Thursday, 30 January 2014


Rhys took a deep breath and kept herself calm and in a steady soft voice she said to him, "take me to the wolves and help me set them free."
He had this glazed look to him noticed Rhys. She wondered for a moment if her spell would wear off. But he got up and started to walked towards the guest house. She quickly followed him.
Her heart was pounding. Where they in the guest house now? She didn't feel too sure about this. Jared stopped at the door and seemed to freeze. It was like he was trying to fight something. Rhys knew he was going to get out of this spell she cast on him. She had to act quickly.
"Open the door love."
He looked at her and then gave her a warm smile. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a key and unlocked the door. Rhys pushed the door open. The smell of wolf hit her.
She looked up at Jared and she knew in a few moments that he would be out of her spell. Rhys quickly walked past him to see where they were.
The living room was empty. A noise startled her. When she turned around her breath caught.
It was Kellan.
He smirked. "Well, I didn't think it would be you."
Rhys knew something was different about him.
"You have your memory back."
"That he does."
Thor was right behind him. "Are you the one to do the executing?"
She gasped. "No, I'm here to get you out of here. My mind was meddled with like Kellan's. Now I have it back. I'm here to rescue you, not kill you."
Kellan laughed. "Now isn't that something."
She looked at him and then Thor. Thor smirked at her. "He's not only got his memory back but he knows who you are."
Rhys swallowed hard. "He does?"
Kellan walked up to her and towered over her. "My little diamond kitten, are you sure you don't want to kill I want to kill you?"
Rhys backed up ready for anything. She looked at Thor. "Didn't you tell him anything about me and what I've done for you all?"
Thor shrugged. "He doesn't want to hear it. He only has one agenda with you."
She glanced over at Jared and by the look on his face she could tell he was fighting his way out of the spell. She had to get them out now.
"Okay, so you want to kill me but you're not going to get the chance unless you let me take you out of here. You understand that?"
Thor looked at Kellan. "She's right. It's now or never."
"How do you know we can trust her," Kellan asked him as if she wasn't even in the room. Rhys could feel the contempt from him towards her. The hate was biting at her skin.
Thor sighed, "We have no choice, and they're going to kill us. I say we take our chances with the kit."
Kellan narrowed his gaze at her. "Alright, we'll go with you but if there is any set up here, I will take you out first before they get to me. At least then, I will have had the satisfaction that you died and I fulfilled my promise."
Rhys stared at him. "Fine, I won't fight back."
Rhys marched to the front door past Jared. "Are you coming or not?"
The smell of the two wolves soon caught up to her. They were not by her side but stayed close enough.
She went to the main garage and went inside. She looked at Thor; know how to hot wire an SUV?"
Thor didn't even answer her. Kellan opened the door and popped the hood. Thor was down in the motor and in a few seconds the engine roared to life. Kellan opened the garage door and hopped in the driver's seat.
Rhys rushed to him. "No, you can't drive, I'll drive and they will let me through."
Kellan slid over and let her in. Thor got in the back seat. She looked at Kellan. "Get in the back seat with Thor and hide so they can't see you. There's a tarp in the back." He gave her a cold stare but he did it.
That's when she heard him screaming her name. Jared was out of his spell. He was coming towards them yelling. She shifted the SUV into gear and slammed her foot on the gas sending the SUV flying out of the garage and down the lane.  She knew those gates would be closed. She just hoped that they would let her through before Jared contacted them.
She stopped at the gate and took a deep breath as she rolled down the window. She looked up at Tom who was on gate duty for the evening. He smiled at her as he looked past her to the passenger's side. "Where's Jared? I thought you two were spending a special evening tonight alone. I got strict orders not to let anyone in or out."
Rhys smiled up at him. "Yes, well, I'm getting a surprise for Jared and I need to go out and get it so  you have to open the gates and please hurry. I want to surprise him."
Tom grinned. "Alright, I get the message." He pushed the button and the gates started to open. In the review mirror she could see Jared running towards them. The damn gate was slow. She kept her eye on Jared who now had his cell phone out.
That was it; she had to make a break for it. Tom answered his cell and then looked up at her with a confused look. All she heard as she took off was, "you want me to what?"
