Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Hi everyone. I'm going to try some flash fiction today. It's cat flash fiction. This is Bella my youngest feline out of my group. She always has lots to say. This was a last year pic of her.
She looks like she has lots on her mind.
I hope you enjoy her thoughts.


Kitten Thoughts
It is true I do have a lot on my mind. But the thing is, I'm not taken seriously. For instance when I ask, they think I'm demanding something. Really?
I must protest and speak up about this. Because you see, I would like to go outside like some of the others. My mother says I have to stay in because the outside is too big for me and since the incident of which was not my fault and she knows it, I have to stay in.
It's simply is unfair and I tell her everyday. Yes I do!
Although, I have made some escapes and I'm quite pleased about those. The only thing is when I scurried out I hit this awful stuff that was very cold. Now this was not what I had in mind.
The green grass was covered with white stuff.
Who put that there?
I think my mother put it there or maybe one of the others. That would be like them. They would like nothing but to laugh at me. Well, we will see about this.
I will bid my time and you wait, you just wait world. I will make it outside and no cat or my mother will stop me.
Now I must go and plot.
Did I say plot? No I meant think about nice kitten thoughts.

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