Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Hello everyone. I'm doing some cat flash fiction today. I hope you enjoy! Have a great weekend!

The Gatekeepers

You will meet the timid orange one first. He will look at you with keen interest and ask you questions that you must listen to very carefully. If your answer does not meet his expectations, you won't get any further.
If he is in a good mood he might give you a second chance and a offer of catnip might not hurt. If you don't have any catnip on you, an offering of even a small cat treat might grant you entrance.
The second gatekeeper is the hardest but don't let the unruly black fur scare you. He's just too lazy to groom himself properly. His wild gold eyes might captivate you and don't let that happen. All will be lost if you let that happen.
No, you don't want to know what happens.
He will only ask you one question and that will be your name. Now that appears to be quite simple but the three of them have this way of making you forget everything.
So it's best if write your name down on a piece of paper and put it in your pocket for safe keeping.
You will need it.
The third gatekeeper  is the largest of all them. Don't shake when he sniffs you and eyes you with his green eyes of jade. He keeps secrets from the other two.
He might tell you one of his secrets if you promise not to tell the other two.
Say yes right away. Then you will be on your way.
Just be aware that he might have lied.

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