Thursday, 16 January 2014


Rhys didn't have much time to waste. Jared would be looking for her. The books that Victoria had brought in caught her eye. The ones on the floor that had been knocked over from the vibration particularly caught her eye.
She went over to them and kneeled down to pick them up. By the looks of them Rhys knew these were journals and not literary books. She opened one up and it was in handwriting unknown to her. Then she looked at the heading-How to use a memory spell. She quickly read it but nothing made sense to her. But something told her that between the lines there would be something that could help her. She shook her head. How long would this take to figure out? Those wolves didn't have time for her to figure it out.
She quickly looked at  the other journal and opened it. The heading on top simply read Suppression. That struck a nerve with her. She read on. It told of how to suppress someone and keep it that way but not how to undo it.
Damn, this isn't working! I need my memories back now!
Footsteps from outside thudded in her ears. She quickly slapped the book shut and got up just in time to see Jared walk in the door.
"There you are. You're still here?"
"I was out but decided to come back and see what I could find." She gave him a loving smile. He smiled back. "Well, let me take you back for a rest with your books. You can have a small nap before dinner tonight."
She nodded as she hugged the two journals close to her. She glanced down at the table where the stack of books were and noticed an actual literary novel on top. She grabbed it and put it over top of the journals.
As they walked out together he leaned in and was looking down at the book. "Reading a little Jane Austin are we?"
Rhys startled and looked down at the novel. She hadn't even read the title; it was just something convenient to cover up the journals.
"Yes, it's been a while since I read one."
Jared didn't reply. He just rested his hand against the small of her back and guided her to the bedroom. She sat the books down and made sure the top book covered the journals.
As she turned Jared was looking down at her, she could feel a vibe off of him. "What is it?"
He grinned. "Nothing really, it's just that I feel this huge weight being lifted off my shoulders and after tonight the world is ours."
She stepped back. "What are you talking about and what is this weight you talk about and the world being ours?"
His grin turned into a huge smile. "Nothing, it's just me talking out loud and expressing how happy I am."
He quickly added. "Of course you are the main reason that I am happy. You are back with the family and soon we will be celebrating lots. It's our year darling."
Rhys couldn't help but laugh. "I'm glad that you are so happy but right now if you don't mind I will have that quick nap."
"Oh, of course, let me help you into bed."
She remembered something about his kisses that told her not to let him do this. She smiled up at him. "That's okay. You have stuff to do. I can manage myself."
"I don't have ...what did you say...stuff...
She touched his arm and looked him straight in the eye. "Yes, you need to go. You want me to be happy, don't you? Go do your stuff."
He looked rather confused at first but then smiled and chuckled. "Of course, I will go do my stuff, to make you happy." He was about to kiss the top of her forehead when she whirled around turning her back to him.
Jared gently patted her shoulder and quietly walked out. She watched him. As soon as the door clicked she grabbed the books and picked the journal that had the heading Suppression. She started to read it very carefully looking for clues from each word she read. It talked about the flow of magic and touch and that certain touches triggered an action that the one doing the spell could initiate the taking a way a memory or getting someone to carry out instructions.
She looked up from the book and an idea came to her. If she could follow these instructions she could get Jared to lead her to the wolves and give her memory back.
She had to try.
Rhys decided then to try it on Jared. When he came back to get her for dinner she would spell him.

Rhys got herself dressed and ready. She looked at the door waiting for Jared to come through at any moment. Her heart was pounding in her chest. She had read over the instructions several times. She told herself that she could do this.
The doorknob twisted, startling Rhys. She shook herself quickly and put on a smile. Her smile dropped when one of the maids came in.
"Where's Jared?"
"He got busy so he sent me up here to get you."
Rhys jaw tightened. "Tell him he has to come up here, I insist."
The maid looked at her and then back at the door. "But he told me...
Rhys could clearly see the maid was getting flustered and she could also tell that Jared was up to something. She should not have said things to Jared like making her happy was his job at that very moment.
"Fine, I will go down with you."
The shoulders of the maid relaxed and she smiled.
She followed the maid down the stairs where she could hear voices. The dining room was not set up for a family dinner. There was no one around. A tingle went up her spine.
The maid led her to a private room off the kitchen. Her eyes went wide. A candle light dinner had been set up complete with flowers and soft music playing.
Jared smiled at her. " this the kind of stuff that you had in mind?"
Rhys shook her head and smirked. Well, I guess my plans will go as planned after all.
"Yes, darling, you have made tonight perfect."

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