Thursday, 13 March 2014


It's All In The Eyes
He will tell you quite a story. Don't believe him of course but he will try and do his best to tell you stories about his adventures.
Yes, he is a cat we know and he can talk.
Well, sort of. If you bend down and put your ear to his level you will hear something that sounds like a child's voice.
The thing is he doesn't like you doing that. He says it's quite annoying and if you were to look him in the eyes you could hear him just as well.
This is the tricky part. If you look into his eyes, you could get lost in his special magic. The gold eyes with their black slits, are mirrors to another world we think. We believe maybe this is where is adventures have taken place.
You don't want to go there but then we have no way of telling if he really is telling the truth. You're better off leaning over and listening to him.

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