Thursday, 3 April 2014


Hi everyone. Today I'm posting some more cat flash fiction. I still am working on the cat short stories that I hope to post soon. I hope you enjoy this one and have a great weekend! Hope Spring has found you!

Thomas and Friend
We thought we were only getting one cat. But then we found out that the food was going really fast and the cat wasn't getting fat. The cat we named Thomas didn't give anything away. We were puzzled.
One night one of us decided to spy on Thomas but he found out and wouldn't have anything to do with us for a whole week. We had to think of something else.
Then one night at the dinner table Thomas came up to one of us looking for a treat. This was his way of letting us say that we were wrong and sorry so we gave him a piece of cheese.
To our surprise a small black cat appeared behind Thomas and came and sat beside him looking for a treat as well.
We quickly gave the black cat a piece of cheese. They both purred and were quite happy. When they were done their cheese the black cat quietly went behind Thomas and disappeared.
It wasn't until one day Thomas was curled up on his favorite cat perch in the sun that we saw the black cat sleeping on the back of Thomas.  They were both purring.
It seemed we had two cats instead of one.
Oh well, at least he only sheds a little. We might call him shadow. We'll see if he likes it or not.

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