Rhys slammed her foot on the gas and took off through the gates scraping one side of the SUV. She swerved onto the street and didn't look back, just kept her eyes on the road.

Thursday, 23 January 2014


Jared poured them each a drink in the tall wine flutes. Rhys sniffed it. "This is apple juice."
"Of course it is, you can't have wine and besides," he grinned, "I like apple juice."
 Rhys chuckled. This was good. If Jared was relaxed he would be in perfect form to try out the suppression spell on him.
"So, what did you have to do to get rid of everybody to do this?"
He smiled. "Oh, that wasn't hard. Simon and Garrett have something going on tonight and Victoria was allowed to go out with some old friends to a movie. So, it wasn't so hard."
Rhys didn't want to pry too much as she wanted to keep Jared in his relaxed state but she was curious about Garrett's and her fathers business tonight. This was the night the wolves were to be moved and killed. She wanted to hear what he said about it, if anything.
"What are father and brother up tonight?" She tried to sound very casual as she glanced over at him.
 She was surprised to see him grin. "Your father and brother are taking care of some unfinished business that as far as I was concerned should have been done a long time ago but needless to say will be taken care of tonight. Then we will have no worries."
"You're not taking part in this, whatever business it is?"
She watched his face for a reaction. "I will be there at the last minute to see it done but until then...
Jared took Rhys hand and kissed it gently. "Tonight is ours to enjoy and I want nothing but the talk to be about us and our future, okay?"
The same maid that escorted Rhys down to the kitchen served their dinner. Roasted chicken breasts with cream sauce and mixed vegetables with small baby potatoes filled the plate.
"Oh my, you have gone all out with  this little dinner."
Jared gave her a stern look. "You eat. Remember what I said? You have to eat to keep up your strength."
Rhys rolled her eyes and sighed.
Jared didn't say anything but Rhys knew he was enjoying every minute of his doting. She smiled to herself. That's okay; let him stay in this state of mind. It makes him happy and that will make him more vulnerable to my spell.
They ate their meal with a bit of small talk and letting the soft music carry the atmosphere. Once their plates were taken away, Jared got up and offered her his hand. She could feel he was up to something.
"What have you got planned?"
"You'll see." He took her hand and led her to a small area besides the dining table that led out to a garden. He opened the French doors where the smell of flowers hit Rhys. He left the door open and turned up the music a bit before taking her into his arms and led her into a slow dance.
Rhys almost felt dizzy. He was looking so happy and content with holding her in his arms and she was feeling the same way. She had to shake her mind out of it and concentrate on what she wanted to do.
In her mind she went over the spell first. Then the music changed and Jared grinned. It was a faster beat. Jared grinned as he spun her around. What was she going to do now? She needed the slow music back.
After a few spins she made out like she was almost out of breath. He stopped. "Are you okay?"
"Oh yes, I think the slower music is better."
"Maybe we should sit down for a while."
She smiled at him and then shook her head. "That's okay, just switch the music back to the slow one and take me in your arms."
He grinned and quickly chose another much slower piece of music. As he took her in his arms the words of the spell came to the edge of her lips. She softly spoke them in his ear.
When she finished saying the words she looked into his eyes. Rhys could feel a shift in his body but she had to be sure. She would test him. "Turn off the music and take me to the bench to sit down."
He never said anything. As she instructed he went and shut the music off and came and got her to go sit down at the bench. She smiled to herself. Now she would test him further. "Give me my memories back love."
She thought adding love at the end that he would comply more.
"Memories," Jared said. At first Rhys thought that it didn't work. But then he placed his hands on either side of Rhys head and rested his own forehead up against hers. Rhys could hear him say words. When he let go of her she felt this wash of coldness come over her entire body. It felt as if a heavy veil was lifted from her and she could see clearly now.
It worked.

Thursday, 16 January 2014


Rhys didn't have much time to waste. Jared would be looking for her. The books that Victoria had brought in caught her eye. The ones on the floor that had been knocked over from the vibration particularly caught her eye.
She went over to them and kneeled down to pick them up. By the looks of them Rhys knew these were journals and not literary books. She opened one up and it was in handwriting unknown to her. Then she looked at the heading-How to use a memory spell. She quickly read it but nothing made sense to her. But something told her that between the lines there would be something that could help her. She shook her head. How long would this take to figure out? Those wolves didn't have time for her to figure it out.
