Thursday, 10 April 2014


Hi everyone. Here is another cat flash fiction for you to read. I hope you all enjoy it. Have a great weekend!

What They Think Their Names Mean
The petite girl which was named Niko came to us first. She doesn't know it but her name is Japanese for cat. She thinks it's Queen. The larger girl arrived shortly after and was also given a Japanese name, Suki which means love.
But she thinks it means Queen as well. We don't not why they think they are Queens but they do.  We're not sure but maybe it has to do with their mysterious past. The other cats eye them carefully and talk among themselves. Niko and Suki don't care as they continue to put on their Queen like behavior. They insist on being fed in clean glass bowls with fresh water or sometimes a bit a cream when they are in the mood.
We know they would wear tiaras if we gave them one but that won't happen. Then we would have to call them both Queen and maybe bow to them or something.
In any case we will discourage any such attitude and insist that they have to eat like the rest of the cats in their stainless steel bowls. 

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