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Hello, I'm finally going to break my silence and say something. What I'm posting today is the final instalment to this story. I will now take it and shape it into a proper novel and hopefully have it available later this year for purchase.
I am also going to announce that I have a pen name that will be writing my romance under. I'm a multiple genre writer and would like to keep things separated. My pen name will be Elizabeth Baillie and she has her own I will post all her releases over there on that site. This site will return to what is was when I started it out as. I will post poetry, flash fiction and actual short stories. I would like to do cat stories as I'm a cat lover. Probably my first short story will be a cat story. So for all you cat lovers, stay tuned.
I will mention that I do have a novella out right now that is available for purchase on Amazon and Smashwords. I will make a formal announcement in the next few days. Maybe over the weekend.
It's called Dark Heat and is the first in a novella series. Inside is also a excerpt to the next novella-Sin's Kisses. There are also two short stories that are companions to two of the novellas.
As Elizabeth Baillie I will write mostly erotic romances that are both  straight, gay and bisexual. I like to mix it up as you will see in the novella series.
In the future I will also tell you of some other pen names in other genres I'm venturing into.
I will now leave you with the last post.
Have a great weekend!

No one really spoke to Rhys on the plane. The wolf pak, pretty much kept to one side of the plane and Rhys understood that. Kellan barely glanced her way. That hurt more.
She so badly wanted to take him a side and explain things to him. But she knew the anger in him wouldn't let him sit down with her for five minutes. Rhys resigned herself to staying our of his way but when they landed she would talk to him and if she had to, she would tie him down so he would have no choice but to listen to her.
Rhys looked out the window and wondered where they were going. It wouldn't be where their home was as that would lead her family to her. No, it would be some far a way wolf hideout. She swallowed hard. They were probably going to not let her hide out with them. That would be dangerous for them.
She glanced back at Kellan and when she did, their eyes met. It was brief. Rhys looked back again. This time he was talking to one of the other wolves. It felt deliberate as he knew she was looking at him. She turned back to looking out the window. A little pang of hurt settled in her chest.
It was going to be hard to get through to him with all that anger that was standing strong between them. She would find a way. When he found out that the twins she was carrying was his...
A voice took her out of her thoughts. When she looked up, dark silver eyes looked back down at her. Thor sat down opposite her. Rhys observed gentleness in him that she hadn't seen before. He was always showing off his rough smart ass tongued self.
"I want to talk to you before we land which will be shortly. As you can guess, Ali wants to hide the pak for a while and lay low until Simon has given up on us. This means that we can't have you with us. Your father will have ones out there looking for you and if they found you with us...
"I know," she cut him off. "You would all be killed and I understand that. I will go on my own." Rhys saw the relief in his eyes when she said that. "But there is one thing I want before I leave you all."
Thor grinned as if he already knew.
"I want you to make Kellan listen to me. I need to tell him about the twins." Thor's eyebrows rose.
"Do you think that is wise? They are hybrids and Kellan does not like hybrids. Remember your brother is one."
"I know but this is me, not Garrett. And I have to know why he wants me dead. What did I do to him that he would want me dead? I think I have a right to know."
Thor leaned back in his chair. He was thinking Rhys knew. Then he narrowed his gaze at her and spoke.
"I know the reason but I will let him tell you himself. I wouldn't advise telling him about the twins. That will anger him only more. Trust me on that one." Before she could ask why Thor got up and left her.
They were now landing and it was a small airport like the one they left from. Rhys looked out the window and saw palm trees. They were in a tropical place. She sighed. Oh well she thought. It would be nice to be in a place where it was warm-a good place to have the twins perhaps.
Rhys looked back at Kellan who had already undone his seatbelt and was up. She waited for him to look her way and it was only a few seconds when he did and this time he didn't look away.
She gestured for him to come to her. He didn't hesitate this time. Her heart leaped into her mouth as he got close. His wolf scent devoured her. Kellan flopped into the seat opposite her. His bright silver eyes made Rhys breath hitch. He even appeared to be less angry.
"Thanks for coming  over. I wanted to talk to you before the pak left."
He never said anything, just kept his gaze on her making her palms sweaty.
Rhys cleared her throat and continued. "I know you wanted to kill me from day one. I want to know why. What did I do to you? I never even knew you before."