She quickly looked at  the other journal and opened it. The heading on top simply read Suppression. That struck a nerve with her. She read on. It told of how to suppress someone and keep it that way but not how to undo it.
Damn, this isn't working! I need my memories back now!
Footsteps from outside thudded in her ears. She quickly slapped the book shut and got up just in time to see Jared walk in the door.
"There you are. You're still here?"
"I was out but decided to come back and see what I could find." She gave him a loving smile. He smiled back. "Well, let me take you back for a rest with your books. You can have a small nap before dinner tonight."
She nodded as she hugged the two journals close to her. She glanced down at the table where the stack of books were and noticed an actual literary novel on top. She grabbed it and put it over top of the journals.
As they walked out together he leaned in and was looking down at the book. "Reading a little Jane Austin are we?"
Rhys startled and looked down at the novel. She hadn't even read the title; it was just something convenient to cover up the journals.
"Yes, it's been a while since I read one."
Jared didn't reply. He just rested his hand against the small of her back and guided her to the bedroom. She sat the books down and made sure the top book covered the journals.
As she turned Jared was looking down at her, she could feel a vibe off of him. "What is it?"
He grinned. "Nothing really, it's just that I feel this huge weight being lifted off my shoulders and after tonight the world is ours."
She stepped back. "What are you talking about and what is this weight you talk about and the world being ours?"
His grin turned into a huge smile. "Nothing, it's just me talking out loud and expressing how happy I am."
He quickly added. "Of course you are the main reason that I am happy. You are back with the family and soon we will be celebrating lots. It's our year darling."
Rhys couldn't help but laugh. "I'm glad that you are so happy but right now if you don't mind I will have that quick nap."
"Oh, of course, let me help you into bed."
She remembered something about his kisses that told her not to let him do this. She smiled up at him. "That's okay. You have stuff to do. I can manage myself."
"I don't have ...what did you say...stuff...
She touched his arm and looked him straight in the eye. "Yes, you need to go. You want me to be happy, don't you? Go do your stuff."
He looked rather confused at first but then smiled and chuckled. "Of course, I will go do my stuff, to make you happy." He was about to kiss the top of her forehead when she whirled around turning her back to him.
Jared gently patted her shoulder and quietly walked out. She watched him. As soon as the door clicked she grabbed the books and picked the journal that had the heading Suppression. She started to read it very carefully looking for clues from each word she read. It talked about the flow of magic and touch and that certain touches triggered an action that the one doing the spell could initiate the taking a way a memory or getting someone to carry out instructions.
She looked up from the book and an idea came to her. If she could follow these instructions she could get Jared to lead her to the wolves and give her memory back.
She had to try.
Rhys decided then to try it on Jared. When he came back to get her for dinner she would spell him.

Rhys got herself dressed and ready. She looked at the door waiting for Jared to come through at any moment. Her heart was pounding in her chest. She had read over the instructions several times. She told herself that she could do this.
The doorknob twisted, startling Rhys. She shook herself quickly and put on a smile. Her smile dropped when one of the maids came in.
"Where's Jared?"
"He got busy so he sent me up here to get you."
Rhys jaw tightened. "Tell him he has to come up here, I insist."
The maid looked at her and then back at the door. "But he told me...
Rhys could clearly see the maid was getting flustered and she could also tell that Jared was up to something. She should not have said things to Jared like making her happy was his job at that very moment.
"Fine, I will go down with you."
The shoulders of the maid relaxed and she smiled.
She followed the maid down the stairs where she could hear voices. The dining room was not set up for a family dinner. There was no one around. A tingle went up her spine.
The maid led her to a private room off the kitchen. Her eyes went wide. A candle light dinner had been set up complete with flowers and soft music playing.
Jared smiled at her. " this the kind of stuff that you had in mind?"
Rhys shook her head and smirked. Well, I guess my plans will go as planned after all.
"Yes, darling, you have made tonight perfect."

Thursday, 9 January 2014


The next two days felt like a blurred image. At the end of each day Rhys couldn't remember much of it. Jared was always there it seemed to make things right or at least feel right. One thing that haunted her in the back of her mind was the sounds that she had heard in the walls. She knew that in her gut that they were real.
