Thursday, 30 January 2014


Rhys took a deep breath and kept herself calm and in a steady soft voice she said to him, "take me to the wolves and help me set them free."
He had this glazed look to him noticed Rhys. She wondered for a moment if her spell would wear off. But he got up and started to walked towards the guest house. She quickly followed him.
Her heart was pounding. Where they in the guest house now? She didn't feel too sure about this. Jared stopped at the door and seemed to freeze. It was like he was trying to fight something. Rhys knew he was going to get out of this spell she cast on him. She had to act quickly.
"Open the door love."
He looked at her and then gave her a warm smile. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a key and unlocked the door. Rhys pushed the door open. The smell of wolf hit her.
She looked up at Jared and she knew in a few moments that he would be out of her spell. Rhys quickly walked past him to see where they were.
The living room was empty. A noise startled her. When she turned around her breath caught.
It was Kellan.
He smirked. "Well, I didn't think it would be you."
Rhys knew something was different about him.
"You have your memory back."
"That he does."
Thor was right behind him. "Are you the one to do the executing?"
She gasped. "No, I'm here to get you out of here. My mind was meddled with like Kellan's. Now I have it back. I'm here to rescue you, not kill you."
Kellan laughed. "Now isn't that something."
She looked at him and then Thor. Thor smirked at her. "He's not only got his memory back but he knows who you are."
Rhys swallowed hard. "He does?"
Kellan walked up to her and towered over her. "My little diamond kitten, are you sure you don't want to kill I want to kill you?"
Rhys backed up ready for anything. She looked at Thor. "Didn't you tell him anything about me and what I've done for you all?"
Thor shrugged. "He doesn't want to hear it. He only has one agenda with you."
She glanced over at Jared and by the look on his face she could tell he was fighting his way out of the spell. She had to get them out now.
"Okay, so you want to kill me but you're not going to get the chance unless you let me take you out of here. You understand that?"
Thor looked at Kellan. "She's right. It's now or never."
"How do you know we can trust her," Kellan asked him as if she wasn't even in the room. Rhys could feel the contempt from him towards her. The hate was biting at her skin.
Thor sighed, "We have no choice, and they're going to kill us. I say we take our chances with the kit."
Kellan narrowed his gaze at her. "Alright, we'll go with you but if there is any set up here, I will take you out first before they get to me. At least then, I will have had the satisfaction that you died and I fulfilled my promise."
Rhys stared at him. "Fine, I won't fight back."
Rhys marched to the front door past Jared. "Are you coming or not?"
The smell of the two wolves soon caught up to her. They were not by her side but stayed close enough.
She went to the main garage and went inside. She looked at Thor; know how to hot wire an SUV?"
Thor didn't even answer her. Kellan opened the door and popped the hood. Thor was down in the motor and in a few seconds the engine roared to life. Kellan opened the garage door and hopped in the driver's seat.
Rhys rushed to him. "No, you can't drive, I'll drive and they will let me through."
Kellan slid over and let her in. Thor got in the back seat. She looked at Kellan. "Get in the back seat with Thor and hide so they can't see you. There's a tarp in the back." He gave her a cold stare but he did it.
That's when she heard him screaming her name. Jared was out of his spell. He was coming towards them yelling. She shifted the SUV into gear and slammed her foot on the gas sending the SUV flying out of the garage and down the lane.  She knew those gates would be closed. She just hoped that they would let her through before Jared contacted them.
She stopped at the gate and took a deep breath as she rolled down the window. She looked up at Tom who was on gate duty for the evening. He smiled at her as he looked past her to the passenger's side. "Where's Jared? I thought you two were spending a special evening tonight alone. I got strict orders not to let anyone in or out."
Rhys smiled up at him. "Yes, well, I'm getting a surprise for Jared and I need to go out and get it so  you have to open the gates and please hurry. I want to surprise him."
Tom grinned. "Alright, I get the message." He pushed the button and the gates started to open. In the review mirror she could see Jared running towards them. The damn gate was slow. She kept her eye on Jared who now had his cell phone out.
That was it; she had to make a break for it. Tom answered his cell and then looked up at her with a confused look. All she heard as she took off was, "you want me to what?"
Rhys slammed her foot on the gas and took off through the gates scraping one side of the SUV. She swerved onto the street and didn't look back, just kept her eyes on the road.

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