Thursday, 2 January 2014


When he pulled away she noticed a look he gave Jared. It was confusing and suddenly that funny feeling that she had yesterday came back but when Jared touched her it disappeared.
Jared turned her around to face him. "I will leave you for one minute to put some makeup on and then I will escort you downstairs. Okay?"
Rhys nodded.
The two men left.
She sat down and took a large blush brush and brushed her cheeks with it. The more she looked at herself in the mirror the more she started not to recognize herself. Rhys put the brush down and leaned in a little closer to the mirror as if looking for something that would trigger a memory.
Jared flew in through the door taking her away from looking at her reflection in the mirror.
"You ready love? Father has everything ready."
"Yes, I'm ready."
Jared offered his arm and escorted her out the door.
As they were walking down the hallway Rhys heard a thump. She looked at Jared who didn't seem to hear it. The sound came from inside the walls.
She heard the noise again and looked back. It was inside the wall or least that's what it sounded like. There was no door so what was it?
She looked at Jared again who only smiled back and kissed her on the temple. As they made her way down the stairs she couldn't shake that noise she heard in the walls. She tried to tell herself that she was hearing things. It was a big house with lots of noises in it she was sure.
The sound of voices at the bottom of the stairs took her out of her distraction. Simon came around the corner and greeted them at the bottom of the stairs wearing a huge smile.
Rhys couldn't help but smile back.
"What a beautiful couple! My dear, you look radiant tonight. Being reunited with Jared certainly brightened you. Come with me into the dining room, the whole family is waiting and I have a new family member for you to meet."
Everybody stood when they entered into the dining room. Rhys eyes widened as the room was lit with candles and flowers everywhere. There was no expense spared.
She looked at all the faces, Garrett wore a beaming smile, and Josh was next to him. His eyes met hers briefly and then he quickly looked away. Rhys got the feeling that maybe she wasn't as close to him? She would make an effort to get to know him. A young girl sat next to him. Her eyes stayed on the plate in front of her. Sam was sitting at the end next to where Simon was going to sit. On the other side of Simon sat a young lady with long blond hair and the brightest blue eyes that shone in the candles light. Rhys was captivated by the young girl. Simon escorted them to their seat. Jared sat next to the girl.
Simon stood at the head of the table proudly smiling. "What a lovely sight before me. I have dreamed of having my whole family here under one roof. This is far most the important night of our lives as tonight we start as a solid united family." His eyes glanced over at the youngest girl. "As you can see we have another member of our family joining us. She has not been a part of our lives due to being in private school in England. Now she is home to be with us. I would like to introduce to you Victoria McBain. She is the youngest of our family. I hope you all make her feel at home."
Simon picked up his glass of champagne in front of him and raised it. "Let's toast to a new beginning with our family and may it be a prosperous one."
Rhys picked up hers. She noticed hers was not the real thing. Jared rested his hand on her shoulder and held up his glass with the rest of the family. Glasses clinked and everyone then sat down were the meal was served.
Steaming foods of roasted pork and vegetables smothered in a buttery sauce filled the room with their spicy aromas. It made Rhys hungry. She couldn't remember when she last ate something like this.
Small rolls were handed out. Rhys took two. Jared smiled. "I guess you are eating for three." Rhys felt her face heat.
"That's okay dear, you need to eat. We have to make sure that you are eating right from now on."
Rhys was glad when the food was served and everybody was busy eating their food. Rhys glanced around at the guests. Her brother Josh was paying a lot of attention to the girl next to him. Neither one of them looked her way. She looked out the corner of her eye at Victoria and wondered why father hadn't mentioned her before. She was busy eating and seemed to be enjoying her meal.
Rhys went back to her own meal. The rest of the meal went by with everybody having a good time although Rhys noticed that Josh and the girl next to him were a bit tense but maybe that was the way they were.
The meal concluded with a simple apple crumble dessert with French vanilla ice-cream. The rich cream melted in Rhys mouth.
By the time the meal was over Rhys was getting tired. She leaned over to Jared. "I'm so tired."
"Of course you are, let's get you to bed." Simon looked over at them. "Taking her up stairs to bed?"
"Yes, I believe she has had a full evening."
"Of course, let me see you out of the room."
Simon got up and followed  them out into the foyer. He beamed down at Rhys. "I'm so glad you are back with your family. This is where you belong."
Rhys found herself smiling at him. "Of course father, where else would I be?"
He chuckled as he hugged her. "Yes indeed, where else would you be?"
As she hugged him, she remembered saying that word again, the one that didn't quite sound right in her head. Father, why does that word feel not right?
When she looked up at him, all she saw was his smiling face. The feeling went away.
He kissed her on the cheek and let Jared take her upstairs.
She sighed and leaned into Jared slightly. He immediately wrapped his arm around her.
As they got close to their room Rhys heard a noise in the wall. She slowed down and Jared slowed with her. She listened again and the muffled noises could be heard again. This was not her imagination she knew. There was something behind the wall.
She stopped and looked up at Jared. "Could you get me some juice? I have a craving for some juice."
Jared looked at her. "Please? I'll meet you in the bedroom."
He sighed. "Alright, but wait for me, okay?"
She nodded. She watched him quickly take off down the hallway. Rhys knew she would only have a minute at the most. She went to the wall and felt with her hands. There was no door but she kept feeling anyway. She stopped. That funny feeling washed over her again. Something wasn't right but she couldn't put her finger on it.
She tried to think but everything appeared to be in order in her life except for the sounds she was hearing in the walls. She startled as she felt a vibration against her hand.
Another sound made her turn her head toward the hallway. She watched Jared as he was rushing toward her and like a deer caught in head lights she froze. His eyes were wide. "What are you doing?"
Rhys just stared at him. He quickly smiled at her. "Let's get you into bed. You need your rest."
She let Jared escort her into the bedroom. She was so tired.
Jared got her tucked into bed. "Stay with me."
"I will, love; I will always stay with you." He kissed the top of her head.
She smiled lazily up at him. "I love you."
"I love you too, now get some rest."
As she drifted off she knew she could hear something in the walls but darkness came faster.

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