Thursday, 20 March 2014


Hello everyone. Today I'm going to do another cat flash fiction piece that I hope you enjoy. I've started a cat short story that I thought would be ready for today but didn't get there. I will try to have the short story up for next week. I'm thinking of this being apart of a series of short stories about a group of cats. I won't post them all here but once I have a collection I will publish them together as an e-book and print book. Hopefully next week you'll get to read the first one.
Have a great weekend!

The pink basket was a special place according to Elizabeth. No other cat was to go here. The other cats told stories about what she did in the pink basket.
She didn't care and wasn't going to tell any secrets about the pink basket.
The other cats tried to sneak in one day into the special pink basket but when they tried to, something chased them out. They said it was like stepping into prickles.
Never the less when she curled up in her bed of pink, nothing happened and she would cover her nose with her paw and tail and dream of things unknown to the rest of us.
Curled in pink forever. 

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