Thursday, 9 January 2014


The next two days felt like a blurred image. At the end of each day Rhys couldn't remember much of it. Jared was always there it seemed to make things right or at least feel right. One thing that haunted her in the back of her mind was the sounds that she had heard in the walls. She knew that in her gut that they were real.
Jared had gone out with Simon and Garrett leaving her alone. Rhys decided to explore the house a bit. As she walked down the hallway she let her hand glide along the wall where she had heard the noises. Rhys couldn't pick up anything or sense anything. In her mind she was thinking there had to be some opening to another room. It had to be hidden somewhere here.
"What are you doing"?
Rhys startled as she turned and seen Garrett walking towards her. He was grinning.
"Just exploring," she said quickly.
"Really, well I could take you for a tour if you like."
Rhys hesitated as Garrett came closer never losing his smile. Once he reached her side he offered her his arm. Slowly she slipped her arm through his.
"Let's start with the library. you might like that. It's not that far from the bedrooms so you can go down to the room if you want to find something to read."
Garrett opened a set of double doors that revealed a large room. Walls filled with books from floor to ceiling welcomed her into the room. The smell of them filled Rhys nostrils making her nose twitch. Tall windows from the south filled the room with sunlight. There were all kinds of classics in the room, from Jane Austin to even Mark Twain. She was impressed as to Simon's collection.
"I don't read that much."
Garrett raised an eyebrow. "No? Oh, you're missing out on worlds that can take you anywhere. You should start."
Rhys smirked at him. "You don't appear to be  the reading type either."
He grinned. "I assure you sis that I enjoy a good book."
Rhys continued to walk around the room where she came upon a book case that had a display of pictures on it. Her eyes scanned over the faces in the pictures. Her eyes stopped on one. She picked it up and stared at the woman beside her father. There was familiarity in the woman but for some reason Rhys couldn't put a name to her. She was about to turn around and ask Garrett when another person came into the room. It was Sam. He smiled over at her and then talked quietly to Garrett.
Garrett nodded and came over to Rhys. "I have to tend to something so I will leave you here to perhaps find a book to read?"
Rhys smiled and nodded. She watched them both leave. She was still holding the frame with the woman and her father. Rhys studied the woman and looked into her eyes. Blurred images played in her mind. The woman's identity was almost coming to her when again someone came into the room.
The young girl Victoria came into the library with an armload of books. She didn't notice Rhys at first and Rhys didn't say anything to let her know that she was there. Instead she just watched the young girl. She looked at the picture of the woman and then back at Victoria. Rhys could see a resemblance.
Then Victoria turned around and startled when she saw Rhys. Rhys quickly smiled. "I didn't mean to startle you. I've never been in here before."Victoria became rather stiff observed Rhys. "That's okay; I was just dropping off some books."
"You like to read I see by the stack of you have there."
She cleared her throat. "Well, most of them are for my studies."
Rhys could clearly pick up uneasiness from her. Rhys was still holding onto the frame and she noticed Victoria staring at it.
Rhys finally put the frame back. "I was looking at the photos and I recognized the woman beside father but I can't quite put a name to her."
Victoria cleared her throat again. "Really, well, I should get back to the study...
"Sorry, I didn't mean to keep you," Rhys said.
Victoria gave her a small smile and left the room rather quickly. Rhys wondered what was up with her. She shook her head as she walked around the room some more.
Suddenly one of the books that Victoria had brought back fell to the floor. Rhys went over to pick it up when another one fell. She stopped short. She knew these books had some help. Rhys stilled herself and listened. She could hear a distant noise. It was a thud. Rhys narrowed her eyes and looked around the room and examined the walls.
Another thud gently shook the table the books were on. Rhys rushed over to the wall she thought she could hear the noise coming from.
It was silly but she pressed her ear against the bookcase to listen. It was distant but on the other side of the wall she felt there was another room. She decided to leave the room and see what was next door. When she looked down the hallway there wasn't another door until much farther down.
Something wasn't right. She went back to the other wall where she heard the noises before but everything was quiet. Her instincts told her to go back to the library. Rhys hurried over there and that's when she heard another thud.
Her heart was beating fast. Rhys had to know once and for all where this noise was coming from. Footsteps behind her told her to hide. She slipped back into the library and partially closed the door. She peered out to see who it was. It was Jared.
She watched him go down the hallway and halfway he stopped. He took out a key and looked up at the wall. Rhys knew there was no door there. Jared tapped the wall and from inside someone slid the wall open. Rhys eyes went wide. She never saw anything in the wall.
Rhys watched him unlock a secret door and walk through. The wall slid back into place. She ran down to the wall and with both hands tried to feel where the door was but it was so seamless that Rhys could barely see it. Lightly she tapped the wall. The wall came to life and slid open. A door stared at her.
Very cautiously she touched the handle and it opened. It wasn't locked. She couldn't see anything at first but then a low light lit the stairs that took her into another room. He nose twitched. The strong sent of wolf hit her.
She could now hear Jared's voice. Leaning into the shadows she tried to pick up what he was saying.
"Things are finally in place. The take down will be tonight."
"You're sure?"
"Positive, " said Jared.
Rhys tried to identify the other voice.
"We'll move these two out tonight and make them an example of what happens when you betray me."
A chill went through her. It was her father.
"I can wait to get rid of these two. They have caused me more grief than they are both worth."
"Don't worry, Thor and Kellan will be dead tonight. You're troubles will be over."
"Good, Rhys has been hearing things in these walls. I can't let her find them. Her memory might come back."
"Don't worry, that won't happen. After I spelled her mind the only ones she will love and remember is her own family and of course you her future husband. After this is done tonight we will announce your wedding and we will celebrate this victory with you and Rhys wedding."
"Sounds like a good plan to me. I better get back to her. Her mind is strong and she can still pick up  bits and pieces of her memory. I have to keep them suppressed."
"Then you better get back to her."
Rhys rushed back down the stairs and out the door. She quickly shut the door and slid the wall back into place. She could hear him coming down the steps. Her heart was beating a mile a minute. Her mind at the moment never felt clearer although not enough to remember everything.
Rhys decided to hide in the library. If staying away from Jared and her father could clear her mind then she would stay hidden for a moment.
She let out a sigh of relief when she shut the library door. Rhys leaned against it  trying to calm herself down. Her father and Jared had been messing with her mind. Why? What was going on and who where those wolves, Thor and Kellan and why where they going to kill them?
Her insides now were in knots. Those two wolves were important to her for some reason. This spell that her father had done, how could she undo it? Rhys looked around the room. Maybe she would find some answers in here.
One way or another she had to get her memories back and fast because she got the feeling that those two wolves lives depended on it.

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