Jared had gone out with Simon and Garrett leaving her alone. Rhys decided to explore the house a bit. As she walked down the hallway she let her hand glide along the wall where she had heard the noises. Rhys couldn't pick up anything or sense anything. In her mind she was thinking there had to be some opening to another room. It had to be hidden somewhere here.
"What are you doing"?
Rhys startled as she turned and seen Garrett walking towards her. He was grinning.
"Just exploring," she said quickly.
"Really, well I could take you for a tour if you like."
Rhys hesitated as Garrett came closer never losing his smile. Once he reached her side he offered her his arm. Slowly she slipped her arm through his.
"Let's start with the library. you might like that. It's not that far from the bedrooms so you can go down to the room if you want to find something to read."
Garrett opened a set of double doors that revealed a large room. Walls filled with books from floor to ceiling welcomed her into the room. The smell of them filled Rhys nostrils making her nose twitch. Tall windows from the south filled the room with sunlight. There were all kinds of classics in the room, from Jane Austin to even Mark Twain. She was impressed as to Simon's collection.
"I don't read that much."
Garrett raised an eyebrow. "No? Oh, you're missing out on worlds that can take you anywhere. You should start."
Rhys smirked at him. "You don't appear to be  the reading type either."
He grinned. "I assure you sis that I enjoy a good book."
Rhys continued to walk around the room where she came upon a book case that had a display of pictures on it. Her eyes scanned over the faces in the pictures. Her eyes stopped on one. She picked it up and stared at the woman beside her father. There was familiarity in the woman but for some reason Rhys couldn't put a name to her. She was about to turn around and ask Garrett when another person came into the room. It was Sam. He smiled over at her and then talked quietly to Garrett.
Garrett nodded and came over to Rhys. "I have to tend to something so I will leave you here to perhaps find a book to read?"
Rhys smiled and nodded. She watched them both leave. She was still holding the frame with the woman and her father. Rhys studied the woman and looked into her eyes. Blurred images played in her mind. The woman's identity was almost coming to her when again someone came into the room.
The young girl Victoria came into the library with an armload of books. She didn't notice Rhys at first and Rhys didn't say anything to let her know that she was there. Instead she just watched the young girl. She looked at the picture of the woman and then back at Victoria. Rhys could see a resemblance.
Then Victoria turned around and startled when she saw Rhys. Rhys quickly smiled. "I didn't mean to startle you. I've never been in here before."Victoria became rather stiff observed Rhys. "That's okay; I was just dropping off some books."
"You like to read I see by the stack of you have there."
She cleared her throat. "Well, most of them are for my studies."
Rhys could clearly pick up uneasiness from her. Rhys was still holding onto the frame and she noticed Victoria staring at it.
Rhys finally put the frame back. "I was looking at the photos and I recognized the woman beside father but I can't quite put a name to her."
Victoria cleared her throat again. "Really, well, I should get back to the study...
"Sorry, I didn't mean to keep you," Rhys said.
Victoria gave her a small smile and left the room rather quickly. Rhys wondered what was up with her. She shook her head as she walked around the room some more.
Suddenly one of the books that Victoria had brought back fell to the floor. Rhys went over to pick it up when another one fell. She stopped short. She knew these books had some help. Rhys stilled herself and listened. She could hear a distant noise. It was a thud. Rhys narrowed her eyes and looked around the room and examined the walls.
Another thud gently shook the table the books were on. Rhys rushed over to the wall she thought she could hear the noise coming from.
It was silly but she pressed her ear against the bookcase to listen. It was distant but on the other side of the wall she felt there was another room. She decided to leave the room and see what was next door. When she looked down the hallway there wasn't another door until much farther down.
Something wasn't right. She went back to the other wall where she heard the noises before but everything was quiet. Her instincts told her to go back to the library. Rhys hurried over there and that's when she heard another thud.
Her heart was beating fast. Rhys had to know once and for all where this noise was coming from. Footsteps behind her told her to hide. She slipped back into the library and partially closed the door. She peered out to see who it was. It was Jared.
She watched him go down the hallway and halfway he stopped. He took out a key and looked up at the wall. Rhys knew there was no door there. Jared tapped the wall and from inside someone slid the wall open. Rhys eyes went wide. She never saw anything in the wall.
