Thursday, 6 February 2014


Rhys knew she was going to have to ditch the SUV and very soon. Jared, she knew would have alerted Garrett and Simon as to what happened. She knew she did it this time. There would be severe consequences for pulling this stunt off.
Thor and Kellan had come up behind her and Thor climbed into the front seat. "Give me your cell phone."
She handed it to him. "We're out."
Rhys could hear some shouting in the back. She was guessing it was Ali maybe. "Meet us at the warehouse, we need to get out of this town and fast."
Rhys looked over at him. She watched his eyes grow dark. He met her stare and then spoke out the address. Rhys sped up. That was right next to a  small airport. They were flying out.
Apart of her was relieved. She wanted to get back to her own house. Rhys knew however that it wasn't going to be that easy. They would look for her there at her house. She looked at Thor again and wondered where they were going to fly off to.
Thor threw down the cell on the seat between them. She wanted to ask where they were going to fly off to but decided not to. Conversation right now was not something she wanted to engage in, especially with two angry wolves.
Rhys pulled up to the warehouse to a row of trucks that she knew were full of wolves. Ali got out of one. Thor jumped out of the SUV without saying a word. Kellan followed, never looking at her. A small lump in throat formed. As she sat there she wondered if she was even going with them. They were going to perhaps leave her to her family that would severely punish her for what she did. Jared and Simon would mess with her mind even more or maybe permanently. So, there was no way, she was going to let that happen. One way or another she was going to be on that plane flying to where ever they were going.
Rhys got out of the SUV and walked over to where Ali and the men were talking. Ali stopped talking when she came near. She smirked at Rhys. "You saved them kit. I'm impressed. I thought we had lost these two."
Kellan glanced over at her. His silver eyes were cold.
"I couldn't let them die because of me." Both Thor and Kellan were now looking at her but she didn't look at them, just kept her focus on Ali. "I need to get out of here. I don't want to  see my family."
Ali grinned, "I don't imagine you do since your old man meddled with your mind. He's quite the daddy."
Rhys didn't respond to that. Instead she looked over at the plane on the other side of the fence. "I need to be on that plane with you."
Ali mumbled something to the men. "Of course, we'll take you."
Relief washed over Rhys. "Thanks. We should get going."
"You're right." She waved her hand at the other trucks and others poured out and started heading towards the plane.
Out the corner of her eye she looked at Kellan. With how he felt about her, how was she going to tell him about the twins. If he knew, would he feel different about her or would he have the same attitude as Katie and think they were freaks? Never the less, his cold stare sent shivers down her spine and her first instinct was to do everything to protect her twins.
"I have to get my cell phone and then I'll help with getting things on the plane." Ali nodded and started giving instructions to everyone.
Rhys ran to the SUV and that's when she noticed it. There was a flashing light inside. She grabbed her cell phone which also was blinking with missed messages. She first took a look at the flashing light first. It was a tracking light that kept track of the location of the SUV. Her chest thumped. They knew where they were. Rhys quickly went to her messages. It was from Jared.
"We're coming to get you."
Rhys ran to Ali. "We have to get out of here now. The damn SUV has a tracking system in it and I just got a message from Jared. They're coming."
Ali swore under breath and started yelling. Everyone started running towards the plane. The engine was already running.
They all got on. Thor, Kellan and she were the last to get on. Thor grinned, "after you kit." She looked over at Kellan who smirked. His look was venomous. She swallowed hard and ran up the stairs. They followed close behind her. She let Kellan's wolf scent wash over her body.
The plane started to take off before even Rhys got her seat belt on.
As she looked out the window, SUV's were pulling up. The first one to get out was Josh. Behind him was Jamie.
Rhys felt a tug at her heart. 

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