Thursday, 24 April 2014

FLASH FICTION-A Fancy Poem For You

Hello and hope it is warm where you are  and Spring has truly arrived. It's a bit stubborn here on the prairies here in Canada. Today is flash fiction and I hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend!

I found the prettiest roses I could for you. I did not pick them because, well, they would not be happy about it. So, instead I took their picture and they were quite alright with that.  The picture will last forever anyway, right?
I know you can't smell their spicy scent but you can imagine it. The ones in behind thought they smelled much better though. Flowers can be funny things. They never agree on anything and they always vie for your attention.
The single roses said they had the most perfume and were better than the ones up front that I insisted were the right ones for my picture.
The little tiny daisies said I should have cut their heads off and taken them away.
I didn't listen to their whispers as it appeared if you gave them any attention they would tell you all kinds of stories. Silly things.
I wanted to write a poem to go with this picture. Here's a rose just for you and I hope you will keep this near your pillow next to my words of love.  The flowers said I should write a fancy poem whatever that means.  When I read out my poem they said to never mind, just give her the picture.
I did write some words. You can choose to read my fancy poem or keep it for another day.
Maybe keep it for another day. That's what the tiny daisies said.

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