"No, you didn't know me from before but you did know someone that I knew."
"Is this someone important? Is this someone the reason you want me dead?"
Kellan grinned, "definitely."
Rhys was about to ask who this was when Thor came up to them. "It's time to go, Ali want us all loaded up in the SUV's ready to go." He glanced over at Rhys. "We've arranged for a taxi to come for you and take you to a hotel for now until you find a place to stay."
Thor looked back at Kellan. "Come, we have a lot to do."
"Wait," said Rhys. "I want to know who this someone is that makes you want to kill me."
Thor gave Kellan a look. Kellan got up and looked down at her. "It doesn't matter but in the future I would be careful because you never know where I will be."
He left with Thor.
Rhys was no farther ahead than she was before. Anger was boiling inside of her and she leaped out of her seat to go confront him.
By the time she got out of the plane, she was watching Kellan get into a SUV with Thor who was driving and take off wasting no time.
Rhys stood there motionless. He was gone and she didn't know when she would see him again. Next time would probably be in some dark alley ready to attack her.
Someone touched her arm. She startled.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." It was Ali.
"That's alright. I was just disappointed that I didn't get to talk to Kellan more."
Ali sighed. "Yeah, I know, but let me give you some advice. Okay?"
Rhys smiled at Ali. Memories of fighting her played out in her mind all the way to saving her. Her enemy now had become a friend. She couldn't believe  how all that played out. It was because of him-Kellan. She did it all for him. Ali though did become a real friend, in her own way.
She smiled warmly at Rhys. "Let Kellan go Rhys. He has too many issues to deal with. Let him sort them out and that includes you. I know you want to tell him about the twins but he couldn't handle that in the state he is in now, trust me on that one."
Rhys got the impression that she knew what she was talking about.
"Everything that he has been through with Simon's mind games and being locked up has left him bitter with the weir cats. You are an enemy to him. I wouldn't push it. The best thing you can do right now is go and take care of yourself. Recover from your own ordeal and have a safe healthy delivery. You have two hybrids to think about plus you know that other man of yours who thinks these twins are his will be tearing the word apart to find you. Think about that."
Rhys nodded. "You're right Ali. I have to take this one step at a time. But I'm not giving up on him. I do love him."
Ali smirked. "You don't have to tell me that, it's written all over your face. And you will have your day with him. I know that as I can feel it. I think you're destined to be together. Don't looked shocked, I've came a long ways, just like you."
Rhys grinned. "Yeah, I will agree on that. We've both come a hell of long ways. I'll take your advice. I'll give him space."
The loan SUV honked its horn. They were waiting for her.
"You better go," said Rhys. "I see my taxi has arrived."
Ali hugged her catching her by surprise. Her wolf scent slipped over her body. Rhys didn't mind.
"Good, keep care of yourself, and when we meet again don't scratch me."
Rhys laughed. "I'll remember that. you take care and look out for him for me."
"Consider it done." Ali turned to the waiting SUV. Rhys watched them drive off leaving her standing there all alone.
Rhys made her way to the taxi. When the driver got out she could smell the wolf. She smiled to herself. The wolves are a strong bunch, she thought. They stick together unlike her who left her family far behind. Thoughts of Josh made her chest hurt. She didn't like leaving him or Jamie behind. She would find them one day. Rhys promised herself that for sure.
She rested her hand on her belly. Right now she had two others to think about. Ali was right. She needed to take care of herself and these two.
Rhys got into the taxi and on the way to the hotel thought about Kellan and her conversation that she had on the plane with him. He said the reason he wanted her dead was because of a certain someone. Well, that would be the first thing on her list to do when she was back up on her feet.
She would find out who this someone was and find answers to why he wanted her dead. Rhys leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes for a moment. Those bright silver eyes of his stared back at her and his wolf scent washed over her, claiming her.
One day my darling, we will be back together and nothing will stand in our way.
The cab stopped at the hotel and Rhys got out. She looked back at the new world she was in and smiled to herself . "Yes, this perfect my little ones. I will start over here and you mother will find a way to get back to your father, even if I have to move Heaven and Hell to do it."
The warm breeze caught her hair and blew it around as she went into the hotel.


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