Rhys watched him unlock a secret door and walk through. The wall slid back into place. She ran down to the wall and with both hands tried to feel where the door was but it was so seamless that Rhys could barely see it. Lightly she tapped the wall. The wall came to life and slid open. A door stared at her.
Very cautiously she touched the handle and it opened. It wasn't locked. She couldn't see anything at first but then a low light lit the stairs that took her into another room. He nose twitched. The strong sent of wolf hit her.
She could now hear Jared's voice. Leaning into the shadows she tried to pick up what he was saying.
"Things are finally in place. The take down will be tonight."
"You're sure?"
"Positive, " said Jared.
Rhys tried to identify the other voice.
"We'll move these two out tonight and make them an example of what happens when you betray me."
A chill went through her. It was her father.
"I can wait to get rid of these two. They have caused me more grief than they are both worth."
"Don't worry, Thor and Kellan will be dead tonight. You're troubles will be over."
"Good, Rhys has been hearing things in these walls. I can't let her find them. Her memory might come back."
"Don't worry, that won't happen. After I spelled her mind the only ones she will love and remember is her own family and of course you her future husband. After this is done tonight we will announce your wedding and we will celebrate this victory with you and Rhys wedding."
"Sounds like a good plan to me. I better get back to her. Her mind is strong and she can still pick up  bits and pieces of her memory. I have to keep them suppressed."
"Then you better get back to her."
Rhys rushed back down the stairs and out the door. She quickly shut the door and slid the wall back into place. She could hear him coming down the steps. Her heart was beating a mile a minute. Her mind at the moment never felt clearer although not enough to remember everything.
Rhys decided to hide in the library. If staying away from Jared and her father could clear her mind then she would stay hidden for a moment.
She let out a sigh of relief when she shut the library door. Rhys leaned against it  trying to calm herself down. Her father and Jared had been messing with her mind. Why? What was going on and who where those wolves, Thor and Kellan and why where they going to kill them?
Her insides now were in knots. Those two wolves were important to her for some reason. This spell that her father had done, how could she undo it? Rhys looked around the room. Maybe she would find some answers in here.
One way or another she had to get her memories back and fast because she got the feeling that those two wolves lives depended on it.

Thursday, 2 January 2014


When he pulled away she noticed a look he gave Jared. It was confusing and suddenly that funny feeling that she had yesterday came back but when Jared touched her it disappeared.
Jared turned her around to face him. "I will leave you for one minute to put some makeup on and then I will escort you downstairs. Okay?"
Rhys nodded.
The two men left.
She sat down and took a large blush brush and brushed her cheeks with it. The more she looked at herself in the mirror the more she started not to recognize herself. Rhys put the brush down and leaned in a little closer to the mirror as if looking for something that would trigger a memory.
Jared flew in through the door taking her away from looking at her reflection in the mirror.
"You ready love? Father has everything ready."
"Yes, I'm ready."
Jared offered his arm and escorted her out the door.
As they were walking down the hallway Rhys heard a thump. She looked at Jared who didn't seem to hear it. The sound came from inside the walls.
She heard the noise again and looked back. It was inside the wall or least that's what it sounded like. There was no door so what was it?
She looked at Jared again who only smiled back and kissed her on the temple. As they made her way down the stairs she couldn't shake that noise she heard in the walls. She tried to tell herself that she was hearing things. It was a big house with lots of noises in it she was sure.
The sound of voices at the bottom of the stairs took her out of her distraction. Simon came around the corner and greeted them at the bottom of the stairs wearing a huge smile.
Rhys couldn't help but smile back.
"What a beautiful couple! My dear, you look radiant tonight. Being reunited with Jared certainly brightened you. Come with me into the dining room, the whole family is waiting and I have a new family member for you to meet."
Everybody stood when they entered into the dining room. Rhys eyes widened as the room was lit with candles and flowers everywhere. There was no expense spared.
