Thursday, 23 January 2014


Jared poured them each a drink in the tall wine flutes. Rhys sniffed it. "This is apple juice."
"Of course it is, you can't have wine and besides," he grinned, "I like apple juice."
 Rhys chuckled. This was good. If Jared was relaxed he would be in perfect form to try out the suppression spell on him.
"So, what did you have to do to get rid of everybody to do this?"
He smiled. "Oh, that wasn't hard. Simon and Garrett have something going on tonight and Victoria was allowed to go out with some old friends to a movie. So, it wasn't so hard."
Rhys didn't want to pry too much as she wanted to keep Jared in his relaxed state but she was curious about Garrett's and her fathers business tonight. This was the night the wolves were to be moved and killed. She wanted to hear what he said about it, if anything.
"What are father and brother up tonight?" She tried to sound very casual as she glanced over at him.
 She was surprised to see him grin. "Your father and brother are taking care of some unfinished business that as far as I was concerned should have been done a long time ago but needless to say will be taken care of tonight. Then we will have no worries."
"You're not taking part in this, whatever business it is?"
She watched his face for a reaction. "I will be there at the last minute to see it done but until then...
Jared took Rhys hand and kissed it gently. "Tonight is ours to enjoy and I want nothing but the talk to be about us and our future, okay?"
The same maid that escorted Rhys down to the kitchen served their dinner. Roasted chicken breasts with cream sauce and mixed vegetables with small baby potatoes filled the plate.
"Oh my, you have gone all out with  this little dinner."
Jared gave her a stern look. "You eat. Remember what I said? You have to eat to keep up your strength."
Rhys rolled her eyes and sighed.
Jared didn't say anything but Rhys knew he was enjoying every minute of his doting. She smiled to herself. That's okay; let him stay in this state of mind. It makes him happy and that will make him more vulnerable to my spell.
They ate their meal with a bit of small talk and letting the soft music carry the atmosphere. Once their plates were taken away, Jared got up and offered her his hand. She could feel he was up to something.
"What have you got planned?"
"You'll see." He took her hand and led her to a small area besides the dining table that led out to a garden. He opened the French doors where the smell of flowers hit Rhys. He left the door open and turned up the music a bit before taking her into his arms and led her into a slow dance.
Rhys almost felt dizzy. He was looking so happy and content with holding her in his arms and she was feeling the same way. She had to shake her mind out of it and concentrate on what she wanted to do.
In her mind she went over the spell first. Then the music changed and Jared grinned. It was a faster beat. Jared grinned as he spun her around. What was she going to do now? She needed the slow music back.
After a few spins she made out like she was almost out of breath. He stopped. "Are you okay?"
"Oh yes, I think the slower music is better."
"Maybe we should sit down for a while."
She smiled at him and then shook her head. "That's okay, just switch the music back to the slow one and take me in your arms."
He grinned and quickly chose another much slower piece of music. As he took her in his arms the words of the spell came to the edge of her lips. She softly spoke them in his ear.
When she finished saying the words she looked into his eyes. Rhys could feel a shift in his body but she had to be sure. She would test him. "Turn off the music and take me to the bench to sit down."
He never said anything. As she instructed he went and shut the music off and came and got her to go sit down at the bench. She smiled to herself. Now she would test him further. "Give me my memories back love."
She thought adding love at the end that he would comply more.
"Memories," Jared said. At first Rhys thought that it didn't work. But then he placed his hands on either side of Rhys head and rested his own forehead up against hers. Rhys could hear him say words. When he let go of her she felt this wash of coldness come over her entire body. It felt as if a heavy veil was lifted from her and she could see clearly now.
It worked.

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