki edged forward and raised his paw ready to strike. Misty cautioned and sniffed again. "It's from a fur coat."
Misty lowered her paw. "Let's go find Niko. Maybe she has picked something up."
Both Misty and Suki leaped towards the old house to a ledge that went along  a broken window. They both looked in. Nothing.
Suddenly garbage came tumbling down and both Suki and Misty leaped out of the way. Niko leaped out the window and landed in front of them. Suki hissed at her. "What was that about? You could have warned us."
"Sorry, I heard something and didn't pick up your scent."
Misty sighed. "Okay, did you find anything? Any sign of Black Boy?"
"No, nothing but there are lots of other strange scents. There has been others here."
"Others?" Misty came up to Niko. "What did you pick up in there."
"There have been the new humans in here. One smelled familiar though. I can't think who it is."
"Someone from Blackberry lane?" Niko looked at Suki. "I think so."
The truck that was parked on the street roared to life. All three cats startled. Misty with wide eyes shouted, "Let's get out of here."
They all ran towards the fence opening. The truck has now backed up to the front door. The three of them watched through the fence opening. Two men had got out and started to bring boxes into the house. They watched intently for a moment.
One of the men came back out and brought in what looked like a carrier.  Misty tensed. Niko nudged Misty. "What do you think is inside?"
"It's another animal, I think a cat."
"This is strange, why would the humans bring a cat to this old house?"
"Catch mice," suggested Suki.
"Let's go back up to the broken window and see what we can see."
The three of leaped up onto the ledge of the broken window. The man with the cage brought it into the room. They waited for him to open the cage.
A growl could be heard when the man undid the cage. Out came a large orange tabby. He looked rough and his one ear had a nip out of it. The orange tab sniffed the air and instantly looked their way.
All three of them backed up. The man left the room and the orange tabby walked towards them.
"Who are you cats?"
Suki looked at Misty and Niko hid behind both of them. Misty came forward. "We're part of the neighborhood cats of Blackberry lane. Why were you bought here now when this house is barely livable for the humans?"
"To catch mice  and  to prevent anymore from getting in while they fix up the place."
The orange tabby came closer. "Do you cats hang out here?"
"Our friend Black Boy lives next door and right now we can't find him."
"He's missing and you think he's here?"
"We found bit of black fur that belonged to him and led to here."
The orange tabby sniffed the air. "Let me help you, I'm pretty good at finding other cats. I know all kinds of scents."
"You would do that," asked Suki.
"Why not, I need some excitement. Let me sniff the fur you found and I'll find him."
The three of them looked at each other but decided to let him try so they let him sniff the fur." He sniffed all over the yard and then looked up.
The others looked up. The old roof was quite sloped but not hard for a cat to crawl up there. There was also a broken window up there.
"You think he's up there?"
"My instincts tell me he went up the roof. I can catch his scent."
Niko was the first to leap up. She looked down on them and then swiftly turned and ran up the roof to the window. She peered in and meowed. A loud yowl was her response. The others quickly went up the roof. When they got into the room all they could see was junk and old furniture. Niko meowed again. Another yowl echoed in the room. It was coming from behind a old dresser. Niko cautiously went to the dresser. She sniffed and then sat. "Come out Black, it's us."
"I can't, I'm stuck in this drawer."
Niko slid underneath and there was another smaller dresser tucked in behind it. Black Boy was in the small drawer and was caught.
Suddenly the door to the room opened. All the cats scattered. The smell of fish filled the room.
"Hey what are you guys doing here?"
It was Matt from the butcher shop. "Hey Brutus, there you are. I see you found some friends already."
Brutus rubbed up against Matt's leg and then walked towards the dresser where Black Boy was stuck. Matt followed. "What's there boy?" Matt pushed the larger dresser out of the way. "Oh, I see. Blacky, how did you get there?"
Matt reached down and pulled the drawer out further and got Black Boy out. He looked at all the cats and smiled. "I bet you smelled fish didn't you Black Boy. I brought some fish here last night. You guys have great sniffers. If you guys comes down stairs I'll give you some fish."
Misty nodded to the others and they followed Matt down into the kitchen. There was an old fridge there Matt reached into the fridge pulled out a package. The cats instantly started to meow around his feet. They all got a feed of fish.
Misty looked over at Black Boy. "Was it the fish smell that brought you up here."
"Yeah, that and a dog that chased me."
"There's a dog here?"
"In behind this house, he's not very big but he pulled some of my fur out. He would have had more of me of I hadn't took to the roof."
Brutus spoke up. "Don't mind no dog, I can keep him in check."
Misty rubbed up against Brutus. "Welcome to the Blackberry lane group of cats."
Brutus purred.