She looked at all the faces, Garrett wore a beaming smile, and Josh was next to him. His eyes met hers briefly and then he quickly looked away. Rhys got the feeling that maybe she wasn't as close to him? She would make an effort to get to know him. A young girl sat next to him. Her eyes stayed on the plate in front of her. Sam was sitting at the end next to where Simon was going to sit. On the other side of Simon sat a young lady with long blond hair and the brightest blue eyes that shone in the candles light. Rhys was captivated by the young girl. Simon escorted them to their seat. Jared sat next to the girl.
Simon stood at the head of the table proudly smiling. "What a lovely sight before me. I have dreamed of having my whole family here under one roof. This is far most the important night of our lives as tonight we start as a solid united family." His eyes glanced over at the youngest girl. "As you can see we have another member of our family joining us. She has not been a part of our lives due to being in private school in England. Now she is home to be with us. I would like to introduce to you Victoria McBain. She is the youngest of our family. I hope you all make her feel at home."
Simon picked up his glass of champagne in front of him and raised it. "Let's toast to a new beginning with our family and may it be a prosperous one."
Rhys picked up hers. She noticed hers was not the real thing. Jared rested his hand on her shoulder and held up his glass with the rest of the family. Glasses clinked and everyone then sat down were the meal was served.
Steaming foods of roasted pork and vegetables smothered in a buttery sauce filled the room with their spicy aromas. It made Rhys hungry. She couldn't remember when she last ate something like this.
Small rolls were handed out. Rhys took two. Jared smiled. "I guess you are eating for three." Rhys felt her face heat.
"That's okay dear, you need to eat. We have to make sure that you are eating right from now on."
Rhys was glad when the food was served and everybody was busy eating their food. Rhys glanced around at the guests. Her brother Josh was paying a lot of attention to the girl next to him. Neither one of them looked her way. She looked out the corner of her eye at Victoria and wondered why father hadn't mentioned her before. She was busy eating and seemed to be enjoying her meal.
Rhys went back to her own meal. The rest of the meal went by with everybody having a good time although Rhys noticed that Josh and the girl next to him were a bit tense but maybe that was the way they were.
The meal concluded with a simple apple crumble dessert with French vanilla ice-cream. The rich cream melted in Rhys mouth.
By the time the meal was over Rhys was getting tired. She leaned over to Jared. "I'm so tired."
"Of course you are, let's get you to bed." Simon looked over at them. "Taking her up stairs to bed?"
"Yes, I believe she has had a full evening."
"Of course, let me see you out of the room."
Simon got up and followed  them out into the foyer. He beamed down at Rhys. "I'm so glad you are back with your family. This is where you belong."
Rhys found herself smiling at him. "Of course father, where else would I be?"
He chuckled as he hugged her. "Yes indeed, where else would you be?"
As she hugged him, she remembered saying that word again, the one that didn't quite sound right in her head. Father, why does that word feel not right?
When she looked up at him, all she saw was his smiling face. The feeling went away.
He kissed her on the cheek and let Jared take her upstairs.
She sighed and leaned into Jared slightly. He immediately wrapped his arm around her.
As they got close to their room Rhys heard a noise in the wall. She slowed down and Jared slowed with her. She listened again and the muffled noises could be heard again. This was not her imagination she knew. There was something behind the wall.
She stopped and looked up at Jared. "Could you get me some juice? I have a craving for some juice."
Jared looked at her. "Please? I'll meet you in the bedroom."
He sighed. "Alright, but wait for me, okay?"
She nodded. She watched him quickly take off down the hallway. Rhys knew she would only have a minute at the most. She went to the wall and felt with her hands. There was no door but she kept feeling anyway. She stopped. That funny feeling washed over her again. Something wasn't right but she couldn't put her finger on it.
She tried to think but everything appeared to be in order in her life except for the sounds she was hearing in the walls. She startled as she felt a vibration against her hand.
Another sound made her turn her head toward the hallway. She watched Jared as he was rushing toward her and like a deer caught in head lights she froze. His eyes were wide. "What are you doing?"
Rhys just stared at him. He quickly smiled at her. "Let's get you into bed. You need your rest."
She let Jared escort her into the bedroom. She was so tired.
Jared got her tucked into bed. "Stay with me."
"I will, love; I will always stay with you." He kissed the top of her head.
She smiled lazily up at him. "I love you."
"I love you too, now get some rest."
As she drifted off she knew she could hear something in the walls but darkness came faster.